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In a secret location, a group of people were sitting and talking with each other. The room was large and dark, dark enough that they could only see each other when sitting close enough at their large round table. There were four of them. Three seemed human enough in appearance, with, but one looked odd, as if not human at all. They had all been discussing the plan they had formed. It was not usual for all of these people to be together, or even to join together for that matter. But thanks in part to the dealings and offerings made by the leader of the group, that made all the difference.

"So, are we agreed?" the lead figure asked, as he sat back in his chair.

"Given the circumstances," one of the others began "I'd be insane to say no. But then again the courts would say that about me anyway. I'm in."

[As am I.] Another one said, with a mechanical, almost-robotic, voice. [I will be pleased to offer any and all resources in the process.]

"Excellent." The leader said, before all of them looked to the last figure. "Well?"

"I suppose I can give my services for this." They said, shrugging. "Not as if I have anything better to do. But to be well compensated, I'd like my payment to be double."

"I figured as much." The leader said, now standing from his chair. "Old habits, right?"

"I prefer to think of it as precautions attitude." They said.

"Very well. You'll have it."

He turned his back to them to and used a controller to activate a large screen in the room. It certainly bigger than the table they sat at, and could even cover half of the room they were in. The leader clicked on one button after another to show images of the Teen Titans: Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg, as well as other members like Speedy, Kid Flash and Aqualad. It even showed pictures of non-Titan members who seemed to be hidden from behind the overlapping pictures of the others.

"This is it, gentlemen." The leader began "With our assembled forces, and the plan we have in store, the world will so be ours for the taking. And in the end, no one, no superheroes, no do-gooders in mask, nothing will stop us from achieving what is rightfully ours. We have the means, now all we need are the right weapons." They finished as they grinned at the screen.


Many days later....

It was a clear day in Jump City. A few clouds here-and-there passed in front of the sun, and the news has said chances of a heavy storm later that night, but for now all was fine.

But all was not fine as police cars drove down the streets at high-speed.  They zipped passed other cars, making sure not to hit any pedestrians, until they finally stopped at what was left of a destroyed Electronics and Entertainment store. They joined with some of the police cars already there, some that were turned to the sides facing the store to act as shields, and once out they armed themselves with their guns and pointed as the smoking remains of the store. The store itself was blown out from the front, with a heavy cloud of smoke coming from inside of it. A few T.Vs were still intact from the display window on the side, but most were destroyed or had a static screen.

One of the police held up a megaphone and said "We have this whole area surrounded! Come out with your hands up!"

Suddenly a figure appeared from out of the smoke. It was an overweight looking man, dressed in strange sci-fi-like clothing. The police, and many nearby citizens all knew who this was.

"Ha!" Control Freak said, looking at the cops and their weapons. "You think your pitiful toys scare me? Let me show you a REAL toy!"

As he said this he pointed his controller, which now seemed larger and more demonic-looking that his normal one, and clicked a button that shot a small red beam, turning one of the cars into a balloon. The police backed-away at this before Control Freak pointed at another car and turned it into a pile of popcorn. The police aimed their weapons to fire before he could do anymore, but he aimed it at them and clicked the large pause button, freezing the in place. He gave an evil smirk as he then started to push the contrast button, changing their colors from blue suits and white or brown skin, to purple with green skins on all of them.

"It looks like your all GREEN with envy." Control Freak said before laughing to himself in an obnoxious manner. "Get it?" he continued as he laughed. "'Cause you're green and all. Hahaha."

Just as he stopped laughing from his lame joke, he looked to see himself being shaded by something blocking the sun. He looked up, thinking it some odd looking cloud, but then his eyes widen when he was five figures standing on the roof above.

"And they say I make the bad jokes." Beast Boy said as he stood, crouching down while he stood with the other Teen Titans.

Robin stood, arms crossed, in between him and Cyborg who had his fists on his hips. And Raven and Starfire were floating to the sides of all three of them, both looking ready to fight.

"So my arch-neme...nemesisis? Nemiseses....the TEEN TITANS, have arrived!" Control Freak proclaimed.

"Dude, we looked it up." Cyborg said. "It's pronounced 'Nemeses'. If you're gonna do the whole 'bad-guy speech' thing, learn to get it right."

"You've made the same mistake, Control Freak." Robin said, "Thinking you can come to our town and take what you like."

"On the contrary, Robin," Control Freak began. "I'm the process of  calming what is rightfully mine. The newly released Dragon Effect 4, Collector's Premium Obsidian Edition. Includes special free DLC content, new appearance modes, an extra riding-creature slot and concept artwork signed by..." he swooned for a moment before saying "...Alex Lee." He small tear went down his eye as he smiled.

"Of course." Raven said to herself and the others, while rolling her eyes. "If only for something like that would he even bother to commit a crime like this."

"Um, dude," Beast Boy began to say to control freak, who was still swooning over his new prize, "if you wanted it so badly, why didn't you just pre-order? Or, I don't know, maybe buy it with whatever money you stole from before?"

"Ha!" Control Freak began , before suddenly seeing a point to his argument. "Well you it's because CARES? I'M STILL GONNA DESTROY YOU!"

Once he finished be pointed his controller at them and clicked a button making the red beam zip towards them. All managed to jump out of the way before the beam blew the portion of the roof they were standing on into pieces. Robin managed to pull out his grapple-gun to catch a nearby streetlamp to swing to the ground. Beast Boy turned into a hummingbird to fly down, while Cyborg simply fell on his feet, making a small impact but standing like it was no big deal. Starfire and Raven simply flew down until all were now street-level.

"Good landing, boys. I'd give it a...8." Control Freak said before laughing obnoxiously again.

"You're right," Cyborg said to Beast Boy, "he's way worse than you."

Hearing this, Control Freak growled before pointing his remote in front of him. He clicked on a few more buttons before making three large monsters appear. One was something of an eight-foot lizard humanoid, with its entire right half robotic. The second was a ten-foot alien creature, with blue skin, tendrils that seemed like dreadlocks for hair, four arms, three yellow eyes and a incest-maw mouth drooling out spittle. The third creature was a six-foot demon ninja-like creature, with a red mask that almost looked like it's actually face, purple skin underneath its clothing and a pair of large samurai swords in hand.

"Destroy them, my pretties!" Control Freak ordered, before all of them charged at the Titans.

"Titans GO!" Robin shouted, making the rest leap to action.

Starfire and Beast Boy took on the alien monster, Cyborg and Raven fought with the lizard-cyborg, and Robin pulled out his staff to fight the demon-ninja.

Cyborg charged at the lizard-cyborg, ramming into it and pushing it back into the said of a building. It quickly retaliated by grabbing him by the arms and swinging him into the building headfirst. While it's back was turned, Raven raised her hand and fired a bolt of black magic at his head. It roared in dismay before turning to fire a beam of energy from its robotic eye. She managed to fly out of the way of it, allowing a good distraction. The creature didn't have time to see as a large blue-beam blasted him in the back, knocking him forward into a car.

"Mine's bigger than yours." Cyborg grinned before it rose again to attack.

Starfire flew towards the alien's face, blasting at it with one star-bolt after another. It rose it's hands to its face to protect its eyes, not seeing as a large green elephant came ramming into its chest. It managed to grab him with all four arms and hoist Beast Boy into the air before tossing him away. He managed to change into a monkey and catch a nearby streetlamp to swing on for safety before he could hit the ground. Starfire flew straight to the alien's face and slammed her glowing fists into its right cheek. She gave another punch to its left, and another to the right. She continued to pummel its face, giving Beast Boy time to fly above, in the form of a pterodactyl.

"Starfire, look out!" he called down, before turning into a whale and landing on top of the alien.

She managed to fly out of the way in time before seeing the alien struggling underneath the giant green Beast Boy.

Robin and the demon-ninja clashed their weapons together. He blocked one swing after another with his staff before both locked weapons on each other. In the struggle, Robin found an opening to use its weight against it, sending it overhead and landing on its back behind him. The demon picked itself up and charged at him, but was stopped when Robin threw an explosive disk at its feet to send it flying on the air. This time it managed to land on its feet and toss one sword straight at Robin. He leaned back far enough for the sword to go right over him and into a nearby car, and he managed to see as the demon jumped up and came down towards him, with its sword aimed for his heart. He blocked the strike with his staff but fell to the ground in the process.

Starfire looked as the others, including Beast Boy, still fought with their monsters before looking to Control Freak and seeing him giggling as he watched. She then looked down at his remote and knew what to do.

"Ha!" Control Freak said, looking over the fights. "Soon the Titans will be no more. And I'll be able to play my games and commit my crimes in peace."

"You will not!" Starfire said, blasting at him, making him squeal like a girl before ducking behind a car.

Control Freak peered out and recovered, standing in a more prominent pose, before saying "Well, well. If it isn't the lovely Starfire...Big fan by the way." He quickly said before clearing his throat going back to his normal state. "You may be great in strength, but you're alien might is nothing against my magnificent technological..." he soon saw as she used her eye beams to zap his remote into pieces "...mind?"

He looked over to see all of the creatures disappear, Cyborg even falling to his feet because he had the lizard-cyborg in a chokehold before it disappeared. Control Freak looked back to see Starfire's eyes, blazing green. The police were also back to normal, their skin color back to its original and now able to move freely.

"Oh crumbs..." he said, before she knocked him square in the jaw, sending him back onto the ground.

"Nice one, Star." Robin said.

"One down and on the ground." Beast Boy said, leaping on top of a nearby car and looking at the knocked out Control Freak.

"Hope you hit him hard enough for him to get the idea not to steal anymore." Raven said, in her usual non-emotional voice.

"With a brain like his," Cyborg said "it'll probably take about...five, ten years for it to sink in." He said in a positive tone.

"Good thing he'll be doing it in jail." Robin said. "Good Work, team. Now let's go home."

"Yes." Starfire said. "We should enjoy this latest victory with the feasting of snacks and soft beverages."

"Sounds good to me." Cyborg said before he and the others started walking back.

Suddenly Robin's attention was caught by something on one of the T.V. screens in the display window. He looked past as the Police dragged a still unconscious Control Freak into a car, to see a news report on the screen. The reporter talked about recent sightings of a caped vigilante, not matching the description of any of the Titan's, see in parts of Jump City. Other reports talk of Wayne Industries setting up new businesses in the City. Starfire is the only one to look back and see Robin watching the screens with an upset, almost annoyed, look on his face.

"Robin?" she asked, floating over to him. "What is it?"

"...nothing..." He said, before walking off with the others, not even looking at her.

Starfire gave a concerned look, glancing at the last little notes of the previous reports, before flying off with the rest of the Titans.


In an alleyway nearby, two figures watched as the teen heroes left the crime scene. One of them, the shorter of the two, produced a small communicator from his pocket and activated it.

"We've found the targets." They said. "Shall we act now?"

"No." a voice on the other end said. "Wait until they're back at their base. Then move in."

"As you wish." They said before closing it.

Both nodded to each other before making their way through the darkness of the alleys. Not too far from the city now, the storm clouds were begging to roar with thunder. They would be over the city by night.


It was late in the afternoon as four of the Titans were relaxing in the living room of Titans Tower. Cyborg and Beast Boy were engaged in one of their video-games, the high speed racing kind, Raven was sitting on one of the side sofas, reading one of her books as usual, and Starfire was pacing back and forth behind the main couch, where the boys were sitting. She's been explaining her concern after seeing Robin's reaction to the News Reports.

"I am concerned for him." She said. "Perhaps it was referring to an old enemy. Or perhaps this 'Wayne Industries" is some evil organization cult. Or..."

"Or maybe it was something personal that he doesn't feel like talking about." Raven said, not taking her eyes off her book.

"Yeah, Star." Cyborg said, still playing the game. "I mean you got to admit, we don't know that much about Robin's past. He's kept it more secret than the rest of us have."

"Well I don't know." Beast Boy said, taking the time to look back at Starfire and Raven. "When I was with the Doom Patrol, we tried not to keep secrets from each other. That way we could trust each other more."

Cyborg took advantage of his distraction to gain the upper hand in the racing game, saying "Ha! Beat ya!"

"What?" BB said, looking back. "No fair!"

Starfire furrowed her brow, saying "Then perhaps we should ask him. Try to see what is bothering him so."

"Trust me, Starfire," Raven said, now looking up, "if his past is something he doesn't want to talk about, then we shouldn't bother him about it."

"But he and I have begun the 'relation'" She said. "I've heard that you earthlings try not to keep secrets when in the 'relation'."

"That...not always the case, Star." Cy said.

"I still think I should speak with him." She said before walking towards the door. "I will see if I can find out why he is..." she stopped when the door opened just as she reached it and Robin was standing there. "...bothered..."

Robin looked over to the others, holding a box under his arm as he did, before saying "Hey guys. Doing ok? "

"Uh...sure." BB said, in a somewhat awkward tone.

"Yeah, uh, just relaxing and all." Cy said, in the same tone.

"Well good." Robin said, walking past Star. "I'm just getting ready for monitor duty for tonight."

"Oh...ok." Cy said. "Well it is getting kinda late anyway." He said, looking at the cyber watch on his arm. "Should be getting some shuteye anyways."

"Yeah same here." BB said. "But I want a rematch first thing in the morning." He said as he and Cy walked out.

"You're on, BB." He said back before both left.

Raven watched as Robin walked over to the chair in front of the large screen in the room, changing it from the game screen to the monitoring screen for the city. She closed her book and started to walk off, before stopping to Starfire and giving her an assuring look before walking to her room. Starfire looked over to Robin, once the others were gone, and floated over to him.

"Robin?" she asked over his shoulder "I wanted to ask..."

"You told them didn't you?" he said, not looking back from the screen.

She was taken back for a moment before saying "I am sorry. It is just that I was concerned for you and..."

"Star," he said, looking back and smiling at her "it's ok. I understand. I'll admit, I did seem a bit out of it today."

"But what was it that trouble you so?"

"It was....just something from the past." He said, as he looked down at the box, now in his lap.

"What is inside that?" she asked

"Oh...just some old safe keepings. One day, maybe, I'll tell you everything." He looked back to her, smiling again. "I promise."

She gave the same smile, nodded, and said "Very well. Then I will wish you goodnight, Robin."

She leaned down and kissed him and he to her.

"Goodnight, Starfire." He said to her before she walked to her room.

Now he was alone, with nothing but the monitor screen, and the old box in his lap. It had been sitting under his bed for a long time and dust had settled over it. He had to wipe most of it off before taking a deep sigh. Now that no one was around, he gently opened the box and its secrets were revealed only to him. The storm clouds were already over the city, and the rain began to pour down hard.


In the cover of the night, the two figures made their way to Titans Tower. They reached the base of it where they found the doorway inside. The shorter one pulled out a device which he stuck on the door. It was a disk-like object with red-insides exposed to show buttons on it. The figure pressed a few and in a second the door was open and no alarms were sounded. They made their way inside and as they closed the door behind them, both looked to each other, nodding in knowing what they had to do. One made their way up into the tower, while the other their way down towards the basement. Once there they found what they were looking for, pulled out a large vial, and smiled as they began to attach it to one of the large machines that helped to power Titans Tower.


Cyborg sat asleep in his room. His bed was his large operating table that sat upright but slightly back so he was at least relaxed. As he slept, Cyborg's dream began to take a turn for the worse. What started out as a happy normal dream turned dark and horrible. He tossed his head back and forth mumbling to himself before it became too much and he awoke. He sat up a bit as he looked around, taking reassurance in the fact it was all a dream and he was still in his room.

He rubbed his forehead, saying "Whew. Guess I should have any ranch dressing chips before bed anymore."

Suddenly he heard something in the hallway. It sounded like something moving in the darkness. He picked himself and opened his door to look out. Nothing was there. But then as he looked down the hallway, he saw a source of light coming from one of the rooms and a shadow quickly pass by.

"Who's there?" he said, waiting for a response and not getting one. "Hello?"

When no one answered again, he changed his right arm into its cannon form before he walked over to the room. It was the garage where a few of the Titans Vehicles, including Robin's motorcycle, were stored. He looked around, no sign of anyone.

"Star?" he said, still looking around. "Beast Boy, that you?"

He then looked over to where the T-Car was. A tarp had been over it after Cyborg had to fix it the last time. He saw something moving underneath. He glared as he walked over.

"Yo!" He shouted as he walked over to pull the tarp off. "If you're mussing up my car, then I'm about to shove this cannon up...." he stopped when he pulled the tarp off and saw what was underneath.

It wasn't the T-Car, but an average looking one; a small sliver car with yellow headlight. To anyone else this would seem like an ordinary car, but for Cyborg this was something all too familiar, and something he'd hope to never see again.

"No." he said, backing away from it. " can't be."

He stopped and looked at the car over and over with his eyes. He tried to see if it was a fake, but it wasn't. And when he realized this, all the horrible memories became to sink back in.

The memory was of a younger boy, all happy and excited as he was being lead to the car by his mother. She looked to and smiled as he laughed with joy. He seemed close to Cyborg's age, if a year or so younger. The moment both of them entered the car, all he could hear were the sounds of a crash and a scream.

Cyborg put his hands over his eyes, saying "No.'s not"

He stopped when he looked to see a figure standing in the shadows. He changed his arm back into a  cannon as he aimed at them.

"Who are you?" he demanded. "Come out right now!"

The figure walked out and the moment he saw who it was, Cyborg's eyes widened in shock as his arm dropped to his side and went back to normal. It was a woman, African American like him, with a  pink shirt and jeans on.

"Mom....?" he said, seeing her clearly now.

"Victor." She said, walking over to him. "Why? Why didn't you do something?"

" couldn't." he said, staying where he was as she came closer. "I was...just a kid...I..."

"You should have done something, Victor." She insisted s she finally reached him. "Why? Why couldn't you do it?"

As she said this, she placed a hand on his chest. As he looked down Cyborg could see as he hand began to peel it' on skin off, revealing a more grotesque pale skin color underneath. He looked in horror as he looked back to her face, and he could see the skin there was starting to peel off too.

"Why couldn't you save me, son?"


Raven awoke when she thought she heard something. She looked around her room, nothing was there but her usual furniture. She jumped a but when a strike of thunder clashed from the window behind her ,and for a moment the whole room was lite, but she relaxed when she realized it must have been a bad dream. She put her head down to relax when a another bolt of thunder and lightning struck, this time lighting up the room so much that she thought she saw something in the corner of the room. She sat up instantly and tried to see.

"Who's there?" she said, trying to see past the shadows.

As she looked closer a pair of red eyes looked back at her. Then another set appear directly above them. As Raven saw this and gasped, the other corner of the room suddenly burst into flame. The moment she looked at it, another flame spontaneously appeared on the sheets of her bed. She threw them off of her in time before she could be burned. More and more fire began to sprang from the room, and Raven soon found herself surrounded.

"No!" she said, seeing this.

"Yes." A booming voice said.

She looked to see the four red eyes come from the shadows to reveal he demon, Trigon. He wasn't as gigantic as he was before, but he was still large enough for his head to reach the ceiling.

"It's not true!" Raven said, as she used her magic to make her hooded robe appear on her body. "We stopped you! You can't be here!"

"You can never stop me." Trigon said. "You may delay, but you can never stop the inevitable."

Raven raised her arms but looked down and saw as the markings on her skin began to glow again. She shook her head in disbelief, but then saw them appearing on her legs too. Her body was glowing with the markings again, like before.

"!" she said, holding her head. "It's not real! We saved the world."

"You can never save this world." The demon said as he came closer. "Azarath burned..." as he spoke, fire demons began to appear from the fire surrounding Raven's bed. "....and so will Earth!"


Beast Boy rolled out of bed when he was awoken by a sudden crack of thunder and lightning from outside. He fell face first and picked himself up.

"Aw man." He said, rubbing his face. "And it was such an awesome dream, too....I finally got my moped."

He heard  a knock at the door. He groaned before walking over, tripping once over one of the game controllers on the floor before picking himself up again. He reached the door and opened it.

"Yeah, what's...?" he said, rubbing his eyes before seeing who was standing there. "Mento?"

It was true, Mento of the Doom Patrol was standing there. He was in full costume and had the same scowling look as he always did, only now it seemed a little more annoyed.

"Uh, sir!" Beast Boy said, saluting him. "I...I didn't expect to see..."

"Worthless." Mento suddenly said.

"Sir?" he asked, lowering his hand in confusion.

"You heard me. You're worthless." He said, crossing his arms. "Always getting in the way. Never fully following orders. Always making mistakes that almost cost us the mission."

"Mento..." BB said, showing the hurt look on his face."I don't..."

"You were a poor excuse to be a member of the Doom Patrol."

"No..." he said before casting his head down, trying not to look at Mento. "I....I didn't...."As he finally looked back he was surprised to see not Mento now, but Robotman.  "Cliff?" he said seeing this.

"Should've known you didn't have what it takes, kid." He said. "Should've know you weren't ready for the big leagues."

"What?" BB said in disbelief. "What are you...?

"Face it. We didn't take you in because we thought you'd be useful. We took you in because we felt sorry for you."

BB covered his eyes at this, shaking his head in disbelief and saying "No! It's a lie. You're lying."

"Are we, Beast Boy?" the voice of Negative Man said, making BB look up and see him now standing there. "Or is the truth too hard for you to take in?"

"Negative Man?"

"Time to face the truth, Beast Boy: you were just a nuisance. A little annoyance we had to put up with."

"No!" Beast Boy said, in a more anger tone. "You're lying! You're all lying!" He turned his back to him and kept talking to himself, saying "It's not true. None of it is."

"Garfield." The voice of Elasti-girl, making him turn to see her now, holding her arms in an awkward manner. "I'm sorry you had to hear it this way."

"Rita..." BB said, his face going back to the same hurt look from before. ""

"I think....we were better off leaving you where you were. I'm sorry...but it had to be said."

Hurt by this, Beast Boy fell to his knees and looked down at the ground, tears now streaming from his face.

"" he kept saying this to himself, before he saw the shadow of Elasti-girl shift and changed until now it was a different form.

"Look at you." A new voice said. "How absolutely pathetic."

He looked up and his heart sank even deeper than it already was. It was Terra. She was dressed in the same uniform she wore while she was an apprentice to Slade. She had the same, cold, uncaring smirk on her face as she did when she betrayed them.

"Terra?" he said, almost whispering her name. "What are you doing...?"

"Look at yourself." She said. "You call yourself a hero? Please. You can't even save a kitten from a tree, let alone a pedestrian or a one of your teammates. That's why they hate you."

His look grew angry as he said "No! That's not true!"

"They always hated you. Every single moment spent with you was nothing but a migraine waiting to happen. That's why I think I liked you so much: I just felt sorry for you."

"Shut up!" he said, tears still in his eyes, but tears of anger now. "You're lying. You're not Terra!"

"Aren't I?" she said. "Maybe you just can't accept the truth even when it's looking you dead in the eye."


"Face it, beast Boy..."


"You're useless. Always have been..."


"...always will be."



Starfire stat up in her bed when she thought she heard shouting from outside her room. She had been sleeping upside-down, as she usually did, on her bed. She looked to her door and tried to listen for it again. It was silent outside her room. She decided to investigate, getting up from her bed and peering out the door. She looked down the hallway towards the others rooms.

"Beast Boy?" she called, knowing it was his voice she heard.

She was startled when she heard the sound of something being tossed to the ground around the corner of the hallway. She quickly ran over and gasped in horror at what she saw. All across the hallway were the beaten and bloody bodies of her friends. Cyborg was lying face down, with one of his arms and one of his legs broken off and the bolts and circuitry from laying here-and-there. Raven was lying on the ground with her back to Starfire, and her cape covering the rest of her body; but it was torn around the edges and a saint of blood was seen around the part where her face was. Beast Boy was slumped against the wall to the left, his head hanging down and his clothes torn and singed as if from a fire. And finally she saw Robin, at the very end past the rest, lying face up, his face beaten to the point of purple bruises around it, his cape completely tore from his costume, and his mask half-ripped on the edge.

She flew over the others and too his body, shaking it and saying "Robin? Robin! What has happened to you?"

He didn't answer, he didn't even move or make a sound. She shook her head, not wanting to believe he was dead, before putting her head against his chest, trying to hear a heartbeat. Nothing. She gasped again and slowly put his body down.

"Robin..." she said before she began to cry, putting her hands over her eyes.

"Aww, what a shame." A voice from in front of her said. "Looks like I broke your friends."

Starfire looked up, and her eyes grew angry, as she saw her sister, Blackfire, standing there.

"Blackfire!" she said, her eyes now blazing green. "What have you done?"

"Oh don't get so emotional, sis." She said. "It was nothing personal against them. But you know how much I love to ruin things for you." Starfire roared before leaping over to attack her, only for Blackfire to grab her arm and toss her into the wall, making a large crack in it. "Aww, did I make baby sis angry?" she said in a mocking tone.

Starfire picked herself up and tried to fire a starbolt at her, but she was shocked when nothing happened. She looked at her hands in disbelief before Blackfire punched her square in the jaw, sending her flying right threw another wall. Starfire weakly picked herself up again, this time having to deal with some debris on her back, before Blackfire stepped through the hole she made, still smiling at her sister's misery.

" did you did this?" Stafire asked, indicating her loss of power.

"Maybe you're just as weak as you've always been, sister." Blackfire said, now picking her up by the neck.

"" she said, trying to breath "this...this cannot..."

"Face it, Starfire." She said, her eyes now blazing the dark purple they always did. "You're friends are dead. There was nothing you could do to save them. And now I'm going to finish you as well."


Robin was still sitting in front of the monitor in the main room of the Tower. The box was now open and sitting on the desktop of the computer. Along the desktop itself were a number of newspaper clippings and pictures. Some had headlines like "Grayson Murder still under investigation" "Dynamic Duo foil Riddler robbery" and "A new member of the Bat Family?" and even one that said Among the pictures were some of things like a young boy and his parents, all dressed as acrobats, smiling and posing in front a circus tent, the same young boy and a red-head girl in school uniforms smiling in front of a building that says Gotham High School, and one, which he was holding in his hand, of the same boy and girl, standing outside of a mansion, with an older, more prominent looking man standing behind them with his hands on their shoulders.

He sighed a deep sigh as the nostalgic memories came back to him the more he looked at the picture. He finally put it down with the others and started to gather everything up. He put everything back in the box and slumped in his chair, thinking about what he had said to Starfire. One day he would have to tell her what he promised to tell her.

As he was about to call it a night and wake Beast Boy up for his turn for monitor duty, a sudden scent caught his attention. He perked up as the scent crept into his nose more and more. He coughed a bit before suddenly realizing what it was about the scent that made his hairs stand on edge.

"Oh no..." he said before quickly jumping out of the chair and hurrying to the door.

The moment he reached it and opened it, he was meet by a sudden punch to the face. He fell on his back but rolled back and landed on his feet. He rubbed his chin before looking up and seeing the figure who punched him emerge from the shadows.

"Slade!" Robin said, stanching himself for a fight.

"Hello, Robin." He said with his hands behind his back. "Observant as ever I see."

"I know you're not real." He said. "I caught the scent. I know what's going on."

"Do you now?" Slade said before rushing quick enough to punch Robin again.

Robin recovered and tried to land a blow to his chest, but Slade managed to dodge this and slap him hard across the face. He then grabbed Robin's arm and swung him around until he tossed him into the chair he'd been sitting on.

"Still think I'm not real?" he said.

Robin weakly picked himself up and said "I'll stop this. My friends will..."

"I wouldn't bother with them if I were you." He said as he reached Robin and grabbed him by the collar of his costume. "They have their own problems to deal with. You, on the other hand, are about to be broken as much as possible." He suddenly flipped him over his shoulder and made him slam onto the counter of the kitchen area of the room. "It's over, Robin. You and the rest of the Teen Titans...are history."
I own nothing nothing. All materiel belongs to Cartoon Network and DC comics.
Note: The name "Alex Lee" is derived from the names Alex Ross and Jim Lee, two of my favorite comic-book artists.

Hope you all enjoy the story.

part 2: [link]
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