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In the center of Jump City, the Teen Titans were engaged in a heated battle against the H.I.V.E. Five.

The members of the Five were Gizmo, Mammoth, Billy Numerous, See-More and Private H.I.V.E. The fight had already caused some damage to the streets and buildings nearby, as well as a few over-tipped cars and a broken fire hydrant. But the Titans were proving, as usual, that they could take them on and win.

Robin was using his gadgets and tools against See-More, Cyborg was matching his strength and wits against Mammoth, Starfire was dealing with the annoying antics of Gizmo, Beast Boy, in the form of a lion, was battling with Private H.I.V.E., and Raven was using her magical abilities against the multiplying Billy Numerous.

Cyborg and Mammoth had their hands locked on each other as they both struggled to overpower the other.  Mammoth had finally managed to push Cyborg on his back to the ground and was pushing down on his hands more. But Cyborg managed to get his foot on Mammoth’s chest and fired the small booster from the underside. It made a blasted a beam of blue that sent him flying across the street and into the side of a nearby car, denting it in the process. Just as Mammoth recovered and stood up, stumbling a bit and shaking his head, he was met with another blast from Cyborg’s arm cannon, sending him back even more.

Cyborg pointed his gun up after firing and declared “BOOYAH!”

Raven found herself surrounded by at least twenty Billy Numerous clones. They all walked towards her, waiting to see what her next move would be. Before she could act all the clones dog-piled her, making a small hill of bodies overtop her. They all laughed thinking they had her, but one of the Billy’s perked up as he saw a black-magic form of a raven rise up next to them and reform into Raven herself.

“Uh-oh.” They all said.

Raven smirked before her eyes glow white and she casted a spell that created a black bubble, surrounding the Billy pile. It began to close and squeeze around the Billy clones, making them shrink back into less and less clones as it got tighter. Eventually it was down to just one clone, who Raven easily dealt with by making the bubble pop around him, hitting him with a wave of magic. He collapsed to the ground after that.
Beast Boy landed on top of Private H.I.V.E.’s shield, still in the form of a lion, as he swiped for him with his claws. Private managed to push him off, sending Beast Boy back, landing on his feet however. He charged at him, turning into a rhino in the process, and banged against his shield, sending Private flying up and landing hard on top of a bus.

Starfire flew around in the sky to avoiding shots from Gizmo, who was chasing after her with his jet-packed backpack and two shoulder blasters. She dipped and ducked and maneuvered around as he volleyed her with more and more shots.

“Can’t fly around forever, you scuzz-munching fairy!” Gizmo shouted at her, before firing a small missile from his backpack at her.

Starfire turned, while still flying, and saw the missile heading for her. She looked ahead again and flew faster, trying to outrun . She zipped around one building, then another and another, before flying back towards Gizmo himself. He ducked away as she came right for him, making her miss, but gave a scream as he saw the missile coming towards him now. He pulled up hard and just in time as the missile missed him and wound up hitting a blowing up the top-half of a building. He hovered in the air, giving a sigh of relief, before noticing her was being shaded by something else. He looked back and gasped as he saw Starfire, her eyes glowing green, before she reached down and grabbed him. She tore off his backpack and held him by the back of his collar as he squirmed.

“It would appear you cannot fly forever yourself.” She said, still holding him in one hand and his wrecked backpack in the other.

Robin avoided eye-blasts from See-More before  he pulled out a few gas-bombs from his utility belt and threw them at his feet. A cloud of smoke surrounded See-More, making him look around for Robin.

“Don’t think that’ll help you.” See-More said, before switching his vision.

He changed it to inferred and looked around the smoke, finally spotting Robin. He switched it back to his eye-beams and fired. Robin jumped away three spate times as See-More fired at him, hitting the side of a building and a car in the process, before Robin jumped up and threw explosive down at him. See-More jumped away before being caught in the explosions, only to be met by a finishing blow to the face by Robin’s fist.

See-More was eventually thrown into a pile of the other knocked out members of the H.I.V.E. Five, with the Titans sanding over them.

“Another day saved.” Robin said. “Good work, Titans.”


“Good work, Titans. Indeed.” A voice said.

Someone clicked a remote to stop the footage of the Titans defeating the H.I.V.E. Five, which was being shown on a large T.V. screen behind two people sitting behind a desk. It was revealed the fight was being watched by a news broadcaster and his co-anchor inside of a studio.

The man had short, styled, red hair, and wore a brown suit with a yellow undershirt. The woman, who had long red hair tied in a bun and wearing glasses, wore a purple suit. The desk they sat behind was black, and the backdrop was blue with the words “Glorious News” in large red print on it.

The man, who’d spoke before, leaned forward towards one of the cameras in the studio and said “That was footage from the fight last week that took place in our very own Jump City ladies and gentlemen. The Titans managed to, once again, stop the bad guys. So in the end, good work Titans. Good work on stopping the villains. Oh and I should add goo work on thousands of dollars on property damage, and endangering the lives of innocent bystanders.” He leaned back and continued, saying “These so called Titans are nothing more the self-appointed vigilantes, who do nothing but cause as much harm as the criminals they fight. I move it over to my co-anchor, Grace Amza.” He looked over to the woman. “Grace?”

“Thanks, Gordon.” She said, before looking to the camera in front of her. “After a number of battles that have taken place inside Jump City, many citizens are calling out for the Teen Titans to take more responsibility for their actions.”

The imagery suddenly cut to an interview with a man, black haired and wearing a checkered shirt.

“The ‘teen heroes’ have been nothing but trouble ever since they got here.” He said. “All the time they throw the bad guys in jail only for them to bust out again and do more damage.”

The imagery then cut to a blonde-haired woman wearing an orange shirt, saying “I know they’re trying to keep us safe, but they’re kind of setting a bad image. I saw kids wrestling with each other and one was saying how he’s a strong as Cyborg. They could be get really hurt.”

It cut back to Grace Amza, who said “Some officials have declared that these acts are due to the fact that the Titans are nothing more than inexperienced wannabe heroes, who need to learn that they should learn their place.”

The image cut to a man, with slicked back grey hair and wearing a grey suit, inside of an office-like building, saying “We recognize that there are heroes in the world, and that they have their own responsibilities, but we must remember one crucial point: The ‘Teen’ Titans. This is nothing but a group of kids who parade around in costumes and fighting even others in costumes. Can we really expect any more from a bunch of rambunctious children who think they can play cops and robbers?”

The image cut back to the studio, only now to Godfrey, who said “We’ll take short break. But afterwards we’ll show you what some people have to say about the individual Titans themselves. This is Gordon Godfrey,”

“And Grace Amza.” She added.

“And this is Glorious News.” Godfrey finished before the show went to commercial.


The whole time the showed had been watched by Robin, Starfire,  Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven, who was doing more listening than watching as she read her book in her hands, who were all sitting in the living room of Titans Tower.

“WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?” Cyborg shouted, standing up “Are they serious about this?”

“I know, right?” BB said. “We save the day, like a gajillion times, and all of a sudden people are calling us the bad guys?”

“And they’re leaving us with a bill!” Cyborg said. “What? Do they really think we’ve got over thousands of dollars to spare?”

“They might expect you to pay with the Tower.” Raven said, not looking up from her book.
Cyborg gasped and ran over to one of the computer-desktops in the room saying “They’re not touching one circuit board on my beautiful tower.”

“I do not understand.” Starfire said. “Why do they accuse us of such minor acts when we strive to do good?”

“It’s just the way some people are, Starfire.” Robin said. “It’s nothing new. When I first started out, back in Gotham, some people questioned if a kid could handle the job of being a superhero.”

“But we are clearly not children.” She said. “The one called Gordon does not know what he says.”

“It’s just bad press, Star.” Raven said. “It happens to everyone.”

“Yeah well I still don’t like it.” Cyborg said. “I’m about to go over to that studio and bust some heads.”

“Ditto on than, Cyborg.” BB said, standing now.

“Hold it.” Robin said, standing in front of them. “That’ll just play into their accusations.”

“Aw.” BB said. “But I had a funny plan involving water balloons filled with oatmeal and a forklift.” He noticed that Cyborg, Raven and Starfire all gave him odd looks. He chucked, rubbing the back of his head before saying “It, uh, sounded better as I thought it up.”

“No.” Robin said. “We need to prove that they’re wrong by doing what we do. We’re still the good guys, no matter what they may say or think. We just have to prove it to them.”

“I agree with Robin.” Starfire said.

“Fine.” Cyborg said. “But I’m still going to write an angry letter about this.”

Suddenly the alarm went off, flashing red lights and making the sirens in the Tower go off.

“Trouble!” Raven said, closing her book and standing up.

Robin quickly ran to another desktop in front of the room and started punching keys. Eventually the screen split to show a science building, with the letters S T A R printed in front of it, being attacked by a familiar villain.

“Warp!” Starfire said.

“Titans GO!” Robin said, making all of them start to run off.

Before he did though, Beast Boy stopped when he heard the voice of Gordon Godfrey on the other half of the screen, still on his show.

“Now let’s talk about one of the best examples.” He said. “This one Titan. Terra” An image appeared behind him of  Terra, wearing her normal uniform, which made Beast Boy’s eye narrow in anger. “I mean here’s a girl who actually managed to take over jump city while the Titans were off on their own little playtime. And apparently she was once a Titan herself. You see? Right there, people. A so called ‘hero’ turned criminal in...”

Beast Boy had turned off the screen at that point, still with an angered look on his face at even the mention of Terra being called a villain.

“Beast Boy, Come on.” Robin called out from the hallway.

With that he turned and ran off to join the others, hoping the fight with Warp might take his mind off of things.


Inside the S.T.A.R. labs, Warp was tearing his way through all manner of security.
The hallway he was in was lined with silver covering, making everything look metallic. Parts of it had scorch marks from few shots he’d already taken at some of the security guards, who were now lying on the ground.

As Warp walked further down the hallway more guards came running from the other end, weapons already armed. They stopped and aimed straight for him before the commander took position at the front.

“FIRE!” he commanded, making himself and the guards start shooting.

Just as they opened fire on him Warp held his hand up and activated his force field, making the bullets bounce off of simple fall down after hitting it.

“How primitive.” Warp said before activating his shoulder-mounted blasters.

He fired at the guards, making them either jump or duck out of the way before being hit. Before the guards could recover Warp aimed his fore-arm, hourglass shaped blasters and fired, sending a shocking wave at them. All the guards shrieked in pain before passing out.

Once they were dealt with, Warp made his way to the end of the hall where a large steel door was. It was as large as the wall itself and had a number of high-tech security locks on the side of it.

He smirked and said “So many locks, yet I hold the one key.”

He held up his hand and a small key-like device extended from his index finger. He jabbed it into one of the security panels which made everything spark and short-circuit before finally making a pinging sound. The door suddenly opened and Warp, after retracting the device on his finger, walked in.

The room was vast with the same metallic covering as the hallway, only more pristine and clean given the fact the fighting had not taken place there. Inside was an assortment of devices and objects, all that looked wither highly advanced to practically alien in design. Some were small, like an advanced blaster and what looked like a robotic-spider, while others were enormous, like a modified tank and a sphere-like construct.

Warp walked past all of these things before reaching what he was looking for. He stopped in front of it and looked up, seeing how it stood fifteen feet high.

It was a circular archway-like construct with a number of wires hooked up or sticking out of it on certain parts. At least three of the wires were large and hooked to the walls where the power source was, others, like those sticking out of it from the sides, were smaller. There was a small metal ramp leading from where Warp was to the where the archway itself was.

“Thousands of years in the past,” Warp said to himself “and yes they couldn’t even grasp how close they’d reached the future.”

He walked up to it and began to mingle with some of the wiring. As he did he pulled out a small box-like device and attached it to one of the circuit boards. It seemed to glow blue as it powered-u, doing some sort of upgrade to the inner circuits and such of the machine. Eventually the machine itself seemed to power up.

“Finally.” Warp said, seeing this. “In a few moments I shall finally be rid of this underdeveloped world.”

“You don’t have a few minutes.” Someone behind him said.

He turned and saw the Teen Titans, standing ready to fight.

“Impeccable timing, Titans” Warp said. “You’re just in time to see me off.”

“The only place you’re off to is prison!” Cyborg said.

In response, Warp opened fire with both his shoulder-mounted blasters and fore-arm blasters at them. They all jumped out of the way before any could be hit. Beast Boy was the first to attack him, charging for him in the shape of a cheetah. He was ready to pounce on Warp but was stopped when he waved his hand and created a block of ice around him.

Cyborg started firing at him, making Warp activate his force-field again. The energy from the blast stopped when it hit the field before Cyborg stopped. Warp took the advantage, dropping the force-field, and fired more bolts from his fore-arm blasters, hitting him twice and making him fall to his knees from the electrical surge from the blasts.
Raven was next, appearing behind Warp and raising her hand to him.

“Aarath metrion Zinthos!”

A bolt of magic went into his back, making him stumble forward. He turned and fired at her, this time with the beam from his helmet, sending her back into one of the machines in the room.

Robin jumped towards him while his back was turned and swung with his staff. Warp turned in time to block with his armored wrists and Robin kept swinging and striking at him.
As they fought, Starfire flew over to the frozen Beast Boy and started thawing him with the heat from her starbolts. She was careful not to be too hot when thawing her friend out of his icy prison.

Robin’s staff broke as Warp used the strength from his armor to break it into two pieces. He looked at them before getting the idea to use them a small clubs, now using them to fight Warp. He managed to smack Warp’s left arm before he could fire with his fore-arm blaster and then smacked him in the face with his other club.

As Warp stumbled back and shook off the sensation, Robin said “What’s the plan now, Warp? Trying to get back to your own time or alter history again?”

“Hardly.” Warp said, standing straight now. “Don’t you know what this is?” he indicated the machine he’s been working on before.
“I have a feeling I’m going to find out.” Robin said.

“The scientists here have been developing doorways into what can only be described as other worlds. Other dimensions.” He indicated the machine and said “This is such a doorway. They haven’t managed to fully finish the technology as of yet, but with my upgrades I’ve managed to finish what they started. With it I’ll be able to travel to any alternate reality. Possibly one where there are no Teen Titans to stop me!”

“In your dreams!” Robin said, attacking again.

Starfire finally managed to thaw BB out, who fell to the ground in his normal form shivering.

“Remind me to ask how eskimos deal with this 24/7.” He said, still shivering and trying to warm himself.

Cyborg, who’d recovered from his attack, walked over to the others just as BB got to his feet.

“Cyborg!” Robin called over to him, while avoiding shots from Warp. “Shut the machine down. Hurry!”

Cyborg nodded and ran over to the machine, hooking up a wire room his arm to the main console to it.

Warp managed to knock both of his clubs from his hands and hit him with a blast from his helmet beam. As Robin fell back towards one of the other machines Starfire flew towards Warp and unleashed a volley of starbolts at him.

Some missed at landed near him or at his feet, but those that went towards him he managed to deflect back at her thanks to his armor. She flew away from the hits in time, but didn’t see the blast from one of his shoulder blasters before being hit by hit.
BB, in the form of a tiger, ran up in time to get close enough and swipe at Warp, taking out one of his shoulder-blasters in the process. Landed behind him and swiped again, making a scratch mark on the side of his helmet this time. Before BB could make another strike, Warp smacked his snout, making him stumble back, then used his helmet blaster to knock him out.

Just as Warp finished with BB, two large pieces of metal, being controlled by Raven’s magic, came flying towards him. He managed to smack those away with his strength before seeing her flying towards him, firing bolts of her magic at him. He activated his force-field and stopped the bolts and then dropped it in time to throw a dick-like object at her. Raven maneuvered away from it, but it exploded behind her and caused her to fall to the ground.

Cyborg kept trying to hack at the circuitry to the machine, punching his fingers against his compact equipment on his arm.

Warp saw this and said “No so fast!”  before tossing another disk-like object towards him.

The weapon didn’t hit Cyborg, but instead went into the console he’d been working on, shorting out whatever tampering Cyborg was trying to do.

Cyborg saw the damage and called out “He’s fried the console! I can’t stop the machine!”

Just as Cyborg said this, the archway began to glow a pale-purple color around its outer ring. Warp looked to see this before hearing as Starfire flew towards him from behind and managed to knock him square on the jaw. He stumbled back only to be met with a knee to the stomach from Robin and a final hind-kick from Beast Boy, in the form of a donkey, taking him out.

Raven, who’d recovered herself, was over by Cyborg, who was still trying to fix the console.

“Is there anything we can do?” she asked, just as the others reached them and stood around.

“I can’t shut it down in time.” He said, looking at the machine.

In the center of the archway, a glowing circle appeared. It was the same pale-purple as the machinery. It began to grow and grow as it swirled around until it fully filled the archway.

A sudden puling force of wind began to emerge from the portal, pulling the Titans towards it. Starfire and Raven trying flying against it, slowly losing the fight. Cyborg held onto one of the parts of the machine, with BB hanging onto his back. Robin also had hold of a piece of equipment, but was starting to lose his grip.

“Dudes!” he cried out “I’m too young to be pulled into another dimension!”

Suddenly Robin’s grip began to slip until he finally fell into the current of the pull from the portal.

“ROBIN!” Starfire cried out, reaching out to him before he finally fell through.

Suddenly the others began to fall into the portal, first Raven the Cyborg and Beast Boy, and finally Starfire.


There was a flash of bright light before Robin’s vision cleared. He blinked a few times to regain his vision clearly.

By the look of the sun setting it was close to dark, just like back home. He found himself standing on the water front of the city, looking out to the small island where Titans Tower was. The only difference being there was no Titans Tower, it was just  clear little island in the middle of the bay, with the bridge into the city behind it. He looked to the side to see his friends, all in one piece, recovering from the sensation of entering another dimension.

Starfire, after seeing everyone as alright, said “We are....unharmed.”

“Looks that way.” Robin said. “But where are we?”

“Not sure.” Cyborg said, flipping open the scanner on his arm. “Scanners showing this place is like home...but not.”

Raven looked and said “You mean besides the absent Tower?”

“I don’t really know.” He continued. “My scanners having trouble figuring things out. It’s almost like an exact duplicate of our world.”

“But then where is out home?” Starfired asked. “Are there even any Titans in this dimension?”

Beast Boy, who’s been looking around more the whole time, gasped as he turned around and said “Uh....guys...”

He pointed to the city, which was behind them, and all turned and looked in shock at what they saw. The Jump City of this universe looked the same, with the few exceptions of the design of a few buildings, but standing in the center of it was this universe’s Titans Tower. It stood taller than all the other buildings and had red lighting instead of blue. It padding and walls were a more dull grey instead of white, like the Tower back in their own universe.

As all looked in shock, Robin practically muttered “What the...?”

“Whoa...” Cy said.

“This is....most strange.” Starfire added.

“Strange doesn’t exactly cut it this time.” Raven said.

Beast Boy took a few steps forward an said “Dudes....where are we?”

“I may not know,” Robin said “but I intend to find out. Let’s go.”

He started walking towards the city, the others following closely.

In a few moments they’d final found themselves walking, or hovering in Raven and Starfire’s case, on the sidewalk of the streets. They saw the people, what few there were, walking along about their lives.

They saw a three girls nearby, teenagers by their looks, and thought it best to ask them for information. There was a blonde a redhead and a brunette, all walking together.
“Um, excuse me.” Robin said, tapping on the girl in the middle’s shoulder. She turned, along with the others, just as he said “We were wondering if...”

Suddenly the girls screamed before the redhead pointed and said “IT’S THEM!”

All the Titans turned, arming themselves and looking ready to fight before Robin said “What? Who?”

There was nothing there, nothing at all. They looked back in confusion to the girls, who were now quivering with fear.

“But there’s no one there.” Robin said to them, pointing back.

“RUN!” the blonde said. “IT’S THE TITANS!”

The girls, along with most of the other citizens nearby, ran away from the Titans as fast as possible.

“Uh...” BB began to say “usually whenever girls people see us, they tend to run and scream towards us.”

“Did you see the look in their faces?” Cyborg said. “It was like they were afraid of us.”

“They were.” Raven said.

“But why?” Robin asked, before a sudden explosion nearby caught there attention.

It was somewhere close, further within the city, and Beast Boy was the first to figure where.

“That’s near the pizza place!” he said. “Well...if there is a pizza place.”

With that he and the other Titans started running for the Pizza place. Once they got there they saw how the bottom half of it was smoking from the explosion. Up top they could see figures sitting around a table. There was something familiar about them in shape, but they didn’t have time as they saw some people trapped or hurt in one way or another from the explosion.

“We must assist.” Starfire said.

With that all the Titans went about helping people. Cyborg used his strength to turn a car, that had been upside-down, right-side up and pulled the door off to allow the couple inside to crawl out. Starfire and Beast Boy, in the form of an octopus, managed to pick up a pile of rubble over three people and helped them up to their feet. Raven, using her magic, destroyed a fire hydrant and aimed the water at the burning bottom of the pizza store to put the flames out. And Robin was helping a scarred little girl out of form behind dumpster she was trapped behind.

“It’s alright.” He said, reaching his hand out. “I’m here to help.”

“But..” she began to say “you’re Titans. Why are you helping?”

“Why wouldn’t we?” Robin asked, confused by thee question.

He finally helped the girl out, she running to her mother once freed, before he and the other Titans heard a voice calling down to them.

“Hey, who’s spoiling all our fun?”

The Titans all looked up to see five figures, the ones from before, who were standing on the edge of the platform at the top of the pizza place looking down to them. They jumped, or in the case of two others floated, down to street level to see them clearly. Once they could the Titans looked in shock at what they were seeing in front of them.
Standing in front of them were five others, who looked almost exactly lie the Teen Titans themselves.

The one who was this universe’s Robin wore a red and black uniform. His hair was more brownish colored than Robin’s black. Instead of a mask he wore a pair of yellow goggles.  There was a red T shaped pattern on his uniform, which started from his wait and extended to his shoulders. The sleeves of his costume stopped the same way Robin’s did but his gloves were red, and had sharp looking claws on the end of them, along with his utility belt, which was slung across his body instead of around his waist, and boots. His cape was red at the top and black at the bottom, making the pattering of it look more like the feathers of a bird.

The Cyborg of the group was almost exactly similar to the real Cyborg, only he had no part of him that seemed human. His face was completely robotic and his metallic showings were grey with red parts instead of white and blue like Cyborg’s. Both his eyes were red and where his mouth would be there was a vent with slits shaped like a scowl.

Instead of blue robes, like the real Raven, this universe’s Raven wore white robes and had her face hidden underneath the cloak. What stood out the most about her was that she had four glowing red eyes starting out at them.

The Starfire of the team had hair somewhat the same color as the real one, only it was a shade more darker and was curlier and shaggier. Instead of green her eyes were yellow. She wore a dark purple one-piece armor set that covered her chest and reached down past her waist. She had shoulder pads, black, attached to it and wore heavy looking boots an gauntlets, both black, that were fingerless.

And finally one of the major differences between this world’s Beast Boy and the real one was that he was red skinned. His red body seemed more like fur than skin, and was a slightly better built then the real ones. He more no shirt, only a sleeveless black jacket  that matched with his pants and what seemed like wristbands he wore close to his clawed hands. He had no shoes on, exposing his red clawed feet as well.

Both the Robin’s looked at each other, just as shocked and confused at the others, before saying "Holy..."
I own nothing nothing. All materiel belongs to Cartoon Network and DC comics.
Note: For those of you unfamiliar with the Crime Syndicate fro DC comics, they are an evil version of the Justice League from an alternate-dimension. With this story I wanted to try and test the Titans against the same concept, which surprisingly hasn't been done yet; at least in terms of evil Teen Titans from another dimension.
I'm sure some are familiar with Gordon Godfrey from shows like Justice League and Young Justice, but what's interesting is that, in the comics, he's actually one of the new gods working for the Superman villain Darkseid. There he's know as Glorious Godfrey and has a sister named Amazing Grace. I still wanted o keep the T.V. reporter type that Godfrey's been depicted as, but I also wanted to add Grace in, hence the name Grace Amza.
I'm sure many of you would be familiar with the name S.T.A.R. Labs which is present in the comics and most other DC related shows.
And just who are these evil Titans you may ask? Well that will be revealed come the next chapter.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy.

part 2: [link]
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Sonamyros3 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Ha, when I began reading this, I started thinking "Man, what would happen if people got mad at the Titans for all the damage they do?" and then I continue reading later and thats what happens...LOL

technomizer Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
^^ thank you
Pepperfan1 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is amazing so far. I love the fight scenes especially. Curiously, are you limiting this to the main five titans? It's still going to be awesome if you do, but it would be fun to see some of the Honoraries. The Herald could potentially have a big part in this, with his ability to go to different dimensions and all. But, it's your story so do whatever you want with it.
Can't wait to read the next chapter.
technomizer Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
XD I'm glad you're enjoying. And as much as I'd like to tell you, I don't want to spoil the story, But rest assured, there will be a few surprises in sort.
Pepperfan1 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay~ I can wait. :D
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