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A group of people were all meeting within one of the high raised buildings in Jump City.

The room had a number of things set about the walls of the room, mainly a collection of old rifles and guns, some old masks that would be worn in a masquerade ball, and even a painting of a man whose face was covered by the shadows of the dimly lite room.  The view of the large window looked over most of the city, even out to the bay where Titans Tower sat. In front of it was a desk where one of the people sat.

“I’m so glad all of you could make it.” The one sitting at the desk said.

“Well,” one of the others began “when you come to us with an offer of 10 million dollars, each, to bump off some guy in this town how can anyone say no?”

“Quite true.” He said, folding his hands, revealing that one hand had a black glove on it. “Which is also why I’ve called you all out here to begin with.”

“Either you must really hate this guy,” one of the others began “or he must be really tough to snuff out.”

He leaned back in the chair he was in and replied “And you would be right. On BOTH counts. But this is more than just about personal business. You see, our little ‘group’, as it were, has been looking to this city for a new foothold in our expansion. And this certain individual will undoubtedly be a, how should I would say ‘roadblock’, in our plans. Each of you will be given your fair payment upon his termination, and I happen to know that each of you has one gain or another. Not only from the payment, but for disposing of the individual himself.”

The first one chuckled and said “No problem. You want him gone, he’s already six feet under as we speak.”

“So who exactly is this guy?” another asked.

In response the man held up a small file. He put it down and opened it before pushing it over to the other side so all could see. They all examined it before rearing back with enthusiasm.

The second one to speak laughed and said “I wish you’d have told me sooner. I’d have done it for free.”

“You know,” the third one began “he runs with a team now. A bigger team. They’re not going to be too happy about us trying to take him out.”

“Which is why I’m giving you permission to do what you want with them.” he smirked. “If they’re too much of an obstacle, then see to it they are subtracted from the equation. Just as long as the prime is erased. Permanently.”

They all looked among themselves before the one in the middle leaned forward and said “You have yourself a deal.”

The man smiled before looking down at the file. Inside it was a picture of his little band of assassins target: Robin.


Cyborg was making his way up to the living room of the Titans Tower after having worked out in the gym.

He made his way in through the main door while seeing how nice the day was. He walked over towards the kitchen area before opening the fridge and pulling out a bottle of water.

“Nothing I like better than a nice cool drink after working out my cyber-pecs.” He said, licking his lips.

He brought the tip of the bottle to his lips and started gulping down before a loud scream was heard from somewhere in the tower. It startled him soon much he nearly choked before spitting out the water and taking a deep breath from the sudden shock.

He dropped it and ran out towards the rest of the tower to investigate.

Robin was running down from another hallway, after hearing the scream from his room. He hurried as fast as he could before tuning a corner and running smack into Cyborg. He landed flat against his metal body before backing up and rubbing his face.

“Hey!” he said, now brandishing a red bruise on his nose.

“Sorry.” Cyborg shrugged. “I thought I heard a scream.”

“Me too.” Robin said, shaking it off. “Where’d it come from? And who was it?”

“Maybe Beast Boy realized just how dirty his room really is.” Cy joke.

“Dude!” BB said, appearing behind him, startling both of them a bit. “I just cleaned it last week.”

“Then you and I have a different idea of ‘clean’.” Cy retorted.

Robin, looking to BB, asked “Did you hear anything just now?”

“Yeah. Sounded like someone screaming. Maybe Starfire?”

As if on cue, Starfire came flying down another hallway an stopped in front of them.
As she landed she said “Friends. You are all safe. I thought I had heard someone shrieking in horror.”

“We thought it might have been you.” Robin stated.

“So if it wasn’t any of us,” Cy began “then it must’ve been....”

Before he could finish, they all heard the scream again.

All realized and said “Raven!” before rushing off.

They all raced through the tower before reaching her room. BB put his ear against the door but didn’t hear anything inside. He shrugged to Robin who knocked instead.

“Raven?” he called. “Everything alright?”

“Not exactly.” She answered in her usual tone from the other side of the door.

“Then let us assist you.” Starfire said, pushing in front. “Open the door and we shall enter.”

They heard her answer “I can’t.”

They four of them all looked at each other confused before Cyborg opened the door for them. He opened it a crack so that they could all peek in, not seeing much due to the lack of light in the room. He opened it more fully before using the little flashlight on his shoulder to see inside.

“Raven?” he asked, shining it here-and-there to try and spot her.

He heard her say “Over here.” making him shine over to see her sitting at the head of her bed with her hood up and with her usual expressionless face.

“Raven, what’s wrong?” Robin asked. “We heard you screaming.”

“Just turn on the light and you’ll see.”

BB immediately reached over and flicked the switch to light up the entire room. Everything seemed fine until they all looked down and saw what was scaring Raven so. Scampering around on her floor were dozens  of rats.

The four other Titans, except for Starfire, all went “EEEWWW!” at the sight.

As they watched them still running about, BB said “This definitely reaches a 10 on the gross-out meter.”

“Where did they all come from?” Robin asked.

“And how many mouse traps do I need to put down?” Cy added.

“I don’t care how,” Raven said, still keeping her composure. “just get them out of my room. Now.”

Starfire, however, kneeled down and said “Aww. These earth creatures are so adorable. They remind me of the mimdocks of Zetalla III.”

She picked one up and started nuzzling it against her cheek, making the others look with a mix of disgust and shock. There even came a point where she kissed it, making Cyborg feint at how gross it was.

“Okay, I take it back.” BB said. “THAT’s the grossest thing I’ve seen.”


It was a couple of hours later and Raven was sitting in the living room on the couch along with Robin.

Cyborg came walking in from the right door and said “Well that’s the last of them. Titans Tower is officially vermin free. I even updated the sensors and scanners to detect any more uninvited little guests we might get.”

“Good thinking.” Robin said. “Besides, you never know when we might face some villain who could shriek down and sneak in just as easily as they did.”

“Just as long as there aren’t any more of them sneaking into my room.’ Raven said, still with her usual tone but with her hood down now.

“I’m actually kind of surprised, Raven.” Robin smirked as Cyborg leaned over near him. “Out of all the things we’ve faced and fought, you’re actually afraid of rats?”

She seemed a bit offended by this before saying “I’m not afraid of them. They just really, really disgust me. Simple as that.”

“Right. They gross you out enough to make you scream like some horror movie chick.” Cy joked with a smirk, making Robin smirk a bit as well.

She turned away, trying to keep her composure still, while saying “Whatever. Just as long as I never have to see another rat for as long as....”

“Look, friends.” Starfire said, holding a rat in her hand and almost right in front of Raven’s face.

She shrieked a bit before sliding as far away to the end of the couch and away from it as possible. Robin and Cy only smirked more while she frowned annoyed by this.

Starfire held up the rat and said “I have decided to keep one of these snuggly little creatures.”

Raven rolled her eyes and said “Oh joy.”

“Wait, don’t you already have a pet?” Cy asked.

“Yeah, Star.” Robin added. “What about Silky?”

Starfire looked as her little larva pet came squirming over and nudged at her ankle.

She smiled and kneeled down while saying “I have read that you earthlings sometimes keep more than one pet. I see no reason why I cannot. In fact I think these two shall get along fine. Right, Silky?”

She held the rat down near Silky, who started growling at it. The rat cowered before Starfire covered it with her free hand and held it back up to her chest.

“Silky!” she said, surprised by his reaction.  “You be nice to Little Robin.”

Robin suddenly perked at this and said “Wait. Little what?”

“I named him after you, Robin.” She said. “He has the same color hair as you. He is lovable. And he is a very sweet kisser.”

Robin, a bit creeped out by this, said “Uh, gee. Thanks, Starfire.”

Behind him Cyborg was trying to hold back laughing as hard as possible after finding out a rat was now named after Robin. Meanwhile Silky slugged his way over to Raven and sat at her side, making her pet him a bit.

“I’d never thought I’d see the day when I find a slug more appealing than something with fur.” Raven stated.

Suddenly BB came rushing in through the main door and declared “Guys! We just got invited to a celebration in our honor at the pier!”

All of them stood as he came running over with an opened envelope to show them.

“Wait. Seriously?” Cy asked, looking at it.

“Totally!” BB said, showing him and the others. “Look, see.”

As they looked it over Robin read out “Hmmm. Says here they’re inviting us to be honorary guests at a fair in honor of the protectors and heroes who’ve saved the city countless times.”

“About time we started getting some fandom going on.” Cy boasted. “Probably realized that after we stopped Plasmus from dumping all his gunk into the water system last week.”

“It also says we’re getting awards.” BB stated. “Sweet. I wonder what they’ll give us? Medals? Key to the city? Big statue in our honor? Or maybe they reward me with a moped!” he swooned at the idea.

Raven only looked and said “Seems a bit odd that they’re deciding now to finally throw some sort of celebration for us after we’ve been here for so long.”

“Perhaps they have needed the time to decide on the best way of celebrating.” Starfire suggested, the rat, Little Robin, sitting on her shoulder.

“Dudes. We got to go.” BB said. “This could be super awesome. Think of it. All the fame. The street cred. The babes.”

“Might even be a decent snack table or two there.” Cy said, rubbing his stomach.

Starfire looked to Robin and asked “Please, Robin?” with almost puppy dog eyes.

He smirked and said “Well it says here it starts at 4.” He looked at the nearby clock in the room and said “That gives us less than an hour to get there in time. Better start now before we’re late.”

BB pumped his fist and said “Sweet!” before he and Cy ran off.

Starfire followed while petting her rat and saying “Come, Little Robin. Perhaps we can partake of some cheese fires and jellybeans.”

Robin only shook his head while saying “I’m never going to get used to that.”

Raven walked up behind him and asked “Are you entirely sure about this? Don’t you get the feeling something might be a bit off about this whole celebration thing?”

Robin thought on this for a sec before saying “Well, it is a bit odd. But I wouldn’t worry too much. If anything happens I’m sure we can handle it. But let’s just see what happens. Maybe it’ll turn out to be legit.”

She sighed and said “Fine.” Walking out with him. “Just don’t expect me to smile for any pictures.” She added before they left.


Within half an hour the Titans were walking towards the pier.

As they were coming closer to it they could hear the music playing and see some of the rides were in motion. But something seemed a bit off; not that any of them noticed this at first as they walked on.

“This is going to be so cool.” BB said. “I’m wondering, should I be holding the key or shaking the mayor’s hand when they take our picture?” He rubbed his chin and said “Nah. I think you should shake his hand, Rob. I’ll be too busy getting my love from the ladies.”

“What if it’s a statue and they end up thinking a big metal bust of you is better looking?” Cy joked.

BB huffed and said “Then my statue’s too good for them.”

Starfire had Little Robin in her hands while scratching him and saying “Perhaps we may also celebrate by traversing something similar to the ravaging ice chasms of the eastern sector on Tameran. My people often indulge in such a task when honoring heroes or people of importance.”

“Uh maybe less traversing and more relaxing and appreciation will be enough.” Robin said.

Starfire shrugged and said “Well whatever may happen, I only hope Little Robin will be able to partake in some of your festival foods.”

“Given where he’s probably been,” BB began “he’s likely had everything from carnival food to Chinese.”

Suddenly Raven chimed in and said “Does anyone else notice the lack of people around here?”

Hearing this the others all looked around. It was true. No one was on the boardwalk itself. No one was playing any games. No one was minding the concession stands. The closest they could see where silhouettes of people on rides like the Ferris wheel and roller-coaster.

“Maybe they’re all waiting at the stage at the end there.” BB suggested, pointing to the small stage with the dome covering over and behind hit.

As they walked further on they suddenly saw he was wrong; there was no one there either.

“Okay.” Cy said. “This is officially odd.”

“Perhaps this is what you earthlings call a ‘slow day’?” Star suggested.

“It’s the middle of August.” Robin stated. “This place should be full of people by now.”

“Not to mention there’s no one here for any kind of Titans celebration.” Raven added. “No news crew. No city officials. No one.”

“So does that mean I’m not getting my moped?” BB asked.

Just then Cy saw something sitting on the stage and said “What’s that supposed to be?”

They looked and saw it was a small box with a black ribbon and bow around it. There was a tag hanging from its side but they could not see the name.

Robin narrowed his eyes and said “Careful. This might get ugly.” Before he slowly lead them forward towards it.

When they were close enough, BB was the one who reached down and picked up the tag.
“It’s for you.” He said to Robin.

He took the tag and saw it read “To: Robin. From: An old friend.”

He narrowed his eyes at this before looking down at the box and saying “Be ready for anything.” To the others.

They nodded before standing at the ready as he reached down with both hands to open it. Both were at the box’s sides, gently holding the lid before slowly lifting it up. Slowly he pulled it up and up until he quickly pulled it off completely. Nothing happened.

The others sighed while Robin looked in and saw what was there. He picked it up to see better and his eyes went wide with fear at what he was holding: a black glove.

Seeing this, BB only tilted his head and said “A glove? That’s it?”

But Robin was frantically looking around. He dropped the box while turning around, making the others see how scared he looked.

“Whoa, Robin.” Cy said. “Calm down.”

“We have to get out of here.” He said. “We need to go now!”

“What?” Raven asked. “What’s wrongs?”

While this happened, Starfire realized her little rat was not on her shoulder anymore, making her look around and call out “Little Robin?”

“We just need to go. Now!” he said, making the looked worried.

Before they could move something was thrown overhead of them and landed on the stage. They all looked and saw it was some kind of advanced grenade. And it was beeping down to explosion.

Robin backed away and called out “Look out!” making all of them cover themselves.

It exploded with such force that it cracked the stage’s roof and made the pier shake a bit. A large cloud of smoke came up and as it cleared the Titans were all revealed to be safe thanks to a barrier made by Raven. Seeing they were alright Raven dropped it and the others stood up.

“What the heck was that?” BB shouted.

Someone from above said “A personal greeting card of mine.” Making them look up to see someone hovering down towards them.

It was a man wearing a grey jumpsuit with a yellow belt with more grenades similar to the one thrown at them. Also one it was a large gun that looked like a supped-up flamethrower. On his  wrists were large armored pieces that connected to both circular stabilizers on his hands and a large jetpack on his back by a series of thin tubes. The jetpack itself has two large metal triangular wings on its sides. And his head was covered with a helmet that was shaped to look like the head of an insect; two pointed antenna and  large black and yellow eye pieces.

As he came closer, Robin narrowed his eyes and said “Firefly!”

He landed and said “Surprise, surprise.”

“You’re a long way from home.” Robin said, standing between Firefly and the Titans.

“All to see you, bird boy.” He retorted with a chuckle. “I don’t think I have to tell you who it is exactly who’s got it out for you now do I? I think the package says it all.”

Robin looked down at the black glove in his hand again before back to him and saying “I stopped them once. If they’ve come here to Jump City I’ll stop them again. Just like I’ll stop you.”

“Is that a fact?” he asked, while reaching for his flamethrower.

Cyborg primed his arm cannon and pointed it at Firefly, saying “Don’t move, lighting bug.”

“Kid, please.” He said with a unenthusiastic tone and pulling out his weapon. “As much as I enjoy getting paid, a lot of this is just good old fashioned revenge. Just like the rest of us.”

“Rest of us?” Robin repeated, a bit shocked by this news.

Suddenly they all heard as something shot out from the right and latched onto a nearby light post. It was some kind of web. Swinging from it and landed on top of one of the stands was another man wearing a black spandex outfit that covered his entire body. His chest all the way down to his stomach had what looked like light armor that protected that area. On his hands and up to his wrists were odd glove-like devices that he used for shooting out webbing and for climbing on walls. The mask he wore had two red eye holds and the symbol of a spider going from the middle with its legs spread out.

“Black Spider!” Robin declared, seeing him.

“Hey, feather head.” He said, almost sounding like an old friend saying hello. “Been a while. Last time I think it was big jewel heist. Oh, and you left me hanging by my own web for the cops. Not very nice. Kid.”

Just as Robin and the others back a bit from him they heard the sound of someone making a slithering sound. They turned to see two people, a man and woman, slinking and almost slithering as they walked over from each end of the stage and stopped just behind Firefly.

The girl had short blonde hair that went down and covered her right eye while the man had one side of his orange hair longer that the other as it covered his left eye. He wore a tight jacket and pants that were all dark snake skinned while she wore snaked skinned pants that clung to her legs and a top that exposed her naval. He carried two large katannas that were fashioned to look like fangs while she wore sharp clawed gloves on her hands. Both of them shared the same eyes, yellow and serpent-like.

“The Copperhead Twins.” Robin growled, seeing them.

The boy smirked while the girl hissed, revealing her forked tongue.

BB shivered a bit and said “That’s freaky.”

“Everyone! Get out of here now!” Robin said, making them all run for the end of the pier.

The villains only watched as they ran down the wooden planks before being stopped by something that erupted ahead of them. Something large and muscular came crawling out from under the hole made in the pier.

The creature was some sort of humanoid whale, more specifically a killer whale. It had slender fingers that reached out to look like a fin when together. It was black and white with two beady red eye and a large mouth with teeth inside. They could tell it was female by the breasts it had which were covered in a black one piece outfit it wore. And on her back was a larger fin that stuck out and reached halfway down to the waist.

Robin and the others stopped and backed up as he said “Orca? You too?”

“Yeah. Me too.” She said with a very monstrous voice.

The Titans realized they were surrounded, Robin turning back to see Firefly and the twins. Cyborg and Beast Boy were still looking at Orca, Raven eyed the Copperhead Twins and Starfrie, while still looking for her rat, saw Black Spider.

“So let me guess.” Robin began, looking between all of them. “The Black Glove is moving in and they want me out of the way.”

“You got it right on the nose, kid.” Black Spider said. “Or maybe beak in your case.”

“Then who’s running it now?” Robin interrogated.

Firefly chuckled and said “You should know by now, bird for brains.”

Robin narrowed his eyes and said “He can’t be. He’s gone.”

“Is he?” Firefly taunted. “You all thought he was gone before but he came back then.”

“That was different. That was before I saw him die.”

“Sometimes seeing doesn’t make it true.” Orca called.

“Uh, hello.” Cy said. “Anyone want to clue in the people who DON’T know what’s going on?”

At that point all of them laughed and said “What’s wrong, Robin? Never told your friends about us or the Black Glove? Oh well. Then let this sum it all up.” He drew his flamethrower and pointed it at them before saying “Simon Hurt sends his regards!” before firing.

The large flame seemed to consume the Titans, making Firefly spray a little more at them before stopping. For a few moments it seemed as though he’d managed to burn Robin and his friends. It wasn’t until the flames cleared more that they could see all of them were protected by another barrier created by Raven. Once they were discovered Raven used her magic to blow the barrier in all directions, putting out the flames and knocking some of the attackers back.

Robin stood ready with the others before declaring “Titans GO!”

On that command they all began their attack, both the Titans and the villains.

Robin leapt forward to tackle Firefly but was stopped when Black Spider webbed him by the waist and pulled him up towards him. Robin almost smacked against one of the light poles but had managed to catch it and spin around while pulling out one of his birdrangs and cutting the web off. He landed on top of another stand before seeing Black Spider.

“Nice moves, kid.” He shouted. “But you’re nothing like the big man.”

Robin’s eyes narrowed before he jumped from one stand to another to reach Black Spider, who also started jumping but did so with a more nimble grace. Once they were close enough Black Spider tried to shoot both webs at Robin, only for him to jump over them while spinning in the air before throwing smoke bombs at him. Black Spider tried to clear it away in time before Robin appeared from his right and landed a kick to his face, sending him tumbling off the side towards the water below.

“You’re right. I’m not.” Robin said before another web shot from below and latched onto one of the carts of the Ferris wheel.

He swung up and landed on the side off it before waving at Robin, indicating he was far from done fighting him. Robin narrowed his eyes again before pulling out his grapple-gun and firing it towards the Ferris wheel.

Starfire, seeing this, tried to fly over towards him but was stopped by Firefly cutting her off. She balled her hands and made her eyes glow before Firefly threw more grenades at her. Instead of exploding like bombs they erupted into flashes of light, blinding Star. Just as her vision recovered she was met to a boot to the chest from Firefly, sending her back. She growled before firing her starbolts, making him maneuver away from her attacks. Some of the stray bolts actually hit one of the trails for the rollercoaster, making Starfire gasp before flying towards it to stop the coaster from falling off. She zipped in front and tried pushing it back as it started coming closer and closer to the gap she made, but when she looked up Starfire saw that all the people on it were dummies.

Just then Firefly flew above and shouted “Made you look!” before tossing another grenade.

It landed in the car she was holding before it exploded, making her fly into the air and land in the water.

Beast Boy, in the form of a Rhino, changed towards Orca, only for her to grab hold of him and manage to hold her footing. Seeing the opportunity she hoisted him up before tossing him over her shoulder. He crashed into more stands, one where he was covered with a pile of stuffed dolls, before Orca came walking over and cracking her knuckles. Just as she reached where he’d fallen, Beast Boy erupted from the pile, now as a grizzly bear, and swiped at her. She dodged a few swiped before managing to get behind him and hold him in a half-nelson. They struggled before Orca took him over the side and into the water, there BB turned into a  humpback whale to escape her grip and tried to attack like that. He was surprised, however, when Orca  managed to swim towards his head and slammed both fists on it, making him slam against the sandy floor.

Cyborg and Raven stood side by side as the Copperhead Twins bared their weapons at them.

“You take the one on the left, I’ll take the right?” Raven sarcastically asked.

Before Cy could answer, both Twins ran towards them; the girl towards Cyborg and the boy towards Raven.

“Quick decision!” Cy said before arming his cannon and firing at the one coming towards her.

She managed to duck under it and moved almost like a snake as she began to slunk around his attacks. Cyborg didn’t even know what had happened before she reached him, coiling her legs around his head before continuously punching him. He reached up to pull her off but she managed to flip him over and slam him on his head. She squatted over him as Cyborg opened his eyes. She winked, making him growl, before jumping away from him before he could land a punch.

“Nimble little minx.” He said to himself before trying to fire at her.

Raven used her hands to make small magic shields to block each slice from the male Twin’s swords. She held both her hands over her head as he tried to swing them down on her before finding an opening and knocking her off her feet. He held them high, ready to stab her, before Raven managed to fly from under him.  Seeing a few things nearby, like a bench, trash can and flag pole, she held her hand towards them and concentrated.

“Azarath. Metrion. Zinthos!”

Her magic managed to life the objects off the ground and fly them towards the Twin. Seeing this he stood ready as they came before ducking from them or using his swords to slice them into pieces. Once he sliced the bench me managed to kick a piece of it towards Raven, making her use her magic to drop it. This only offered an opening for the twin as he came jumping towards her and landing a kick to send her back.

Orca reemerged from the water with BB, as a giant squid, coiled around her back arms and neck. She managed to grab hold of him before tossing back up to the pier and hitting him against one of the light poles; bending it from the impact. He laid there in his normal form and knocked out as she came towards him and reared her foot up to stomp on him. Lucky Starfire bust from the water behind her and fired a heavy starbolt that sent her flying. Orca flew towards where Cyborg and the girl Copperhead were fighting, making them both back away before she crashed in-between them and into a stand. Using the opportunity, Cy managed to fire and hit the Twin with his cannon, sending her back.

Starfire flew over and managed to wake BB as he said “Aw man. I’ve got one heck of a headache.”

Cy came over and said “These guys are putting up one major fight.”

“They seem to show a lot of experience.” Starfire added.

“Yeah. BB began. “Remind me to ask Robin why he seems to attract all the crazies.”

Just then Firefly flew in from behind and aimed his flamethrower at them.

“Let’s see you kids block this.” He said before firing.

Cy managed to grab both BB and starfire before covering them with his back to the flame. He yelped at bit from the heat, catching Robin’s attention.  He was hanging from one of the carts on the Ferris wheel while looking around for Black Spider. He saw as Raven was also still dealing with the other Copperhead Twin before also seeing Orca and the second Twin starting to get up.

Seeing no other option he flipped up and landed on top of the cart before running off and firing his grapple-gun to swing towards them. Half-way through his wining Black Spider reappeared, swinging towards him, and managed to kick him off hard enough to make him lose his grip. As he fell Robin managed to pull out another birdrang and threw it, cutting the web he swung on. Spider fell but managed to web to another pole, but Robin used that to his advantage as he grabbed his ankle and swung with him. Once he was close enough to a landing spot he let go before throwing an explosive birdrang at Spider which exploded behind him and made him slam against the parked roller coaster. He managed to grab on before falling.

Robin leapt over towards Raven and kicked the Twin attacking her from behind. He helped her up before seeing the other twin and Orca coming towards them. He threw flash-grenades at them, blinding them long enough for him to take raven with him as he ran over to help the others. Robin threw another birdrang that hit Firefly on the helmet, shaking him up long enough to stop attacking with the flamethrower.  Cyborg stood as his back was red hot from the heat.

“Thanks.” He said to Robin. “Was starting to feel like a metal marshmallow.”

“Alright, Rob.” BB said, sounding eager. “So what’s our plan? Flank them? Psych them out?”

“We retreat.” Robin said with a very serious tone.

“What?” Cy said.

“But Robin...” Star began before he cut them off.

“You heard me. We’re retreating.”

They all looked concerned before falling silent. Robin looked as all the villains recovered and came towards them. He threw down a few smoke bombs that covered the Titans as they escaped.

When it cleared they were gone.

“Got to admit,” Black Spider said “kid’s got a kind of style to his escapes. Wonder if he’s ever considered working in Vegas.”

The girl Twin helped her brother up from the ground as Orca said “This isn’t a joke, Spider! We nearly had him and now he’s gotten away. All of them did!”

“Take it easy, Free Willie.” He said. “You might blow your hole.”

She growled, looking ready to attack him, before Firefly said “Enough! No time to argue. We need to find that little pigeon and his gang ASAP.”

“And when we do, I’ll make sure he doesn’t get away again.” Orca growled.

“Sheesh. Keep a cool head, Orca-girl.” Spider said.

“You might think this is just another job.” She said to him. “But for me, it’s much more.”

“Right, right.” He said. “We all got our reasons. Just save it for when we actually FIND him.” Suddenly he looked over as he noticed someone in the shadows nearby. Knowing who it was he asked “And where were you that whole time?”

“I told you before,” they began “I’m not the fighting type.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Firefly said to Spider before looking back to the other person. “Find out where they are. And do it quick. Otherwise it’ll be us with the prices on our heads.”
I own nothing. All material belongs to the owners at DC comics and Cartoon Network.

Note: After seeing the episode "Fear Itself", which was referenced by the way, I always had this feeling that Raven might actually have a fear of rats; and I wouldn't blame her.

When deciding on the villains to show up in this story, I really wanted to shed some light on a few of the lesser know or less popular of Batman's villains. Just a way of showing my appreciation and to introduce them to others. Now the designs on some were easy, mainly Firefly, Black Spider and Orca.

The idea for the Copperhead Twin actually came when I'd just recently seen the trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins that revealed the girl version of the character. Since this is actually going to happen in the New 52 comics as well, I had the idea of having not one but two people to carry the name Copperhead, and that both were siblings with a different motif on being a snake.

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Will do and thank you very much ^^
nightwingsgirl Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your welcome
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<3 This is awesome! Looking forward to see more!
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Thank you. ^^
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You're welcome! :)
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