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WARNING: This story has context pertaining to another fan-fiction of mine entitled Teen Titans: A League of their own. If you have not read it I suggested you do so now before reading this story, otherwise you may be confused on certain references, settings, characters and the like. Thank you.


In a darkened room in a hidden area, four figures sat around a small table.

They’re figures were all different shapes and sized, one even being so giant he out-sized them all. One of them, at the “head” of the table, reached up and pulled a string on a lamp. The light shined to reveal it was none other than Killer Moth.

“Alright, gentlemen.” He said, looking to the others. “Are we all ready?”

The three others leaned forward to show themselves in the light, revealing that they were other supervillains of Jump City: Mumbo, Doctor Light and Atlas.

“Atlas Is always ready!” the robotic giant said with a grin and raising his right fist.

“Ready and eager.” Dr. Light added.

“Anytime, anywhere on any stage.” Mumbo grinned.

Moth only chuckled and said “Very well then.” Before raising his hand high and slamming something down hard on the table.

Once he relaxed and removed his claw over what it was, the others watched as Killer Moth began to shuffle the pack of cards he had. For a few moments he used simple shuffling tricks before cutting the cards and then dealing them out to the others.

“Alright, boys” he began to say while still dealing. “remember aces are wild, it’s all or nothing, and no tricks, Mumbo.”

Mumbo huffed and said “My good sir, I would never dream of such a thing.”

“We’re all crooks here, stagehand.” Light said to him before picking up his cards. “No point in hiding it.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Mumbo grievingly said as he picked up his cards. “By the way, Mothy, you need to learn to shuffle better. Maybe next time I could...”

“You’re not laying a glove on the cards.” Atlas cut him off. “Not after last time.”

“How was I supposed to know one of the kings wound up in my sleeve?” He coyly asked with a smirk.

“Cut the chatter!” Killer Moth almost yelled. “Let’s just play.” All were silent for a few moments as they played their card game before Killer Moth said “By the way, Light, good to see you managed to bust out yet again.”

“Thanks.” He said. “Not so easy, but at least I have the privilege of joining one of the greatest supervillain teams ever.”

“Only to be defeated by, not one, but two of the greatest super-HERO teams ever.” Atlas noted. “Yes, quite the bravado.”

Light gave an abrupt huff before saying “You’re just jealous because Luthor saw the potential in me and not the rest of you.”

“Oh please, Dr. Light-bulb.” Mumbo said as he started playing down some of his cards. “It was doomed to fail. Think you’d figure that after the whole Brotherhood of Evil gig we all pulled.”

“Do not remind me.” Atlas added. “It took me weeks to fix all the damages to my body.”

Suddenly they all heard a crashing sound and some yelling going on upstairs. They all looked up except for Killer Moth, who merely sighed with annoyance.

“Don’t mind that.” He said. “It’s just Kitten and her boyfriend, Fang, having another argument.”

The others gave a unison “Oh.” Before looking back to their game.

They kept playing despite more and more crashing and yelling going on, even so much that it shook the lamp having above them and rumbled the chairs and table a bit.

Upstairs in the living room of Killer Moth’s house, Kitten was at the brink of tearing Fang’s spider legs off because of the argument they were having.

She was dressed in pink jeans and a pink shirt with a face of a kitten on it, along with her usual pink hairband in her head to keep her blonde hair back.

She was standing up and pacing back and forth while Fang sat on the couch, his spider legs to the side as he sat down.

“I can’t believe you didn’t get what I wanted again!” She yelled at him.

“But Kitty-poo,” Fang weakly said, in a pinch of fear at his destructive girlfriend. “I tried. I couldn’t help it though. It was the Titans. They came in a stopped me before I could get you the shoes.”

“That was the same excuse you had with the dress, the hat, the and the earrings I wanted too!” she yelled, beating him with a pillow  each time she said something he failed to steal for her.

Fang had to defended himself with his spider legs in front of his face as she kept bellowing him with the pillow, while saying “Baby, please. I’ll try again. I’ll get you everything. Honest.”

“Oh what does it matter.” Kitten said, no starting to sob and drop the pillow. “I can’t get anything anymore. And it’s all those stupid Teen Titans fault.”

She sat down on the couch next to him and sobbed more, making him put his human hand on her shoulders to try and calm her down.

“There, there, honey.” He said, nuzzling his head against hers. “We’ll figure something out. I promise. It’s just so hard these days, what with the Titans being the goody-two-shoes they are.”

Kitten suddenly had a major mood swing as she lifted her head, and more psychotic look in her face, and said “If only there was a way to put an end to them. Permanently!”

“My thoughts exactly.” Someone said. The two looked over to see Dr. Light standing in the doorway to the basement and smirking as he said “I agree with you, Kitten. We should find a way to put an end to those retched Teen Titans once and for all.”

Mumbo and the others peaked out from the doorway of the basement and said “Hey, Light, I thought we were in the middle of a game here.”

“I’m tired of it all!” Light said in a villainous bravado. “I had not once, but TWICE been a member of a great assemblage of teams of evil. And both times failed because of the intervention of the Teen Titans! No more I say. I say it’s time we put an end to their meddling and take this city for our own!”

“Oh no, here he goes.” Mumbo said, shaking his head as he listened.

“Come now, my friends!”  Light continued. “Let’s do it! We pool our resources and create a fool-proof plan to destroy the Teen Titans!”

Atlas smiled and said “Atlas agrees!” before walking from out of the doorway, breaking it in the process, and holding his hand out for Dr. Light to place over. “I love a good challenge when it’s offered.”

“Well if you guys are THAT serious,” Killer Moth said as he walked out “How can I say no?” He placed his hand over theirs and said “We’ll prove it doesn’t take an army to destroy a bunch of children! And then the City will be out private oyster!”

They all looked to Mumbo, who was still standing in the doorway, before Light said “Come on, Mumbo. We can use your magic as an advantage. Plus it’ll be a chance to get rid of Raven. Making you the only magic man in town.”

Mumbo sighed and said “And here I thought we’d just play some cards.” But then he grinned and said “But what the heck. The show must go on!” before walking over and placing his hand with the others.

“Hey It was my idea!” Fang said standing up and walking over to them. “I’m the one who said it so I want in too!”

The others looked to one another and shrugged before Light said “Of course, dear boy. The power of youth may be a necessary asset to the cause.”

Fang grinned and placed his hand with the others while Atlas said “Alone we may be strong but together we may become invincible!”

“HOLD IT!” Kitten yelled, demanding their attention towards her. “There is no way that you are all going to kill the Titans without me!”

“Now Kitten...” Moth tried to stay before she raised her voice and said.

“Don’t 'Kitten' me! I have just as much a reason to have them destroyed as you. And You are not going to keep me out. Am I clear?”

Atlas smirked and said “HA! What use is a little girl like you anyway? I doubt we’d need...”

She gave a teeth filled snarl as she walked up to him, grabbed him by the front of his collar and pulled him down face-to-face with her and said “You even think about finishing that sentence and all that’ll be left of you is a pile of junk in the scrap yard!”

Atlas actually felt terrified by her and looked to the others in fear and said “I change my mind.”

Kitten slammed her hand on top of the others, making some of them flinch in pain, before Light recovered and said “Perfect. We don’t need and Brotherhood or Injustice League to stop the Titans. Our minds and powers combined will be enough. And I know just the plan. It’s so ingenious, nothing can stop us!”


In Titans Tower,  a red alert sounded and Robin’s voice went over the speakers inside.

“Titans! Emergency call from the Justice League! They need us there, pronto! Everyone to the T-Ship!”

Robin was standing in the room where the T-Ship was, waiting at the base of it. Suddenly Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire came in through one of the doorways while Raven appeared from the floor in one of her black portals.

“What’s the trouble?” Raven asked when all were there.

“Not sure.” Robin answered. “I just got a call from Batman saying he needed us there ASAP.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Cyborg said. “Let’s get up there!”

“Sweet.” BB said. “Space trip!”

In a few moments the team was prepped and ready with the T-Ship charging for takeoff.

“All systems ready?” Robin asked from his cockpit of the ship.

“All systems are ready and at optimum efficiency.” Starfire answered.

Robin nodded and wasted no time before firing the thrusters and sending the ship into space. They flew out of the Tower and up into the sky. From the city the people walking by could see the fiery blasts from their rockets as they went higher and higher into the air.

In less than an hour the Titans saw the Watchtower, the headquarters of the JLA, floating in orbit and awaiting their arrival. They flew into the hanger bay of the Watchtower and instantly leapt out once they landed.

They rushed through the satellite base before finally reaching the monitoring room where Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were all standing and waiting for them.

“We got the message!” Robin said, as he and the others stopped as a group in front of the trio.

“Glad you could make it on such short notice.” Superman said. “We have an important assignment for you all.”

“You tell us what it is, Superman and we’ll do it in a heartbeat.” BB said, eagerly. “So what’s the job? Stop an alien invasion? Take down some band of super baddies?”

Batman barley gave a smirk before saying “No. Something much more difficult. Training.”

In response all the Titans gave their own confused answers.

“Say what?”


“Come again?”

“You can’t be serious?”


Wonder Woman began by saying “Over the past week we’ve found new young heroes who’ve been without proper training. We know they’re not Titans but we’ve seen they have potential.”

“So...what?” BB asked. “You mean we’re supposed to play teacher to these new guys? Whoever they are?”

“We wouldn’t ask this of you if it wasn’t important.” Superman began. “But the Justice League is spread out as it is with too many other assignments and interstellar issues. Plus they are a little young for joining the JLA themselves.”

“With that in mind we decided it best to leave it to the more....professional touch.” Batman said, crossing his arms.

“Aww man.” Cy said. “And I thought we were gonna team up again.”

“So just who are these new heroes?” Raven asked.

Superman beckoned with his hand and said “Follow me.” Before being followed by Batman, Wonder Woman, and eventually the rest of the team.

They lead them through one of the other hallways of the tower before coming into what was likely a waiting room of sorts. It was a large circular shaped metal room that matched with the décor of the rest of the Watchtower. There were three large windows that looked out to space and the upper hemisphere of the world, and the only real furniture was a large table and some chairs and a couch against the right side window.

In the room, talking among themselves, were five young looking heroes. The oldest was likely close to fifteen while the rest seemed to be between 12-14 at least.

Batman got their attention by walking in front of the group and saying “Everyone, I’d like you to meet your new tutors.” He indicated them and said “The Teen Titans.”

It was at this point that the Titans got a good look at the five young heroes they’d have to train.

Superman went to the right side of the group, while Batman stood to the left, and started introducing them. “This is Offspring.”

Offspring was a boy, the third oldest of the bunch, with short black hair that was styled to have a wave-like shape to it. Over his eyes he wore red goggles with blue eye pieces on them that. The suit he wore was sliver with black colored leg and arm pieces. On his chest was a black symbol that almost look like a radioactive sign, but styled differently.

The next he introduced was a girl called Stargirl, the oldest. She had blonde hair and a blue mask that went around her eyes. Her costume was a long sleeve shirt that had stars all over it, the biggest one being over her chest. She also wore blue shorts with white stripes on the sides, and black boots that reached below her knees. Around her waist was an advanced looking red belt with a large gold button on the front of it. In her right hand she had a large golden staff with a crude looking hook on the end.

The net two were twins, who were the youngest. in fact they wanted to be referred to as the Wonder Twins. The boy was known as Zan and the girl Jayna, which was helped by the fact that one both their suits were styled yellow letters of J and Z on their chests. Their skin was more tanned than the others, and both had short dark hair that was styled almost similar to the other, and they both had purple irises and pointed ears. The suits they wore were sleeveless while being light purple with darker purple boots.

The final member they introduced was the second oldest, after Stargirl, and was an African American boy. His hair was braided into dreadlocks that reached his shoulders, and on his face he had both a blue dark blue mask around his eyes and a pair of white and blue goggles on his forehead. He wore a block shirt and matching pants, while on the front of it was a symbol of a lightning bolt in the middle of a yellow circle. His other yellow clothing were his sneakers, which had black on them as well, and gloves with black stripes on them. His only other part to his costume was his black jacket with yellow insides.

“And this is Static.” Superman said, introducing him.

“Whoa.” Jayna said to her brother, Zan.

“It’s really them.” he said back, both still looking at them.

Suddenly Offspring used his ability, stretching his body to different length, to move his whole upper body over to Starfire before grabbing her hand and saying “Why hello there. Name’s Offspring. But you can call me whatever you want, babe.”

Starfire gave an awkward blush while Robin gave an annoyed look and Raven only rolled her eyes. But then Stargirl reached out and grabbed Offspirng by the ear before pulling him back.

“Forgive him.” She said. “He’s not housebroken yet.”

Static went up to Robin and was a bit nervous when meeting them, saying “Uh...he...hi. Robin. I’m a....bit of a fan.”

“It’s ok.” Robin said shaking his hand. “Nice to meet you, Static.”

“Wow...” Static said, still shaking his hand.

While Cyborg and BB saw this they glanced over to see the twin shoving one in front of the other, trying to be the first to meet them.

“Move it!” Zan said.

“Quit shoving, Zan!” his sister said, pushing him away.

Finally Jayna meet them first and shook Cyborg’s hand, saying “Hi there. Jayna.”

“Cyborg.” He said, shaking back.

Zan suddenly pushed her to the side and shook his hand saying “Zan. The better of the duo I might add.”

“Uh....yeah.” Cy aid, smiling awkwardly.

While this happened Stargirl walked up and shook Starfire’s hand and Raven’s saying “Nice to finally meet you.”

“Same here.” Raven said. “Nice staff.”

“Thanks.” She said, holding it out so they could see it more. “It’s a gift from an old friend.”

As they saw the two teams of young heroes interact, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all looked and nodded to each other before looking back.

Robin had walked over to Batman at this point and asked “Are you sure about this? What about Batgirl and her friends?”

“They’re handling a situation in Santa Prisca. Like we said, all other possibilities are busy. In fact we three are needed off-world for a while. Besides, it’ll be an interesting test for yourselves.”

“What do you mean?” Robin asked.

Batman gave a slight smirk and said “This time you’ll be the teacher instead of the student.”

Robin gave a slight, confident smile to him and nodded before Batman had to address the other young heroes.

He cleared his throat to gain their attention before saying “If you’ll excuse us, we’ve our own business to handle on New Genesis.”

“Good luck to all of you.” Wonder Woman said. “And remember to hold the wisdom you learn close to your hearts and minds.”

“We’ll hope to hear from you within the week.” Superman said. “Take care.”


Within the hour the Titans had brought the new heroes to their Tower. For the first half-hour they’d been taking in what they were seeing. They were all situated in the living room and while the Titans were standing in the middle of the room, the others were spread out all over.

“Nice digs you got here.” Offspring said as he stretched his neck out to reach as far as the roof. He starched out more towards the T.V. and said “Whoa baby. Look at the size of that monster. Please tell me you can get the game on this bad boy.”

While this happened Zan and Jayna were over by the kitchen area looking through the fridge.

“A real refrigerator.” Zan said in surprise.

“Never thought I’d see one in real life.” Jayna said before spotting a bottle of orange soda marked Juicy Fizz Dew. “Oh sweet!” She declared before reaching for it.

“Hey no way!” Zan said, grabbing her hand before she could reach it. “I want some.”

“Then wait till I’m done.” She said to him before both started to struggle over the drink.

And while that was happening, Static and Stargirl were over by the couch and sitting on it.

While she did, Stargirl gave a relaxing hum and said “So comfy. Much better than the beat up one back home.” As she did she didn’t realize she’d tipped her staff to far over before it bonked Static on the head. “Oops. Sorry.” She said, pulling it away and giving an awkward giggle.

As they all looked, the Titans gave awkward and flabbergasted looks as the young heroes were doing what they wanted in a silly manner.

Suddenly Beast Boy looked to the other Titans and said “Yeah...maybe we should see what Titans East are up to.”

“No.” Starfire said. “The Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman tasked us to train these young ones. And we shall do so.”

Suddenly they heard a crash from over by where Offspring was standing and him calling out “Sorry! I can’t fix it though. No worries.”

“Provided the Tower’s still standing in the end.” Raven commented.

Robin decided to gather the young heroes together by walking in front of the room and saying “Hey guys.” He looked and saw how they were still talking among themselves or not paying attention. “Guys!” Still nothing.


As if on an impulse from that, all the young ones stopped and hastily ran over to join Static and Stargirl on the couch, all going silent and with stunned nervous looks on their faces. Even the other Titans were a little taken back by that.

“Uh...gee...thanks Cyborg.” Robin said, still stunned.

“Yeah sorry.” He said, giving an awkward rub against the back of his head. “My coach used to do that during training.”

Robin just shook his head before addressing the young heroes.

“Maybe before we start training you all, perhaps we should get to know what kind of powers you have exactly.”

“Well look no further.” Offspring said, standing up and posing in his own bravado. “Behold was could be considered the strongest of the group.” He demonstrated by shaping his body into forms like a ball, his legs into a spring, and even twisting parts of his arms around like a pretzel. “Taking after his dear old man, the magnificent, elastic Offspring can shape his body into any form.”

“If only he could shape his ego to be a little smaller.” Stargirl whispered, making Zan chuckle.

Offspring went back to his normal look and made a bow in front of all, receiving a small clap from Starfire.

“Un...nice, Offspring.” Robin said, giving an awkward smile and a thumbs up.

“Thank you. Thank you.” He said, recovering from his bow. “I’ll start a line for autographs now.” He eyed Raven and Starfire before saying “Or maybe I can give a private show later you two fine ladies.”

Raven and Starfire gave the same odd, awkward look to him before Stargirl pulled him by the ear again and threw him onto the couch.

“You never learn.” She said before standing in place of where he was. “My turn.”

She stood there for a moment before lifting herself into the air, hovering over them for a moment. She then aimed her staff up towards the ceiling before shooting a white ball that sparked for a moment as it flew over their heads before exploding in a dazzling bright light. It was almost like a mini-firework.

At the sight of this Beast Boy pulled out a pair of sunglasses as he and the others clapped at this. Stargirl gave her own bow in the air before landing back on the ground.

“Nice stuff.” Cyborg said. “So what is it? Alien? Mutant abilities?”

“Actually I don’t have any real powers.” She shyly answered. “It’s all just from this belt and the staff.” She indicated both of them when she mentioned them.

“Whoa.” BB said. “A belt that give you superpowers? Neato.”

“Yeah.” Cy said before looking at it. “What is it, some kind of quantum stimulus neural enhancer?”

“Something like that....I think.” She said. “I really don’t know. You’d have to ask my step-dad. He knows the guy who made this stuff.”

Robin then looked to the Twins. “How about you two? I guess I can safely say you’re not from Earth, right?”

“True enough.” Zan said. “We come from a planet called Exxor.”

Starfire seemed to light up before saying “Of course. I thought the clothing material was familiar. You are Exxornians.”

Suddenly she and the twins began to speak in an alien language. All looked in confusion as they definitely understood each other and then seemed to laugh together after something Jayna and Starfire said together. They then looked back to the others to see their confused faces.

“We were simply saying how we admire your Earthly ways when it comes to the actions of flower arranging.” Starfire answered.

“Uh...right.” Robin said, looking awkward. “So what CAN you both do exactly?”

Both looked at each other and nodded before balling one of their hands into a fist and bumping them together. Both seemed to glow slightly before they each said something else.

Zan said “Form of....a puddle.”

Jayna said “Shape of....a polar bear.”

Once they said what they did, their forms began to contort and change before they finally became what they said they wanted to be. Jayna was now a fully formed polar bear, a regular looking one unlike Beast Boy who always looks green, and Zan was a puddle of water sitting flat on the floor.

“Ta-da.” Jayna said, showing off her from and showing she could speak even as an animal.

“Cool!” BB said before walking up to them. “Other shape-shifters. And another animal one at that.”

“Oh that’s nothing.” Jayna said. “You should see half of the other things I can be. Read enough of your Earth mythology and...shape of a griffin.” In a sudden flash her form changed from the polar bear to a griffin. “And there you have it.”

“Awesome.” BB said before looing over to the puddle that was Zan. “And can only turn into a puddle?”

“No!” The gurgling sound of Zan’s voice said from it. “Any form of water I want. A block of ice, a wave, even a whole POOL of water.”

“And you went with a puddle?” Raven commented.

“It was off the top of my head!” he retorted before changing back to his normal form, with an annoyed look. “You try thinking of a body of water right on the spot.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Offspring said, scoffing. “Let me know what you can transform into something useful.”

Zan growled before Jayna changed back to her normal form and held his shoulders, saying “Let it go, brother.”

Zan crossed his arms and joined Jayna as they sat back down with the others. All attention now went to Static.

“Well?” Robin asked.

“What? Oh!” Static said before standing up, realizing it was his turn. “Uh...let me see.” He said as he looked around the room.

He suddenly spotted a light switch and smirked before aiming his pam at it. He fired a bolt of electricity that shot out from his hand and struck it, making the light in the room suddenly turn off. He fired a smaller one from his finger tip and made it hit the switch again, making the light go back on. He smirked as the others looked in surprise before showing off his powers by holding his hands in front of each other and making electricity surge between them. As he did, his eyes glowed a bit, similar to how the electricity was.

“I’ll admit,” Raven began “that is impressive.”

“I’ll say.” Cyborg added.

“Dude....” BB said “...that is wicked.”

“They don’t call me ‘Static’ for nothing, you know.” He said.

Once he finished and sat back with the others, Robin looked to them and said “You all obviously show you have exceptional skills, and you seem to have a decent hold on them, but there’s still something all of you lack. That’s why we’re here to train you. The JLA saw the potential in you, and have trusted us to help you realize that potential. So, are you all ready?”

All gave their own agreements in the forms of “Heck yeah”  or “Always” or even “Ready and waiting.”

“Alright then,” he said, looking to his team, who also nodded, before looking back to them. “Then let’s get started.”


The villains had been discussing their plan for some time. All were sitting in the basement again, including Fang and Kitten, while having listened to what was considered, what was suggested, and what was given the final approval. All had finally reached their decision.

Dr. Light, acting as the self-appointed leader, looked to all and said “So we are agreed? We all understand what we must do?” Once all nodded and gave eager and evil grins, he did the same and said “Then let us begin. This is it, my friends. The end of the Teen Titans!”
I own nothing. All material belongs to DC comics and those at Cartoon Network.

Note: When it came to deciding on which characters to introduce, I wanted to go with ones that were either not very familiar, young enough and haven't been shown on the Titans T.V. show yet. Also they had to be ones that were actually forms the comics themselves.

Offspring is in fact the son of the JLA member, Plastic Man. I'd considered introducing him in the story as well, but thought it he'd basically be there as a throw-away character since he wouldn't appear anytime later. Offspring is basically like Beast Boy, if a little bit more of a show-boater and flirting at times as well, very similar to his old man.
Stargirl is more famous for being in the JLA and the JSA (Justice Society of America) but she was also a member of Young Justice in the comics, which was more of a cheap knock-off of the Titans themselves; not to compare with the awesome new T.V. show.

When it comes to the Wonder Twins, they're sort of like a guilty pleasure hero duo for me. I know they're kind of goofy, and it wasn't helped since they first appeared on the hilarious Superfriends cartoon, but I still see them as really good heroes with a lot of potential to them. They were eventually put in the comics, but they haven't been seen as much. I based their characteristics off the common bickering siblings you'd usually see, but they do know when to put that aside and stick together when it comes to it. I also dropped the whole needed rings and saying "Wonder Twin powers active" line to use their powers. I also didn't add the annoying chip on the shoulder that was the blue monkey from the show.

Static is one of my old childhood heroes after watching the Static Shock cartoon and loving it for the most part. It was kind of a shame they hadn't shown him in the Teen Titans cartoon itself, but I have heard he's set to appear in Young Justice soon. With this story I felt like introducing him as a more cool headed member of the new brand of younger heroes, and a bit of a fan since he's heard so much about all of the Titans and so on.

Finally the opening with the villains is my own personal homage to the Batman animated series episode "Almost got 'em" where it opens with some of the villains playing cards.

Hope you all enjoy. Thank you.

part 2: [link]
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