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The battle was an immense field of super-powered beings thrown into each other.

From the side lines, one could barely keep track of the many fights going on. But they were there, The Justice League and the Teen Titans, and Red X, fighting against the Injustice League.

Superman struggled with Bizzaro, holding him in full-nelson.

"Bizzro no lose to Superman!" his clone said. "Me love Superman. Me love him to death!"

"Feeling'!" Superman said as he finally tossed him to the side, hitting the wall as he did.

He flew down towards him but was met by a breath of fire from Bizzaro. This distracted him enough for Bizzaro to fly up and tackle him back into the air.

Speedy and Green Arrow started shooting a folly of arrows at the giant Cinderblock. They fired one after another, Cinderblock backing up before charging at them. They both rolled out of the way before he could smash them.

"I think he's starting to give." Speedy said.

"Oh good." Arrow replied as he readied another arrow. "For a minute I thought this wasn't working."

Neither of them saw as Captain Boomerang, who was nearby in the arena, readied two explosiverangs for them. He tossed them and the two only saw them in a split second. But before they could hit, there was a blur of yellow and red that rushed in front of them and sent the boomerangs back. Cap jumped out of the way in time before being caught in the explosion. Kid Flash stopped in front of the archers.

"Got your backs." He said, looking back and giving a thumbs up to them.

Both heard the sound of Cinderblock coming at them again before Green arrow said "It's our fronts I'm worried about." Before firing more arrows.

KF zipped off to take on the recovered Cap. Boomerang again, who tried to throw more and more boomerangs at him.

Flash, himself, zipped in front of Monsieur Mallah after avoiding being  crushed by his fists.

"Missed me." He teased, making him try again. "Closer that time." Mallah tried to strike again but missed. Flash was behind him now, saying "You know I've fought monkey's worse that you, Magilla."

Mallah roared and turned to be met with a fist to the face from Flash. He recovered and managed to swipe at Flash, knocking him to the side. He walked over to step on him but missed once Flash zipped away again.

Clayface formed into a massive wave of clay-arms and a face in the middle towards his foe, but was sent back by a blast by both Cyborg and Firestorm, combining their attacks into a more powerful energy-blast.

"BOOYAH!" Cyborg declared.

"What's that?" Firestorm asked. "Some kinda catchphrase?"

"Yeah, sort of."

He shrugged and said. "Not bad."

Just then both saw as they were surrounded by Killer Frost, facing Cyborg, and the Parasite, facing Firestorm. The heroes were back-to-back at this point before Firestorm looked back to him.

"Feel like switching?" he asked Cyborg.

"Sure. I'm game." He answered.

In a sudden motion the two turned and changed towards their opponents. Cyborg fired a few shots at Parasite, only one managed to hit him on the shoulder but he kept coming. He reached Cyborg and the two locked fists.

"Ha!" Parasite said. "Now I'll take your powers!"

"Hate to disappoint," Cyborg began "but all my powers are mechanic. And last I checked, you can't absorb that."

After he said that, Parasite's strength began to wane as he felt himself being pushed down by Cyborg's superior strength.

"No, no!" he said, struggling.

"Might want to look into that next time." Cyborg finished before giving  good uppercut to Parasite, sending him back.

Firestorm and Killer Frost had a power struggle as he fired energy and she fired ice. While his back was turned, Clayface, recovered from the blasts, saw Firestorm and began to sneak up on him. Just as he got close enough, Firestorm was starting to lose the power struggle. He looked back as Clayface finally started to reach him. In the moment, Firestorm moved to the side and made the ice from Killer Frost fly straight as Clayface, freezing him solid. She stopped and her eyes widened as she saw this.

"Thanks." Firestorm said before firing at her with both hands, making a bigger bolt of energy towards her.

Animal Man and Beast Boy were face-to-face with Gizmo and Mammoth.

"You're going down, you skuzzy-sucking crone-dogs." Gizmo said.

"Uh...what'd he say?" Animal Man asked BB

"To be honest, I never know half the time." He shrugged.

With that both villains came charging at them, Mammoth for Animal Man and Gizmo for BB. Animal Man used the speed of a rabbit to avoid being hit by his fists. He then leapt on his shoulders and grabbed his head, suplexing him to the ground. Mammoth tried to get up but was stopped when Animal Man jumped high into the air and brought his feet down on his chest.

Beast Boy, in the form of a raptor, ran back-and-forth to avoid being shot by Gizmo's blasters. Once he got close enough he tried to slash at him, missing. Gizmo activated his spider-legs and tried to claw at BB. He turned into a humming bird and avoided the attacks before flying into his face, fluttering back-and-forth.

"Get away! Get away!" Gizmo complained, trying to swat BB away from him.

BB suddenly turned into a monkey and started jumping on Gizmo's back, pulling out one wire after another on his backpack. This made his machinery go haywire start to static and shock. Before he knew it, Gizmo's rockets were suddenly switched on sending him flying up. Beast Bo managed to jump off in time before Gizmo hit the roof, falling all the way back down on to Mammoth's chest.

"We good?" Beast Boy, in normal form, eagerly said to Animal Man.

"We good!" Animal Man agreed, both high-fiving each other.

Wonder Woman and Cheetah were fighting hand-to-hand, Cheetah trying to claw at her while she blocked with her bracelets. As Wonder Woman managed to kick back Cheetah, she looked up as Giganta stood over her and tried to bring her foot down on top of her. Thankfully she was saved when Supergirl flew in and stopped her foot. The two struggled before Wonder Girl flew up to her face while carrying Batgirl with one arm, who threw a handful of explosives at her face. They set off making Giganta back her foot away from Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

She looked down to Wonder Woman and said "We got this."

Wonder Woman nodded before going back to fight Cheetah and Supergirl Giganta along with her friends.

Luthor and the other villains who didn't fight watched from the sidelines. There was a point where they noticed Warp being taken down by Hawkgirl, who used her mace to send him flying across the room.

"Well this is going horrible." Joker said bluntly.

[I'm afraid the Joker is right, Luthor.] The Brain said. [Might I suggest we make our escape now?]

"I thought you disliked looking cowardice, Brain." Luthor retorted.

[I prefer to think of it as cautious. I've learned the hard way what happens when you do not take the opportunity to run when needed.]

"I don't run from fights like this." He said in a more threatening tone. "No one's going anywhere."

He gave threatening looks to Joker and Brother Blood, who both nodded.

Doctor Light fired his energy At Robin, who jumped out of the way before being hit. As he cntunied to fire, he didn't see as a batarang went flying into his gauntlets. That stopped the energy from firing and left him wide open for a kick to the chest by Batman. He went flying back and as out of the fight.

Robin moved next to Batman and said "Thanks."

"Just like old times." Batman said, looking down at him.

"What a touching reunion." Slade said behind them, making them turn. "Unfortunate how that must be severed now." From his back he pulled out a long gleaming sword, making the two look in surprise. "I haven't used this in a long while. Bu it still cuts deep."

Robin pulled out two staffs and handed one to Batman, saying "You might want this."

He nodded and the two stood ready as Slade came in with his sword and swung at them. Batman blocked it while Robin tried to attack from behind. Slade maneuvered around the attack and tried to elbow Batman, missing in the process. This gave Robin the chance to smack the legs out from under him while Batman struck him in the mask. He fell to the ground, his mask cracking in the process, before blocking one attack from Robin and kicking Batman away from him.


Aqualad was being held by King Shark while Trident tried to hit him with a rock. Aqualad smacked his head back into Shark's snout, making him let go and hold it in pain. He caught the rock out of Trident's hands before he could hit him. He then used his strength kick him back hard against the rocks. As he turned King Shark tried to clamp his jaws on him, but he caught then in time and struggled.

Aquaman and Black Manta struggled with the lazer-weapon before Manta kicked him back. He seemed to be happy that he had the weapon now and Aquaman had none. But he was surprised when Aquaman pulled a gold rod from behind. It extended and became the trident he'd taken from before. Manta's  eyes widened before the two clashed weapons together, both letting out spark as they did.


Poison Ivy made a series of vines and braches break from the ground and tried to attack Martian Manhunter with them. He flew around them and avoided them before using his powers to extended his fists out t knock her square on the jaw. As he landed, Manhunter saw as a dozen Billy Numerous clones came running at him. Before he could act they all dog piled him, creating more clones to hold him down.

"I think we REALLY got this one, Billy's." one said, making the others go "YEEHA!" again.

Just as they'd finished, Martia Manhunter, in a tangent form, appeared in front of them from the floor.

"You were saying?" Manhunter said, making all the Billy's gulp.

Manhunter turned into a monstrous looking alien-snake, with four eye and massive black fangs, making the Billy's shrink down to just three and making a run for it.

Blackfire and Starfire battled in the air, firing bolts at each other before flying towards the other. They collided their hands together, both flashing their alien powers, as they struggled.

"You have crossed the line for the last time." Starfire said to her sister, her yes glowing a furious green.

"You were supposed to stay under control!" Blackfire said, hers glowing purple. "I was supposed to lead the army to Tamaeran and take back the throne! I deserve my right!"

"You never earned the right!" She said before firing her eye beams at her sister.

They hit her in the face, making her cover it in pain before Starfire gave her a hard punch to the stomach, sending her back against a wall.

"Nice work, kid." Hawkgirl said, flying next to her. "Remind me not to get on your bad side." Starfire gave a confident smile before both saw Superman struggling with Bizzaro.
"Now watch a pro in action!" Hawkgirl declared before flying towards them.

She flew fast towards Bizzaro as he stood over Superman on the ground. She hit him right in the face with a heavy slam of her mace. He went flying back against the walls to the stands of the arena, where the other villains were, and she helped Superman up.

"Thanks." He said.

Starfire landed next to both of them and said "We appear to be victorious in this battle."

"Not yet." Superman said. "Still one major we need to deal with." He finished as he looked to Luthor and the others.

"Then let's end it!" Hawkgirl declared as all three of them flew towards the leader villains.

"Blood!" Luthor shouted "Stop the girl!"

"I'll try." He said as he used what telepathy he could to attack Starfire.

She felt the bolt of telepathic energy and held her head in pain as he continued. Luthor pulled out his gun and fired a beam of green energy at Superman when he came close enough. It made the man of steel scream in pain as he fell to the ground.

"Kryptonite energy gun." Luthor said. "Never be too carfeul."

Hawkgirl swatted it out of his hands as he finished and was ready to bring her mace down on him. But she was stopped when the Joker smacked her in the back with one of his electric-hand buzzers. She fell to the ground along with Superman before Joker gave a laugh.

"This little birdy's all roasted and ready." He said.

Red X, who had just finished off Cheshire, looked to see this and disappeared.

Green Lantern and Sinestro struggled with their energy from the rings before Lantern's started to waver.

"Oh no..." he said as he started to fall to his knees, still trying to hold his concentration and energy.

Sinestro chuckled before saying "What's wrong, Jordan? Forget to charge your ring before-hand? What a shame."

He continued to lay the pressure on him as Green Lantern struggled.

Raven blasted the Scarecrow back with her magic into a wardrobe that Zatanna had created. Once he landed inside, she casted a spell that made chains appear and secure it tightly. Raven landed near Zatanna before both ducked a blast of magical energy from Abra Kadabra.

"You cannot hope to defeat a master magician!" he declared, firing a ball of fire.

Raven created a shield and blocked the fireball. She dropped it and the two magical girls looked at each other and nodded before looking back at Kadabra. They gave deep breaths before chanting together.

"Azarath metrion zinthos!"

The two chants created a beam of black and white energy. It sped towards Kadabra and formed into the head of a raven with glowing white eyes. It hit Kadabra dead on, making him fall back. They looked to see he was out of the fight, due to a mix of mesmerized, shocked and spell bound by the super magical attack.

As Supergirl gave punches to Giganta's face, making her back up a step, Wonder Girl managed to rope her lasso around her right ankle. She and Batgirl pulled together before Supergirl saw this. She managed to blind Giganta with a blast of heat vision before flying down and grabbing hold of the lasso herself.

Both saw this and smiled before Batgirl said "Together!" to both her friends.

With a few good pulls they managed to trip Giganta, making her fall back.

While this happened, Speedy and Green Arrow managed to force Cinderblock back, Martian Manhunter chased the Billy Numerous clones into the same area, Flash managed to knock Mallah into the same place, and while that was going on near them, Gizmo and Mammoth started to wake from their fight. Suddenly all saw the shadow of Gianta's back start to fall towards them. Only the heroes and Gizmo managed to movie out of the way in time.

Mammoth saw this along with the other nearby villains and whimpered "Aw man...." before Giganta fell on top of them.

Cinderblock and Mallah managed to crawl their heads out from underneath, but were still trapped by the unconscious Giganta.

"Hey...Billy?" one of the Billy clones said, with his feel dangling out from underneath.

"Yeah...Bill?" another said with his left arm out.

"I can' legs..."

"Me neither....Billy....."

The girls all made their way on Giagant's chest before Wonder Girl said "Victory is ours."

Batgirl began to cheer and say "Go Super Best...." but stopped when Supergirl gave an annoyed look.

But Supergirl saw a down casted look from Batgirl and sighed "Super Best Friends Forever."

Batgirl and Wonder Girl gave a cheer which Supergirl joined in when she heard it.

Green Lantern was still waneing his energy against Sinestro's, who had him on the ropes now.

"It's over, Hal Jordan." He said walking closer to him and stopping a foot in front. "I win this time."

Suddenly Lantern focused and breathed hard as he began to say "In brightest blackest night..." as he spoke his voice grew louder. " evil shall escape my sight....let those who worship evil's might..." Sinestor saw as Lantern's energy seemed to grow and grow as he stepped back from it, while Green Lantern was practically shouting "...beware my power, GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!"

In an exploding flash of green energy,Sinestro was flung back by the sudden pulse and landed on the ground, unconscious. His yellow ring slipped off his finger in the process while Lantern fell to his knees breathing hard.

"Not today..." Hal Jordan said to the knocked-out Sinestro.
Martian Manhunter saw as Brother Blood attacked Starfire with his telepathic bolts and used his own mind powers to break it. Blood screamed in pain before falling to the ground, holding his head.

Joker looked over and said "I think NOW would be a good time to run."

Luthor looked back and forth between the recovering Starfire and Superman, the other villains who were losing, and Joker. He gave a angered growl before running for the exit at the top of the stairway in the stands.


Manta was forced back when Aquaman finally managed to break his weapon.

"Manta!" Luthor called to him over the communicator in his helmet. "Ready the ship!"

With that Manta found the opportunity and fired a barrage of his trident-darts at Aquaman. He managed to block them by spinning his trident around while Manta swam backwards. Once we was out of ammo, he saw back into the cave. Both Aquaman and Aqualad tried to follow but were stopped when King Shark grabbed Lad's leg and pulled him back, forcing Aquaman to help save him.


[Wait!] The Brain said, seeing Luthor start to run. [What about me?]

"Sorry." Joker said, picking him up. "Everyone one with legs for himself!"

He saw as Speedy and Arrow aimed their bows at them before Joker tossed the Brain, still attached to his stand, at them. He let out a robotic scream before falling against the two.

[You can't trust anyone, today.] the Brain said before being detached from his stand by Speedy.

While this happened Robin and Slade struggled with each other as their weapons locked. Batman finally managed to fall back, kicking Slade over him in the process. Just as he got up, he jumped over and finally managed to slice Robin's staff in half and kick him back. Before Slade could make the finishing blow, Batman blocked it with his staff and punched him back.

"Go!" Batman said to Robin, standing between him and Slade. "Stop Luthor!"

"But..." Robin began.

"Do it! Or so help me, you'll never hear the end of it."

Robin saw as he smirked at this, making him smirk too before running off. Batman and Slade continued to fight while Robin managed to make for the stands.

Joker and Luthor had just about reached the exit before being stopped by Red X, who appeared in front of them with his arms crossed.

"Going somewhere?" he said.

"I know what you're like, Red X." Luthor said. "I can pay you. Whatever you want, it's yours."

"Sorry, baldy. I only want one thing." With that, Red X pointed at Joker. "Him."

"Me?" Joker said. "Well I'm free for lunch on Monday. How's that sound?"

Giving an angered yell, Red X leapt out and kicked Luthor to the side before punching Joker square on the nose. He fell back before Red X planted his foot on his chest.

"I want your blood, clown!" he said, pulling out an x-shuriken and holding it to his neck. "This is payback for everything you tried to do to me!"

"Really?" Joker said, barley threatened by the sharp weapon to his throat. "What did I do, exactly? Oh, is this about the time I didn't take care of someone's goldfish?"

"Think back." X said "That night you killed a boy."

"Which night was that again?" Joker said, innocently.

In his anger, Red X slammed Joker's head against the ground. Robin finally managed to make his way up to them.

"Stop!" Robin said to Red X. "It's over. We got them."

"It's not over!" X said, angered. "Not until I make him pay!"

"Why?" Robin asked. "What did he do to you?"

"He tried to murder me." He bean. "He left me to die in an explosion. I only barely escaped before I was blown halfway to kingdom come. It took me weeks to recover. And in that time everyone thought me dead. But I found my way back, and knew it wouldn't be the same until I sent this maniac where he belongs. That's why I stole your suit." He looked up to Robin and said "What better disguise than the darker half of you. Because that's what I've always been: your darker self."

After hearing all of this, Robin came to a shocking conclusion.

"Jason Todd?"

Both he and Joker looked in surprise at this before Red X finally removed his mask. It was indeed Jason Todd, still wearing his mask from the time he was Robin. Even Batman and Batgirl had looked up in time to see the shocking moment.

"You're...alive?" Robin said, still stunned.

"Well when your driven towards revenge," Jason said "you can be very hard to kill."

Suddenly both looked down as the Joker laughed and said "I got to give you credit, kid. You come all the way back from the dead just for me. But you know what they say: Revenge is a dish best served fried!"

He reached up and grabbed Jason's leg, zapping him with the hand buzzer. Jason screamed in pain before falling over. Robin tried to responded but was stopped when Luthor, who was recovered, uppercut him while he was distracted. He fell back while Luthor and Joker stood.

"That's all folks!" Joker said with a bow before he and Luthor ran out of the exit.

Slade had forced Batman to fight more, attacking furiously with his sword. But Batman managed to use this to his advantage by forcing his grip on his staff, making Slade lose his grip on his sword when they clashed again. The sword went flying out and landed on the ground while Batman tossed the staff aside and landed two punches and a roundhouse kick to his face. Slade fell back and his cracked piece of his mask went flying off near the sword. Slade looked up while covering his exposed side with his hand.

"It's over, Deathstroke." He said.

"Very good, dark knight." Slade said. "Haven't used that name in a long time either. But even in defeat, I'll always win."

With his free hand he pulled out a trigger device from his belt and pushed the large red button. Suddenly the whole area began to shake and quake as everyone felt the ground beneath their feet quake.

"I've set seismic changes on this entire area!" Slade declared, standing up. "In less than five minutes , this entire structure will be falling down on our heads." He tossed the device to the side and said "Start running, Batman."

Before he could act, some rubble started to fall on him. He moved out of the way in time, but when he looked, Slade was gone. He was already running for another exit. All the villains, except for the ones who got away, were dealt with. Wonder Woman had Cheetah, hogged ties and piled among the others like Cap. Boomerang, Killer Frost, Warp, Cheshire and Poison Ivy, who were all piled with those trapped under Giganta all well as Gizmo, the Brain, the frozen Clayface, Doctor Light, Bizzaro, Abra Kadabra, the still trapped Scarecrow, Brother Blood and Blackfire.

All the heroes, except for Batman and Robin, were gathered around when the place began to shake.

"It's all coming down!" Kid Flash said.

"We need to get out of here, or else we'll be pancakes!" Beast Boy squealed.

"Zatanna," Superman began "Can you transport everyone?"

"I can help." Raven said.

"I don't think I can manage that many." She said.

"Then get as many as you can." He said before looking to the others. "We'll carry who we have to."

Wonder Woman nodded and said "Everyone to the Javelin!"

Zatanna managed to transport Giagnta and the villains trapped under her outside with a chant of her spell. Raven managed to transport Speedy, who carried the Brain, Green Arrow, who had Cheshire, Cyborg's who had Parasite and Cheshire, and Wonder Girl, who had Scarecrow. Flash and Kid Flash ran out of with Abra Kadabra and Cap. Boomerang. Superman carried Bizzaro and Doctor Light over his shoulder while flying out of the large hole made my Green Lantern earlier. Those who followed included Wonder Woman, who carried Green Lantern out, Firestorm with Killer Frost, Supergril with the frozen Clayface and Brother Blood, and Martian Manhunter with Cheetah and Warp.

Starfire carried her sister over her shoulders and landed in front of Batgirl.

"Do you require assistance?" she asked with a smile.

"Thanks." Batgirl said, taking her hand.

The two started to fly out when Star stopped and said "Wait! What about Robin?"

While the other heroes had been getting the villains out, Robin and Jason Todd had recovered from the hits they'd taken. Before either of them could react, the floor underneath Jason cracked and he fell through a hole made from it. Before he fell through, Robin jumped and caught his hand.

"Hang on!" Robin said, struggling to pull him up.

"Forget me!" Jason said. "Just get out of here!"

"Not without you!"

"Just leave!"

"You don't have to do this, Jason! You can still be what you want!"

Jason smiled and said "That's where you're wrong, Robin. Thing is I always wanted to be you. But that can't be the case. There's not enough room for two Robin's in the world." He started to loosen his grip and said "Be seeing ya."

With that he let go and fell into the darkness.

"JASON!" Robin cried out before he disappeared.

"Robin!" Batman called to him from nearby in the arena area below him. "Come on!"

Robin looked back to him and then down to where Jason disappeared. He stood and said "I'm sorry, Jason." Before running to Batman. "I...couldn't save him..." he said, casting his head down.

As the rubble began to fall and the ground began to break, Batman pulled out a grapple-gun and shot it up to Starfire, who caught it around her foot for them to fly out with her. Batman and Robin held each other tight as they were lifted up.

Batman looked to Robin and said "He was beyond saving." Before they were out in the open.

From a distance all the heroes watched as the volcano collapsed on itself, making a huge pile of rubble that smoked and burned as it was left behind.

Once all were together, Firestorm looked to Cyborg and said "Does this warrant another 'booyah'?"

"You want the honors?" Cy asked with a smirk.

He nodded and said "BOOYAH!" Once he finished he nodded and said "I like it."

Starfire landed with the ones she carried and Batman and Robin  jumped down in time before she did.

"We did it." Robin said to the younger heroes. "We won."

"Wait." Kid Flash said. "What about Luthor and the others?"

"Not to worry." Superman said. He activated his communicator and said "Aquaman, you still have them?"


In the oceans nearby Aquaman and Aqualad were swimming near the ties up King Shark and Trident, while two whales and giant squids held down Manta's ship with him,  Luthor and Joker inside.

Luthor slammed his fists on the controls of his chair he sat in while Manta shook his head.

"Well this was a fun party, Lex." He said, not caring about being caught. "How about we try this again sometime?"

Luthor responded by punching square on the nose.


The Justice League and the Titans found themselves back in the Watchtower. All the villains, except for Slade, had been apprehended. All were talking among themselves in groups again, including Starfire and Raven talking with Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Girl, Cyborg swiping tech-talk with Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern, and Beast Boy and Kid Flash joking with Animal Man and Flash.

As they congratulated and joked and praised each other, Superman and Batman saw as Robin was standing over by the window looking down at the earth. He was positioned the same way Batman was when he Superman and Wonder Woman talked before. He looked to Superman, who nodded back to him, before walking over.

He placed a hand on his shoulder and said "There was nothing we could do for him."

"I know..." Robin said. "...I just wished I'd know sooner. Maybe then, who knows, I could have stopped him."

"It wasn't your fault. It was never your fault. It was mine." This made Robin looked up to him. "It was always mine. Everything. You leaving, Jason turning over...I've made too many mistakes. I don't intend to do that anymore. I'm sorry...for everything."

Robin smiled and said "So am I." Before holding his hand out.

The two shook, both smiling now, while everybody else had looked over and noticed.

Flash whispered to Beast Boy and the others with him "Quick, someone get a camera."

The two rejoined the others and chatted for a good half-hour before it was time to say farewell.


The Justice League stood to one side of the room while the Titans, and the SBFF's the other.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman stood at the front  before Superman  said "With this great victory, we've seen not only the skills of the younger heroes, but also the future of the superhero community. In each of you, from the great to the small, lies the future of this world's protectors. That is why we would like to officially make you honorary members of the Justice League."

He nodded to Wonder Woman and Batman, who walked over and handed each of the young heroes a badge and communicator, the badge having the letters JLA on them.

"Pinch me...I'm dreaming..." Beast Boy said, awestruck.

Once they were done, Robin looked up and said "Thank you. All of you. We'll carry them with pride."

"Preferably on our uniforms tough." Kid Flash joked.

The two teams met in the middle of the room as people shook hands, saying goodbye.

"So, see you for Thanksgiving?" Flash asked KF

"Wouldn't miss it, uncle Barry." He said, not caring his said his real name.

Martian Manhunter had finished shaking Starfire's hand, saying "Farewell, princess."

"And to you, J'onn J'onzz." She said.

Just then Hawkgirl walked up to her and smiled. She removed her helmet to reveal a beautiful face with green eyes and her long red hair fully hanging out. Starifre smiled as she saw this and Hawkgirl hold her hand out.

She shook and Hawkgirl said. "Take care, girl. And keep an eye on that man of yours." She indicated Robin.

"I will." Starfire giggled. "Thank you, Hawkgirl."

"Call me, Shayera." She said, smiling still.

Superman and Supergirl hugged, while he said "You'll let mom and pop know you're okay, right?"

"Don't worry." She said. "They'll know."

"Good. Oh and make sure Krypto doesn't dig so many holes in the fields. Dad got really steamed last time."

"Got it." She said with a wink.

"So long, Animal Dude." BB said to Animal Man, both shaking their hands.

"You too, kid." He said. "Should come by for a BBQ someday. Get a chance to meet the wife and kids. My Ellen makes mean burger."

"Uh...wouldn't happen to be tofu burgers, would it?" BB asked in an awkward manner.
Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl hugged before she said "Take care, sister."

"And you as well, my sister" She said back.

Aqulad and Aquaman said their goodbye's with the younger saying "That trident suits you, my king." Indicating it in his hands.

"I think so too." He said. "One day I'll have to pass it on to my son...or to my chief protector in the future."

"I will be honored to hold it one day." He said with a bow.

Cyborg was saying goodbye to Green Lantern and Firestorm saying "Got to say, a flying base in the space: not a bad idea."

"Keep in mind though before you go off building your own, you got neighbors." Lantern joke.

"And we don't do card night or anything like that." Firestorm added to the joke.

Green Arrow and Speedy gave a quick hug, him saying "Take care of yourself, son."
"You too, old timer." Speedy said.

"Careful with the older-timer bit. As I recall, I think I it Cinderblock a lot more than you." He smirked

"Really? Cause I think I was kick your butt back when I was mind controlled. Or was that just a dream too?" he smirked back, both laughing at this later.

Raven and Zatann shook, while she noted "Surprised you managed that spell so quick."

"Dad had lots of time to teach me." Zatanna said. "You should really try for one of my shows sometime."

"I'm really not for that flashy  stuff, but thanks." Raven smiled.

Batgirl hugged Batman while Robin shook his hand before Batman said "I'd ask if you felt like coming back, but..."

"I think you already know my answer?" he said with a smile.

Batman smiled too before saying "If you ever need to, you'll still have a home back in Gotham."

"I know." He said.

"So you'd better visit at least." Batgirl said, elbowing him for fun. "Otherwise I'll drag you there from your tower."

Robin chuckled before he said "Actually, if you and the girls don't mind, I'd like to talk with you guys back at Titans Tower."

She nodded and all the younger heroes began to make their way to the teleport pad, giving final waves goodbye to the Justice League.


In time the Titans and SBFF's were back at Titans Tower, relaxing in the main room.

"Good to be home." Beast Boy said, relaxing on the couch.

He was sitting with Cyborg Kid Flash, Raven, Supergirl and Wonder Girl. Robin and Batgirl were standing in front of them.

Speedy and Aqualad walked up to them and Speedy said "Just checked in. The guys are alright up north."

"Although they're super-ticked they didn't get the chance to join." Aquald added.

"Whew." KF said. "That's a relief. Although now I got to make it up to Jynx somehow."

"Good luck with that." Supergirl joked.

"At least we know everyone got out of this alright." Robin said. "That being said, I'd like to give the Super Best Friends something." He held out his hands and three Titans communicators were there. "I now it's not as nice as being made honorary Leaguers, but I still would like to make all three of you honorary Titans."

All three of the girls took one.

"Thank you, Robin." Wonder Girl said. "I'll wear it with honor."

"Yeah, real nice." Supergirl said, putting it on her hip. "You wouldn't happen to have any in blue would you?"

He chuckled at the joke before handing one to Batgirl, who smiled and said "Thanks."

"What are friends for?" he said.

Starfire, hearing this, hesitantly walked over and said "Robin, there is something that has been troubling me that I wish to discuss."

"You're worried about me and Batgirl being in a relationship, right?"

She was stunned for a moment, knowing he was right, before saying "Yes...but how did...?"

"I kind of saw the signs." He said.

"And I'd heard about that little chat you had with Hawkgirl" Batgirl added.

"Oh I see." Star said, a little embarrassed.

"Star, look," he began walking over and holding her hands. "me and Batgirl...well we..."

"We used to." She said. "But we found that we just weren't for each other in that kind of way."

"See, Star?" he said. "I still love you."

She smiled and said "And I love you."

With that she kissed him, making some of the other go "Awww."

Cyborg and Wonder Girl looked at each other when this happened, and blushed till their faces were the same shade of red. They crept their hands to each other and held them.

Once the two stopped kissing, BB declared "Now it's time for a real celebration! I'm talking mounds of tofu and snack-foods, movie night and video games all around people."

"With the exception of the food, I'm game." Speedy said.

"Ditto." Kid Flash added.

"I guess we've got plenty of time for that." Supergirl said.

"Booyah!" Cy said. "I'll start the cooking. I'll even make my special waffles for Raven."

"My only true joy in the world..." she said in her usual tone.

"Before we do though," Robin began "there's something I think we should address. Remember back on the Watchtower when we talk about having secret identities? I've been thinking, as much as we still trust each other, some of us are still keeping secrets from others. I've done it for the longest time, and up until now I didn't realize how it could hinder on my team if I didn't come clear."

"So what are you saying?" Speedy asked.

"I'm saying I think we should come clear to the people we trust." He answered.

"You mean reveal who we truly are?" Wonder Girl asked.

"I think if we did, we might have a better trust of our team. Some of us already know who someone else is, but in the end everyone is better off knowing. It means you know you have nothing to hide. So is anyone willing to go first."

"Well," Beast Boy began to say "okay I guess. But after this we still stick to hero names, agreed?"

"Agreed." everyone else said.

"Alright then." He said. "Garfield Logan."

Cyborg still giggled at that name, making BB groan.

Wonder Girl stood and said "Donna Troy."

Speed and Aqualad looked at each other before nodding.

Speedy went first saying "Roy. Roy Harper."

Auqalad was next saying "Garth. Just Garth."

Supergril stood and said "Kara Kent."

Cyborg was next to say "Victor Stone. Friends used to call me Vic."

Kid Flash said "Wally West, at your service."

Raven stood, removed her hood so all could see her face, and said "Well Raven is my real name, but I've been think of some identity I can use in secret. I was thinking of something like Rachel Roth."

"Not that bad." BB said.

Batgirl smiled to them all and said "Barbra Gordon. Or just B if you want."

Starfire said "My original name, in Tameranean, is Koriand'r. But it translates to Starfire still."

It was down to just Robin, who smiled before saying "Richard. But I usually went by the name Dick. Dick Grayson." Once everyone seemed more happy that they said what they said, Robin said "And now, I think it's time we officially got this party started."

All gave a final cheer before setting off and celebrating. That night was one of the greatest ones for the Titans, and one they would never forget.


On the shores of Dinosaur Island, Jason Todd pulled himself out of the water. He was hurt, his arm broken from his fall, and his suit torn in places. He walked up to the sand and dropped to his knees, panting heavily for air. As he did, someone walked up to him and shaded hi in their shadow.

"That was a very impressive thing you did, Jason." Slade said, standing over him. Jason looked up but couldn't see his exposed face due to the sunlight shadowing it "You show such determination. I like that." Slade said. "I think you and I could do great things, provided I gave you the right teachings." He held out his hand and said "Are you interested, my apprentice?"

Jason looked up and smiled before taking his hand.

"Sure." He said. "Why not?"

I own nothing nothing. All materiel belongs to Cartoon Network and DC comics.
Note: In the comics, Aquaman usually has a trident. I thought this an interesting twist as to how he got it.
The whole Jason Todd being Red X thing was something many fans of the show, like me, had figured for a while. I thought this story was the perfect chance to show it.
Finally, i wanted to do the whole real name thing as a sort of shout out to the comics version of Teen Titans, where everyone knows their actual names also to let people know who they really are.

I've hope you've all enjoyed this story. Please comment and feel free to check out some of my other work.
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