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The Attack

In the world referred to as the “Enchanted Domain”, Prince Philip and Princess Aurora were making their way through the forest just outside the kingdom.

Aurora rode on top of Philip’s horse, Samson, while he directed with the reins and walked in front. As they proceeded on some of the animals around the forest watched as they walked past.

A few minutes passed before Aurora asked “Do you think we can stop for a bit? I’m getting hungry.”

As Philip stopped and looked back to her, just as Samson perked up and nodded looking a little eager to stop and eat too, he chuckled and said  “Alright.” He looked to Samson when he finished with “But only because SHE wants to stop.”

Samson gave his own little grumbled as Philip made his way around and helped Aurora down from the saddled back of the horse. In her hands she had a small pick nick basket which she handed to him as she was lowered down.  She thanked him when she was on the ground before finding a nice spot under a tree to sit. Samson followed behind, mainly eyeing what was likely inside the basket. It was one the servants from the castle gave them without saying what was inside. While he turned back to see her Samson crept from behind and lowered his head into the one side of the basket.

“I don’t know. I never looked. I figure not too much, knowing my aunts they’ll insist on making us something for visiting anyways.”

He nodded and said “Well let’s see.” He opened the flap and pulled out what he found. “We have some bread. Some....very old looking apples. Some carrots...” He pulled out what he though was a full carrot, only to find it was a chewed off top of one. He and Aurora gave an annoyed look to Samson, seeing his mouth full of what was likely the rest of the carrots, before Philip finished with “Make that half of carrots. And...that’s it. Guess you were right about them not packing too much.”

“Well we have the bread at least.” Aurora shrugged.

Philip pulled out the large loaf and ripped it in half, handing her a piece. She thanked him as the two ate.

A little while later, after finishing his piece, Philip looked around and said “You know.... think...yes. I think this is where we first met. Remember?” He looked at her as she looked about too not and said “Am I right?”

After seeing the area and noting the familiarities she gave an enthusiastic hum and said “You’re right. Oh my goodness. It’s been so long. I...I almost forgot.”

“Almost two years since then, right?” he asked, smiling and leaning back next to her. As both smiled while remembering those days he asked “Do you remember our song?”

She looked at him and coyly answered “Do you?”

Before either of them knew it, both Philip and Aurora were singing the song they’d sung when they’d first met: Once upon a dream. They stood and began to dance around as well, making Samson smile as he and some of the nearby woodland critters watched. When it was done the two were spinning around, laughing, before stopping and lying down on the ground.

As they laid and looked up into the sky she said “I love you.”

He looked up to her and responded with “And I love you.”

“Well, well, what an adorable pair you are.” Someone said.

The voice was so startling it made the prince and princess lean up to see where it came from. When all including Samson and the animals who’d been watching, saw who spoke, the woodland critters scampered off in fear while Samson looked wide eyed and a bit intimidated by them. A woman, very old and ugly looking, a black cloak covering all but her face, came walking from the shadows of the forest with a basket full of apples around her arm.

As Philip and Aurora stood, she getting behind him, the old crone said “Oh do forgive me, dearies. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“Who are you?” Philip asked, almost demanding in his tone.

She walked a little closer and said “Just a harmless old peddler woman, making her way through these forests in order to sell some of her finest apples.” She picked one out from the bundle she had with her boney hands and showed them. “See?” the one she held out was a large shiny red one.  “Would you care for one, my pets?”

Aurora looked at the apple, seeing its delicious look and said “Well....I suppose I could have one. I mean that bread didn’t exactly fill me up.”

Philip heard her and glanced back before asking the woman “How much?”

“Oh. No need to worry about that, my boy. I insist you have it this one for free.”

“Free?” he asked in disbelief. “Why?”

“For that lovely song you sang.” She explained, smiling with only one tooth sticking from her lips. “It felt so good to hear something so beautiful going through these old ears of mine, I felt it only fair to give the two who sang it my own token of appreciation.”

She held out the apple further for both of them as Philip and Aurora looked at each other. She gave nod, seeming to really want the apple, while he rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Alright then.” Philip finally said as Aurora walked over and took the apple.

“Don’t you want one?” the princess asked him.

“I’ve....lost my appetite.” He said, still looking oddly as the old woman; even Samson was doing the same at this point.

The crone chuckled a bit and said “Thank you, your majesties.” before walking off into the woods, still chuckling under her breath.

When she was gone Aurora was still looking over the apple and saying “Oh my. It’s so shiny.”

“That didn’t seem odd to you at all?” he asked her, still looking to where the woman disappeared.

“I’ll admit she seemed a, for an old woman, but there are plenty of peddlers around selling food. I think she was just trying to be nice.” As she was about to take a bite, Samson seemed to protest. She pushed him away while saying “It’s alright, boy. It’s just an apple.”

Philip had his arms crossed while saying “I suppose you’re right. I mean it’s...” he stopped and realized “Wait. She said ‘your majesty’. How did she know we were royalty?”

Just then Philip heard a crushing sound of the apple being bit into. His eyes widened as he heard Aurora groan for a second before the sound of something falling to the ground was followed. He turned to see Aurora on the ground, her eyes closed, and Samson over her and looking worried.

Philip rushed over and cradled her in his arms while shaking her and saying “Aurora? Aurora!” he listed and heard her heart still beating before trying again. “Aurora, what’s wrong? Wake up! Wake up!” No answer. She was in too deep a sleep to be wakened. “Aurora!”

The old peddler woman laughed as she heard this from her part of the forest. She put the basket of apples down as she began to transform, shedding her weak old woman skin for one more fare and beautiful. Grimhilde sat down on a rock, knowing it would be soon enough before the portal back would be opened. She took her time by taking one of the other apples and biting into it.


In the Dwarven Woodlands, Snow White was existing the house of the Seven Dwarves.

As she did the seven little men all followed out, all saying goodbye in one way or another.

She looked back and said “Goodbye, friends. I’ll come back next week to visit as always.”

“Why of course, princess.’ Doc said. “And be sure to bring more of those crimpple aumplets. Er, Apple Crumplets.” He corrected.

The princess giggled and said “I will, Doc.’ Before kissing his cheek.

“You should stop by more often.” Happy said. “Maybe bring your prince next time.”

“Well I wanted to this time, but was called always on some important business in another kingdom.”

Sleepy yawned while saying “Well when he gets back you should both stop by.”

“I know.” She said before walking over and kissing his cheek. “Goodbye, Sleepy.” She felt a tug on her dress and looked to see Dopey with his lips puckered up. She lowered it to kiss the top of his head before saying “Goodbye, Dopey.” She went from one to the next saying goodbye, each giving their own reaction of a blush or smile. “Goodbye, Bashful.”

“Oohh goosh.” He said as always, twisting his beard around.

“Goodbye, Sneezy.”

“Good” he was about to sneeze before clamping his nose with one hand. “See ya later.” He finished.

“Goodbye, Happy.” Once she kissed him he gave his own little giggle of delight.

Finally it came to Grumpy who said “Now you take care of yourself. And don’t let that prince of yours be mistreating you in anyway. And don’t you be mistreating him either. Unless he has it coming. And don’t...”

She kissed his cheek before he could finish and said “Goodbye, Grumpy.” Making him stop and smile.

Suddenly someone nearby said “What a touching scene. A shame it’ll have to be spoiled.”
They all looked to see as three women, one older than the other two, came from across the small bridge leading to the dwarves’ house. The oldest one, who was also leading the other two, had a wand in her hand.

“And you are who?” Doc asked before correcting himself “I mean, uh, who are you?”

“No one you’d know, little man.” Lady Tremaine said. “Only a friend of your stepmother.” She said, pointing her wand at Snow White. “Queen Grimhilde.”

“The Queen?” Snow White asked.

All looked surprised at this before Grumpy said “Well you’re a little late. That old witch is dead and buried.”

“Yeah.” Sleepy yawned. “So you might as well just go back to wherever you came from and...”

Before he could finish, Lady Tremaine pointed the wand at him and said “Bibbity, bobbity, boo!”

A stream of magic shot out and struck Sleepy. Once it hit there was a brief burst of light. When it cleared, instead of Sleepy there, it was a stone statue of him, still yawning.

While the rest all looked shocked at this, Treamine said “Well he should look nice in the garden. But I think we could use a few more.” She finished while grinning at the others.

Drizzella laughed and said “Do another one, mother. Oh. Do that funny looking one.” She pointed at Dopey.

He panicked as Tremaine aimed her wand at him. He cowered before she shot another bolt of magic, but it was blocked when Happy stepped in the way. He was turned into another stone statue stuck in the stance he was in when hit.

“Quick!” Doc said. “Quack Inside. “Uh, I mean back insi...”

Before he could finish, Doc was stuck by the magic as well and turned to stone. The others, along with Snow White, hurried back into the house, Treamine firing more and managing to hit a few others. She and Drizzella laughed while Anastasia only looked a bit melancholy about what was being done. She looked over to the frozen form of Bashful, seeing the surprised, almost frightened, look on his stone face and seemed so sorry for him and the others.


In another world, a ship carrying Princess Ariel and Prince Eric was just a mile out from the shore leading to their castle and kingdom.

As the sailors all busied themselves about the ship, the prince ordering a few of them, Ariel was standing at the bow of the ship, looking towards the shore. She was wearing her nice blue dress with the bow in her hair to match. As she stood there, looking a bit worried about something, Max the sheepdog came running towards her from the other end of the ship. He reached her and barked, getting her attention enough for her to smile and kneel down to pet and scratch behind his ears. Just as she finished Eric came walking up with a spyglass in hand.

“We should be back home within the hour.” He said, looking out with his spyglass.

“Good.” She said. “I’ve been feeling a little...well seasick, lately.”

“I heard.” He said, looking at her now. “I’m kind of surprised though. You never get seasick.” She gave a weak shrug while still looking out to sea. He looked over the side and asked “Have you see anyone like your father or Flounder? Or anybody?”

She shook her head “No. Not really.” With a bit of a off tone.

Hearing this Eric asked “What’s the matter?”

She sighed before looking at him “I think....I don’t know.”

“What? You can tell me.”

She sighed again before saying “Eric, I think...” she suddenly groaned and collapsed.

“Ariel?” He kneeled next to her and held her up asking “What is it?”

“I....I don’t know I....”

She groaned again, more loudly, before Eric called out “Help! Get the doctor. Quick!”

As he called out many of the men made their way over and looked to see Ariel on the ground, all wondering and asking what happened. Max watched and whimpered a bit with dismay. Soon the doctor came over and kneeled down next to the two of them.

“I feels like....” she groaned even more to the point of screaming.

Suddenly, to everyone’s shock, Ariel’s legs began to change and reform into a different shape. She looked down and pulled her skirt up to see, much to her horror, that her legs were forming back into the green fish tail she had when a mermaid. All the men stood back and Max gave a worried bark at the sight.

“What’s happening?” she asked, looking shocked at this.

Eric began to say he didn’t know before someone called out “Captain!” Everyone looked to the sailor in the crow’s nest, the one who shouted, as he called again “Off the starboard side!”

Eric indicated for the doctor to help Ariel stay up as he and the others clamored over to see what was spotted. Eric, seeing a vague shape, pulled out his spyglass to see what it was. It was another ship, flying a black sail with a skull and crossbones on it. The crew were a band of thugs and brigands all looking ready for a fight. Among them Eric spotted who must’ve been the captain. Aside from his manner of clothing that stood out about him was the lack of hand he had that was replaced with a hook.

“Pirates!” Eric declared.

All the sailors began to clamored around deck, getting ready for a fight, as the pirate ship closed in on them. Eric shouted orders for all of them to get ready before coming back to Ariel. She was being held up by two sailors with Max nearby.

“Get her down below.” He said. “Keep her safe.”

“Eric, no.” she protested. “I don’t want to leave you alone.”

“I’ll be alright. Now just go.” He looked down to his dog and said “You too, Max. Keep her safe.” The sheepdog gave a bark for understanding  before he kissed her before she could protest again. “I love you.” He said before she was taken down below.

Eric stood ready with the other sailors as the pirates ship finally came close enough to start firing it’s cannons at them.


Hercules was training in a large coliseum in his world with his friend nearby.

As the demi-god was lifting large weights, that were basically two giant boulders with an iron bar attached in-between them, his trainer, Phil the satyr, stood nearby calling out his own training lingo to him. Meanwhile Meg and Pegasus stood further back on the sidelines near a bench with Herc’s equipment and watched.

“C’mon, Herc.” Phil shouted. “Pump those weights harder. We got to get you in shape before the tournament!”

“Hey, c’mon, Phil.” Herc said, dropping the weights and jogging around the arena. “I’m barley breaking a sweat.”

“Don’t get cocky, kid. Remember rule number 4: Your trainer is always right.”

As Hercules ran around, lap after lap, Meg called out “Eye of the chimera, wonder boy.” Jokingly, making Pegasus give his own chuckle.  

After a few more hundred laps Herc finally stopped and made his way over to where Meg was. She handed him a towel and bottle of water, him thanking her, before sitting on the bench.

“Nice work, Kid. Not bad.” Phil said walking over. “In a couple days you’ll be a shoe-in for the winning cup.”

“Well it’s not often you go up against heroes from around the world.” Herc said, wiping the back of his neck. “Who knows, I might end up meeting the one who actually puts up a decent fight.”

“Not from your world, boy.” A voice from nowhere said. “But perhaps from a different one altogether....” Maleficent suddenly appeared in front of all of them in a puff of smoke. “’ll find more than you can handle.”

They all looked and stood up as she appeared before Herc asked “And you are?”

“You may call me Maleficent. Mistress of all evil. I come at the bequest of an old friend of yours. Lord Hades.”

“Hades?” Herc asked.

“I thought he’d still be taking a swim in the dead river.” Meg said.

“I’ve been asked to deal with you anyway I see fit.” She said, smirking. “Which means I get to be as possible.”

Phil laughed and said “Lady, I don’t know if you get around enough, especially by the way you dress-up, but my boy, Herc, here, is undefeated. He can take anything you dish out.” He suddenly saw how somewhat attractive she looked, giving an interested hum, before saying “Or maybe I could take you out. Maybe a nice ride around the Aqueducts or something?”

She rolled her eyes before pointing a finger and zapping a bit of black magic at him. Phil ducked away before it hit, seeing the black spot it made. He hurried behind Herc’s legs as the demigod cracked his knuckles.

“Alright, lady. You crossed the line. No one threatens my friends.”

As Pegasus even snorted, looking ready to fight, Meg said “I’m not sure about this, wonder boy. There’s something weird about her. Plus she says she’s working with Hades. No telling what she’s got up her sleeves.”

“Don’t worry, Meg. I’ve dealt with her type before. She’s just another would-be sorceresses.”

“Would-be?” Maleficent repeated, almost insulted by that remark. “You have no idea what you’re facing, boy! Come then. Let me see if you’re as powerful as they say.”

Herc stood ready while saying to the others “Stand back, guys. I’ve got this one.”

Maleficent suddenly smashed her staff to the ground and erupted in a large column of black and green magic. Her shape seemed to change from behind the smoky curtain. When it finally cleared all of them looked up in shock at the sight of a giant black dragon with glowing eyes looking down at them. She reared her head back and fired a ball of fire at them. Herc managed to push the others out of the way before taking the full blunt of it to the chest. It knocked him back hard enough that he went into the wall behind him and made a hole. Meg and Phil gasped at this before Herc managed to pick himself up. He looked and saw the large singeing on the front of his armor.

“Okay, this is new.” He said to himself. He looked to the others and said “Get to safety. I’ll handle her.”

They nodded before Phil pulled Meg over to Pegasus to get on.

Phil looked back and said “Kid, two words: beat the wings of her!”

Once he was on, all of them flew up in the air away from Herc and the dragon Maleficent. Seeing they were fine he walked over to his equipment and pulled out a sword and shield. He stood ready and held it up just as Maleficent breathed another stream of fire at him.


In New Orleans, the owners of Tiana’s Palace were closing up for the night.

It was late and Tiana and Naveen were busy collecting the last of the plates around the empty tables. Both were wearing more casual clothing as opposed to their more fancy dressings they tended to wear when the place was more packed and crowded.

Tiana took a large pile and took it into the back before dropping it near the sink and saying “Another night, another dollar.”

“Make that about five hundred and sixty two dollars.” Naveen added, following her in. “And, eh, fifty eight cents.” He held out change in his hand and jingled it.

She laughed before starting to wash some of the dishes. A minute later, as Naveen walked back out front to put the money away, she called over and said “You know, it’s mama’s birthday next week. We should do something special for her.”

“Oh really?” he called back. “How old is she going to be?”

“Old enough that we’ll need one really big cake for the candles.”

Both laughed at this before Naveen suggested “Hey! Maybe I can put a letter out and see if Louis can come around. Maybe bring the whole band with him.”

“That’d be nice.” She said. “I still can’t believe he managed to find a whole band of playing animals. Kind of a shame they went on tour though.”

“Well it’s not every day you get to see a trumpet playing alligator, stork who can play the violin, a monkey with a xylophone and a pig on the tube.”

“Provided you know which is making the noise you mean?” she joked as he walked back in.

Both laughed just as Tiana finished before she walked over to the window. She looked up and saw the familiar two bright stars up in the sky.

“Ray and Evangeline are looking stunning tonight.” She said to Naveen while still looking to the sky.

He walked up and put his arm around her. “Just like they do every night.”

They smiled and shared a quick kiss before looking up to the sky. Suddenly they heard the front door open and close, making both of them look confused before walking to the front to see who it was. It was a very large fat woman, wearing a purple dress with grey hair styled and slicked back under a hat she wore.

“Uh, sorry, ma’am. We’re closed for the night.” Naveen said. “We open at 8 in the morning.”

“Aw, what a shame.” The woman began. “And I’ve come all the way from...a very faraway place, just to get a taste of one of Tiana’s Palace’s famous dishes.”

“You came all the way here for that?” Tiana asked with a skeptical tone.

“Why of course. I just live to sample some of this world’s more divine foods. Oh won’t you please at least let me try one serving before the night is out? I’ll play extra.”

Naveen and Tiana exchanged glances, Naveen shrugging as well, before she finally said “Fine. Just one. Then you need to go.”

The woman gave a polite, if a bit unsettling, smile, as she found a seat. Tiana walked towards the back to the kitchen while Naveen walked over to the woman and handed her a menu.

“What can I get you for tonight, miss?” he asked as she looked through it.

“Oh I don’t know. Do you happen to have frog’s legs?”

Naveen and Tiana both looked back at each other, giving a mix of annoyed and disgusted looks, before he responded with “Uh, sorry. We don’t. Nor do we wish to for that matter.”

“Very well. Let me give you some!”

Just as Naveen turned back, the woman pointed her finger at him and blasted him with magic. Tiana screamed for Naveen as he was hit, bursting into light for a moment. When it cleared Naveen wasn’t there anymore; or rather he was, just not as he was supposed to be. Instead there was Naveen as a frog.

He looked at himself and said “What? How did she...?”

The woman smirked before looking to Tiana who panicked and tried to make for the kitchen again. Just as she reached the door something snagged her ankle, making her trip. She looked down and saw a black tentacle holding her. Confused at first she followed it all the way to the source: under the woman’s dress. The woman laughed as she pulled Tiana closer to her before hitting her with more magic. In a burst of light, Tiana was turned into a frog as well.

“Oh, not again!” she said, seeing her froggy-self.

The woman’s form began to change as she grabbed Naveen with another tentacle before he could hop away. Both watched with shock as her skin became more purple and her body more and more like an octopus. When it was done Ursula held both frogs up to her face to see them.

“What do you want? Who are you?” Naveen demanded as they both struggled in her grip.

“Why I’m a good friend of your old acquaintance. He wants you back alive, but there’s no reason I can’t give you to Facilier as a couple of frog snacks!”

“The Shadow Man?” Tiana asked.

“But he’s six feet under I thought.” Naveen added.

Ursula merely chuckled under her breath before saying “Not quite. But let’s not worry about that now. I still need my dinner. So how about I make myself a nice bowl of frog stew!”

As the sea witch laughed Naveen looked to Tiana and said “Next time: no serving anyone after hours. No matter how much they pay!”


In the Pridelands, Simba was stalking prey.

The king of the lion pride was out in the fields hunting a group of antelope for a nice meal to take home. He hid low in the tall grass as they grazed. He was patient enough to wait until one of them branched off from the others and crept towards it as slowly and as quietly as possible. He waited for the right moment and...

“Simba!” someone yelled out, making the antelope scatter.

The lion groaned to himself, knowing who it was, as he lifted himself from the grass. He looked as Timon the meerkat and  Pumba the warthog came rushing over to him.

“Guys!” he said as they reached him. “You made me lose my lunch.”

“Sorry, Simba. But it’s important. Something’s happened.” Timon began.

Simba looked worried as he asked “What? Is it Nala? The baby?”

“It’s Scar!” Pumba answered “He’s....he’s...gone!”


Timon explained “Yeah. Zazu was flying around where his gravesite was and, well, there was nothing there. Just a big empty hole. It’s like he up and walked out.”

“That can’t be it.” Simba said. “There’s got to be a reason. Maybe the hyenas did it.”

Pumba gasped and began to say “What if it was some kind of horrible creature from another world with the power to raise the dead. And he’s brought Scar back to life so he can have is revenge!”

Both Simba and Timon looked skeptical at this before the meerkat said “Pumba, for once I think you’re getting a little too silly.”

Simba waved it off and said “Let’s just get back to Pride Rock so we can...” he stopped and perked his ears up.

“What is it, Simba?” Pumba asked before Simba shushed him.

The lion looked about as his ears caught the sound of something creeping nearby. He could not see exactly but he could tell it was close. Just as he turned a man, wearing a red shirt and armed with a few weapons, popped up from the grass with a gun pointed at the three of them.

“Get down!” Simba yelled as he tackle Timon and Pumba down before the shot could hit them.

Gaston saw the missed shot and yelled “You can’t hide from me forever, lion. I’ll make sure to have you and your friends decorating my wall when this is done!”

As they all managed to hide behind one of the large nearby rocks, Timon shivering asked “Who the heck is that?”

“I don’t know. Stay here.” Simba said as he ducked from the rock towards the grass again.

Gaston saw his shape in the grass and fired, managing to graze Simba’s shoulder. The lion let out a painful roar as Gaston loaded his weapon again. Simba took the opportunity to hide again, Gaston losing sight.

Pumba poked his head out and said “Timon, I’m starting to think this guy might have something to do with Scar missing.”

“Now that’s just really silly.” Timon said as he cowered behind the rock with him.


In a castle in another world, Belle was walking down the corridor of the west wing.

She walked down cautiously, as if worried about what she’d find when she finally got to the room at the end. It wasn’t like before, when her husband, whose name was Adam, was turned into a horrible beast. The hallway was cleaner and full of light. When she got to the room she creaked the door open, seeing it was really dark with the exception of the light coming from the open windows to the balcony.

“Adam?” she called out, not able to see well. “Are you alright?”

“Belle?” she heard him call. “Don’t come in. I’m....I’m not well.”

“I heard.” She said, still walking into the room. “Mrs. Potts and the others told me. They said you were in pain. Chip was so scared when you collapsed.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong.” He said, his voice sounding odd. “I felt dizzy. Then my head started hurting. Next thing I knew I was brought up hear and....then....”

“What?” she asked, finally seeing his shape on the other side of the bed. “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t come any closer.” He said. “I don’t....I don’t want you to see me.”

“Why? What’s wrong? Please tell me.”

He sighed and said “That’s just it, Belle.” As he walked out of the shadows. “I don’t know what’s wrong.”

When he was in clear view, it was Adam as a human anymore, but now he was back to the form of a beast. Belle gasped as he hand went over her mouth. He lowered his head as she finally walked over.

“How did this happen?”

“I....I don’t know. One minute I was fine and then....this!” he indicated his body. “The spell was broken. How could it come back?”

“I don’t know...I...” Belle began before both heard a scream from somewhere in the castle.

Adam was reluctant to come with her at first, but Belle’s insistence made him finally leave the room despite his massive beast form. They made their way down to the ball room where they heard more screaming. Before they opened the door, it opened itself, stepping out was Cogsworth, only he was a clock again.

Seeing them, he said “Oh my goodness? Master? He got to you too?”

“Who?” Adam asked.

Cogsworth opened the door further so they could see inside as he pointed and said “Him!”

In the middle of the ballroom, among the servants who were turned into furniture again, was an oddly dressed man with a golden snake staff. He laughed manically as he changed Mrs. Potts and chip back into a tea pot and cup.

Seeing this, Adam growled and said “Leave them alone! Getting Jafar’s attention.

He giggled and said “Just who I was looking for. I knew you’d come running if I caused enough mayhem.”

“Who are you?” Belle demanded.

“Someone who’s acting on behalf of the oaf, Gaston. He wants the both of you brought back to him so he can deal with you himself.”

“Gaston’s alive?” Belle asked, almost shocked.

Adam growled more as he yelled “It was you! You did this! You turned me into a monster again, didn’t you?”

“Not I, you walking rug. Though I’m starting to wonder who. Maybe I should thank them for saving me the trouble.”

Adam growled before leaping towards Jafar. He merely huffed as he pointed his staff which caught Adam in the air with tendrils of magic and tossed him overhead.

Chip yelled out “Master!” as he hoped over to him.

Belle called out trying to stop him before Jafar used the staff to bring her closer to him, saying “Well, well. You must be Belle.” He examined her with his eyes and said “No wonder Gaston wants you so badly. Maybe I’ll save you for myself instead.”

Belle, repulsed, tried to push him away before Adam, getting back to his feet, yelled “Don’t you dare touch her!”

Jafar looked back to him before smirking. He pushed Belle back and created a giant birdcage around her and said “Very well. You don’t know when to stay don’t, beast? I’ll have to teach you.”

He raised his hand and fired more magic with painfully shocked Adam, so much that he dropped to the ground and roared with pain. Belle and Chip, among some of the other servants, either gasped or yelled for Jafar to stop. The genie/sorcerer was too busy laughing to hear.


Aladdin, in his more familiar street rat clothing, was sneaking over the walls of the palace in Agrabah with Abu.

Just as he dropped to the ground, giving a thumbs up to Adu before putting something away in his pocket, someone said “Aladdin!” making him turn to see Jasmine standing there with Genie.

“Oh, uh, Hi.” He awkwardly said.

“What are you doing sneaking around?” she confronted him. “Why are you sneaking around anyway?”

“Oh, uh, no reason.”

“C’mon, kid.” Genie zipped over and demanded, acting like a New York cop. “Spill your guts. Did you see the one armed man or not?”

Aladdin pushed him aside and said to Jasmine “Look, I’m sorry but I was just....”

“Don’t bother.” She cut him off. “This is the fifth time you’ve done this. I don’t know why you keep doing it. It just makes me so...Ugh!”

She walked off with an angered fit before Genie, seeing she was gone, looked and asked “Not so sure that gift is going to fix this, Al.”

Aladdin sighed as he pulled out what was in his pocket, a small box, and said “I know, Genie. I mean, I wanted to tell her but I still want it to be a surprise. It’s not every day you can celebrate an anniversary, right?”

“Well not unless you’re a Mormon.” Genei joked before saying “Give her time to relax, Al. Then we’ll celebrate with a big cake. Drinks. Some karaoke. The whole shmeer.”

Just after Genie ruffled his hair, making Aladdin and Abu laugh, they heard Jasmine scream “Ah! Aladdin!” making them all run over to see what was wrong.

They found Jasmine over near the fountain in the courtyard of the palace being held by two little demons, one green and the other purple. Standing in front of her and turning to see them was a tall grey skinned man wearing a black cloak and blue fire for hair.

“Oh good.” Hades said, seeing them. “You boys fell for the old holding your girl hostage trick.”

“What are you doing?” Aladdin demanded. “What do you want? Who are you?”

“And who’s your tailor?” Genie asked. “I didn’t know there was a Tolkien convention today.”

“Oh, you’re right. Sorry. I’m, well, kind well know in my hometown. Name’s Hades. Lord of the dead. And, well, let’s just say I’m the massager boy for your old buddy, Jafar.”

“Jafar?” Aladdin said, dumfounded.

“Yeah. You know. Tall ugly looking dude. Long beard. Has an annoying talking pigeon on his shoulder. So, look, here’s the thing: he wants you back cause he’s got this whole ‘wanting to exact revenge’ shtick ready for you. I don’t know. I told Maleficent to fry wonder boy for me, extra crispy. Anyways, you can either come along quietly, or we settle this all gladiator style.”

Aladdin looked ready to fight before Genie stood in his way and said “Stand back, Al. This guy looks plenty tough. And you know what they say. When the going get’ tough, the though go antiquing!” Genie suddenly turned into a Rocky Balboa form and said “I’mma bought to knock you’re block off, son.”

Hades sarcastically said “Whoa, whoa. Big blue balloon. I like your style. But you don’t know me very well. See when I’m on the field and playing the game...” as he spoke his skin and hair began to turn a fiery red. “...I’m on FIRE!”

He suddenly fired a large blast of fiery magic at Genie, which completely hit him. Aladdin had to jump out of the way with Abu before he could be burned as well.

When it cleared Genie stood there all charred and burned looking before saying “You weren’t kidding.” He shook it off and said “Alright, Sparky. Now you asked for it!” in an old gangster tone.

He fired his own spells which Hades returned with his own. The two began to barrage each other with one spell after another. Some intimidating, others a bit ridiculous. All the while Jasmine and Aladdin watched with awe and fear at Genie’s obvious losing to this lord of the underworld.


In the castle of another world, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother was explaining how her wand had disappeared.

They, along with Cinderella’s mouse friends Jauq and Gus, were all in the main room of the palace. Cinderella was in her more casual clothing at the moment. The palace itself was mostly empty except for a few guards because, as Cinderella explained to her Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming and his father the King were out on business in another country, but were due back any minute.

 After explaining how her wand just vanished all of a sudden, the Fairy Godmother said “And that’s the whole story, dear.”

Cinderella hummed curiously while saying “That is odd. But so far as I know no one’s seen it, or anyone with it.”

“Oh I just don’t understand.” She said fidgeting to herself a bit. “No one can just make my wand disappear. Only I can, and I wasn’t even using it. This I just so strange.”

“Well whatever the case, we’ll help you find it.” Cinderella said. “And once Charming and the others get back, hopefully soon, we’ll have them help look as well.”

“We help-help too, Cinderelli.” Jauq said, bouncing from the arm of the chair she was in.

“Yeah. Help-help.” Gus added.

The Fairy Godmother smiled and said “Thank you, dear.” Just before a guard came rushing into the room, his clothes all torn and tattered.

Cinderella, shocked by this, stood and asked “What happened?”

“Out-out in the gardens!” he tried to explain. “Some-some kind of...doorway opened. They came through and started attacking!”

“What did?” she asked.

Before he could answer there was the sound of a roar. Hearing it the guard rushed out, screaming as he did. From where he entered a large brown lion with a black mane came striding into the room. He was followed by three hyenas, all licking their chops at the sight or the potential meals.

“There you are.” Scar said, seeing them. “Perfect. I was getting bored with those men outside anyway.”

“Who...what....what do you want?” Cinderella asked as she and her Godmother backed up a bit.

“We’ve come to take you away, princess.” Scar said as he kept coming closer. “You’re step mother wants you alive. But there wasn’t anything about the rest of you.”

“My step mother?” she said while looking around for something to help escape.

Scar, looking at the mice, chuckled and said “Good. Appetizers.”

“Oh Scar, can we have them, Please?” Banzai begged.

Scar chuckled and said “All yours.”

“Oh boy.” Shenzi added as the three moved towards the mice. “Finger snacks!”

Ed gave his own laugh before Jauq and Gus ran off down one hallway, the hyenas given chase. Cinderella yelled for them to stop and was about to go after them but she was cut off by Scar.

“Now, now, my dear. Don’t make this any harder. Come along quietly and you won’t be hurt....much.”

Seeing an opportunity, Cinderella knocked over a nearby column with a bust of the King’s head on top. It fell forward and towards Scar, making him jump away before the bust managed to hit him in the back. As he gave a roar of pain Cinderella took her Godmother and ran down another hallway. Half way down it they heard as Scar gave chase.

“Of all the days to lose my wand!” the Fairy Godmother said as they kept running.


Peter Pan was waiting while looking over the empty cove in Neverland.

A few minutes of just hovering around and waiting, Peter turned when he heard the Lost Boys coming from behind. They all lined up and all seemed defeated in a way.

“Well? Anything?” Pete asked.

“Sorry, Peter.” The one in the fox skin began. “The Indians haven’t seen them.”

“Not the mermaids either.” One of the raccoon skin twins said before the other repeated.

“We even checked all around Marooner’s Rock.” The one in the bear skin finished. “No sign of Hook or the pirates anywhere.”

The one in the skunk skin even nodded at this point, making Peter float down to the ground and say “This is really weird.” Just then, from above, Tinker Bell flew down from the sky and started buzzing around Peter, talking in her fairy language. “How about it, Tink?” She talked for a bit before he nodded “So the fairies haven’t seen anything either? Weird.”

“Do you think he finally up and left Neverland for good, Peter?” the rabbit skinned Lost Boy asked.

He shook his head “I don’t know. Hook wouldn’t just leave all of a sudden. Plus the crocodile’s been swimming around the cove confused as ever. You know he’d go wherever Hook went. There’s something fishy about all this.”

“Well doesn’t that make sense?” someone from behind asked, making them all look. “I mean, what is it you boys always called him? A codfish?”

They saw as a tall man wearing odd clothing and a matching hat and carrying a staff with a large orb on the end of it walked out. The boys all drew their weapons and aimed them at him while Tinker Bell flew behind Peter’s head.

Peter finally drew his knife and said “Who are you supposed to be? One of Hook’s friends?”

“Now boys, is that anyway to treat someone from out of town?” Facilier asked before holding his staff out.

From below his feet, Facilier’s shadow suddenly lurched out, accompanied by a few more monstrous looking ones, and grabbed the shadows of the weapons they all held and tossed them aside. This made the actual weapons fly out of their hands before the shadows grabbed them and held them up. Peter and the Lost boys floated in mid-air, unable to move. Tinker Bell reacted by saying something and then zipping down towards the shadow holding Peter. With a quick ping it was it by light and evaporated.

“Oh not again.” Facilier said, seeing this. He whistled to get her attention, just as Peter was dropped, and said “Hey, pixie. Think you can try that little light-bright trick on me? Well come on then, show me what you got!”

She went red before flying towards him. Facilier only moved his hands behind his back. He waited until she was close enough before revealing a small lockbox in his hands. She flew right into it before he closed it and laughed.

“How do you like me now, firefly?” he mocked as he shook the box. He suddenly heard Peter, who’d got to his feet and picked up his knife, come flying towards him with a battle cry. “Ah, ah, ah.” Facilier stopped him by holding his staff up and making another shadow hold him down. “The fish hook man wants you back in one piece, fly boy. So you’re going to stay right where I want you. Meantime I think it’s time I taught you boys a lesson in manners.” He said walking over to the Lost Boys, still in the air. “First one: never mess with the Shadow Man.”

“Aw, we ain’t afraid of you!” the fox boy said. “You do your worst. Once it’s all done, Pete’s gonna get out and then he’s....”

The Shadow man pulled out a handful of magic dust from his pocket and blew it into the fox boy’s face. It went all over his body before, in a flash, it changed him into an actual fox. The others looked horrified, as did Peter, as Facilier walked over to the others pulling out more dust.

He grinned as he asked “So tell me boys, are you ready?”


In the swamp of Morva in Prydain, Taran, Gurgi and Eilonwy were all searching around the area where the Black Cauldron was taken.

All three of them had been looking for close to an hour now and found nothing. Taran and Eilonwy were dressed in their usual clothing, although Taran now had a sword around his belt.

As Taran stood up just as he herd “Hey! Gurgi find something!”

He and Eilonwy both came rushing over from where they’d been looking as the little furry creature held out his hands. In them were small shards of something black and metal.

“I wonder what these are?” Elionwy asked as she held one up.

“Something broken. Something big!” Gurgi said holding out his hands to emphasize.

Taking a closer look Taran began to say “They look a little familiar for some reason.” He held one up closer to his eyes and said “I think they’re...”

“Taran!” someone called, catching their attention.

The three of them looked as four strangers, three of whom looking like animals dressed in clothing and the forth a wizard, came rushing towards them. Taran dropped the pieces and stood in front of his friends, his hand on his sword in case of anything.

“Thank goodness we found you.” Donald said as they reached them.

“Yeah. We were afraid we’d be too late.” Goofy added.

“Too late for what?” Taran asked. “Who are you people?”

“Gurgi wouldn’t exactly call them people, master.” The furry one said.

“Oh sorry.” Mickey, the one who’d called him before, said. “I’m Mickey. This is Donald, Goofy and Master Yen Sid. We’ve been looking for you.”

“What? Why?” he asked. “Is this something to do with the cauldron?”

“Uh, kind of.” Goofy said, scratching his head.

“If I may, master Taran,” Yen Sid began “there’s much to explain and much that must be done. We need to go now before it’s too late.”

“What do you mean?” Eilonwy asked. “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what it is we’re trying to avoid.”

Just as she finished a portal opened behind all of them and Donald said “That.” Pointing at it.

Stepping out of the portal was Pete, who had his club in hand. Mickey and the others stood with Taran and his friends as Pete finally saw them.

“Well look who it is.” He said. “The Loser Patrol. And you got some more friends with you, eh? Well it don’t make any difference. All you guys are dead meat, you hear?”

“Why, Pete?” Mickey asked as he drew his sword. “Why did you do all this? The worlds are out of balance. Everything’s out of whack because of you. Why?”

“Cause I’m tired of being on the losing side, that’s why!” he said. “This time I’m going to come out on top. I’ll be the king and you’ll be the one I’ll be kicking around from here-on-out.”

“Aw phooey.”  Donald said. “You’re still on a losing side. You can’t be us.”

“Yeah.” Goofy added. “There’s four of us and only one of you.”

Taran and his friends, after hearing this, stood side-by-side with the others and said “Make that seven.” Getting accepting looks from Mickey and Yen Sid.

Pete only laughed and said “Count again, small fries. I didn’t come here alone.”

Pete stood to the side as all watched another figure emerge from the portal, that was still open. While Mickey and his friends only looked more cautious and stern in spite of who it was, Taran and his friends looked with shock and horror as the figure finally came through and stood tall as ever.

The Horned King looked down at Taran, his eyes glowing red, as he smirked and said “Hello, Pig Boy.”
I own nothing. All characters and so on belong to the respective owners at Disney.

Note: I know this is a pretty long chapter, and there are parts that seemed rushed, but it's mainly because I didn't want it to get any longer (snicker). Basically I just put in as much as I could given how much there was to cover while needed to cut a few corners. Don't worry, you really haven't missed anything aside from the villains attacking.

Now basically, in terms of the separate Disney Worlds, this is taking place after all the first movies. I've tried to stay within those continuities, although I know with Aladdin Genie had left in the end but just role with it.

Officially, though not said in the movie, the Beast's real name is in fact Adam. I thought it was a better name to use than just Beast or the guy who was once the Beast.

Chapter 7:…
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