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Once upon a time....

In what is referred to by those who know of many worlds, the Center World, stood the grand Castle Disney.  The great palace stood in the center of a large town of people, where all loved and where loved by the great King of the land.

Walking down one of the massive hallways of the castle was the court mage and one of the personal friends to the King, Donald Duck. He was dressed in his usual robes and long pointed hat. On his vest was his magic wand.

He walked down the hall while passing by some of the servants, the servants of the castle being walking broomsticks with arms to carry buckets and other things, before coming to the giant door to the throne room. Donald gave a quick knock on the door before he opened it, or rather a smaller door that was more manageable to push open than the 30 story door.
Donald walked along the red carpet leading to the small throne contained in a very spacy and massive room. Standing in front of the throne was none other King Mickey himself, being fitted into more kingly looking clothes; a large cape and a crown being the most featuring. He was being assisted by three more broomstick servants.

Donald came closer and said “King Mickey! Aren’t you dressed yet? The feast is going to start soon and the guests are starting to arrive.”

Mickey turned around to see him, the servants still helping to get the cape and all on, while saying “Oh. Sorry, Donald. But you know how hard it is to get me into anything decent. I just don’t work good in fancy clothes.”

A moment later the servants stood back as they finally placed the large crown on Mickey’s head, managing to fit it around his large ears.

Mickey posed in front of Donald and said “Well, how do I look?” before the cape came undone and fell to the ground and the crown dropped over his right eye.

Donald shook his head and said “Oh brother.” while Mickey chuckled at this.

The servants went to work trying to fix this while Mickey said “I’ll be along in a minute Donald. Why don’t you go see how Minnie and Daisy are doing?”

“Alright, alright.” He said, turning around and started walking out. “But when you’re done, Master Yen Sid wants to talk with you. He’s waiting in his study.”

“Alright.” Mickey called to him. “I’ll be sure to check-in.”

With that Donald walked out of the throne room and towards Queen Minnie’s room.


Minnie was sitting at the foot of her bed, in a robe and wearing slippers, and sighing as Daisy, wearing a purple dress and matching shoes, was looking through her wardrobe.

“Well how about this one?” Daisy asked, pulling out a blue dress from the wardrobe.
Minnie looked and said “That’s fine, Daisy. Now let me just...”

But before she could finish, Daisy said “Although since I’m wearing purple, people might think I was trying to copy you...and yet trying to be original. When I’m not. Okay, forget the blue.”

Daisy tossed it aside and looked through the wardrobe again while Minnie sighed and slumped back on the bed. Daisy pulled out a green dress this time.

“Oh this one looks nice.” She said. But then she examine it and continued with “But it really doesn’t bring out your eyes. And you want to look fabulous for the feast today.”

She tossed it aside and kept looking while Minnie stood and said “Daisy, please. I appreciate the help, but it’s getting late and I need to get ready. Now let me just pick a dress so I can start.”

Daisy looked back and saw how urgent and yet annoyed Minnie looked before turning and saying “Sorry, Minnie. I’m thinking like you are: wanting everything to go perfect for this year.”

“I know. I know.” Minnie said. “But let’s start by actually trying to be there in time.”

Minnie gave her friend a reassuring smile before Daisy handed her a pink dress and shoes. With that Minnie went behind a divider and began to change before a knock came to the door.

“Can you get that, Daisy?” Minnie asked, poking her head out for a second.

Daisy nodded and went to the door. She opened it a crack before seeing Donald and opening it further. She gave an annoyed look while Donald gave an awkward laugh.

“Uh, hi, Daisy.” He said. “Is the Queen ready yet?”

“She’s changing right now.” Daisy said, folding her arms. “But where have you been? I went to your room to know what you thought of my dress and you weren’t there.”

Donald looked worried as he tried to explain “Well I’ve been running around getting thing together. I had to help with the decorations outside. Make sure Clarabelle had enough food to serve. Then I had to go see Master Yen Sid and...”

“Oh fine, fine. I get it. You’re too bust for me.” She said, annoyed.

Donald looked downcast and said “Aww. I’m sorry, Daisy.” He looked back up and said “You do look nice though.”

Daisy sighed and shook her head. “Thank you, Donald.” She finally said. “Now why not go and see if you can do anymore help for the party.”

She started closing the door before Donald said “Uh, Daisy? Before I go, uh, hehehe, how about a kiss goodbye?”

He puckered up his bill, waiting for a kiss, only for Daisy to slam the door and smack him in the bill. It was bent for a moment before Donald snapped it back into place, muttering to himself and rubbing it.

Suddenly he heard someone call out “DONALD!” before seeing two chipmunks running up to him.

It was Chip and Dale, the castle’s engineers and messengers. They were scampering towards him as fast as possible. When they reached him they started jumping up in down.

“Donald! You’re needed in the kitchen!” Chip began.

“Clarabelle needs help with the soufflé’ and Horace is too busy setting the tables to help!” Dale finished.

Donald sighed and said “Alright. I’m coming.” before running with them down to the kitchen. “But I need to be quick. I got to help Goofy, outside.”


Meanwhile, in the tallest tower of the castle, King Mickey made his way up the stairs towards the private study of Master Yen Sid.

He’d finally managed to get all his ceremonial wear but had to managing with the trail I had while working his way up the spiral steps. He finally reached the door at the top and gave a light knock.

“Enter.” Someone from the room said, making him open to door.

Mickey looked into the study and saw Master Yen Sid standing near the right wall. He was wearing his usual clothes, the long blue robe and his sorcerer’s hat.

The study itself had a desk in front of the small window overlooking all of the castle’s courtyard, a bookcase on the left wall, a small basin near the right and hanging on the right wall was a large mirror.

As Mickey entered the room, Yen Sid looked back and said “Good day, your majesty.” giving a slight bow. He then said “I see you are ready for this year’s Feast of the Stars. I trust everything has been going well?”

The king nodded and said “Oh sure they are. At least it is so far.”

Mickey walked over to the basing and stood on his tiptoes to look into the water. Inside it were images of things going on in places far away from the castle, the town, of even the world they were in itself. Images of things like a boy flying in the sky, princesses living happily with their princes’, a puppet turned real boy living happily with his father, and a lion roaring as he leads his pack.

The king looked back to Yen Sid, who was looking to the mirror now, and asked “How are things going in the outer worlds?”

“As far as I have seen, all the events are proceeding as they should. In fact, new worlds are beginning to grow.”

“More of them?” he asked. “Wow. I hope the book will have enough pages to hold more stories in it.”

“Indeed.” Yen Sid said. “But that is not what I asked you here for.”

Mickey looked to the mirror, seeing instead of clear glass it was nothing but black space, before recognizing it.

“Isn’t that the magic mirror from Queen Grimhilde’s castle? Snow White’s stepmother?”

“The very same.” Yen Sid began. “Such a magical tool as this should not have been left in an abandoned castle where it may have fallen into the wrong hands.” He looked back to the King before showing him a golden key he had hidden in his sleeve and said “I had no choice but to use the Doorway.”

Mickey gasped for a second before saying “But, Master! You were the one who said we shouldn’t use the doorway anymore. That’s what the Viewing Basin was for.” He indicated it.

“I know of what I said, and that my actions could have jeopardized the balance of the worlds. But I had no choice. But please understand, Mickey, this mirror’s magic was far too great to leave lying around. I took it in order to keep others safe and to use it for good. But this morning...there has been something else.”

“Something else?” Mickey asked.

Yen Sid walked towards the king and indicated for him to step back. He turned back to the mirror and held out his hands. He then began to recite a phrase that made a sudden breeze whiz through the room.

“Slave in the magic mirror, Come from the farthest space. Through wind and darkness, I summon thee. Speak! Let me see thy face.”

From the black void of the mirror a wall of unnatural colored flames rose from it. Once they calmed the hollowed face of the spirit of the mirror came into view.

“What wouldst thou know, my master?” it asked, looking to him with its hollowed eyes.
Mickey looked bewildered at the sight of this while Yen Sid looked down to him. Seeing his reaction he looked back to the mirror and held a stern face.

“Spirit of the mirror, tell his majesty, King Mickey, of what you said to me this morning. Everything exactly the same.”

The spirit looked down to Mickey, making him jump a little, while Yen Sid stood aside so that the king could see and hear the spirit clearly. Once it spoke, both Mickey and Yen Sid listened as carefully as possible.

“From the branch of the tree, an evil shall spread. A terrible force with horns upon its head. Those once conquered shall come together, to become a more mightier power than ever. If thou hopes to triumph this day, gather the light to keep the darkness at bay.”

With that said, Mickey looked confused at this while Yen Sid only looked at the mirror with an almost annoyed look.

“It said all that this morning?” Mickey asked. “What for?”

“I cannot fully say.” Yen Sid answered. “Much of its power is still unknown. But I have wondered if it is connected to me taking it from its own world.”

“Do you know what it meant?”

“No.” he said, turning to him now. “And as much as I have tried to interrogate the spirit for information, it has not given me any further clues. Either it has chosen not to say or even it does not know.”

“From what I can tell, “ Mickey began to scratch his chin. “it sounds like some old enemy will come and try to and take the castle. Maybe even the world. Or maybe it’s someone from another world.”

“I thought as much the same.” Yen Sid said, walking over to the Viewing Basin. “But I have been keeping a close eye on the worlds. All of them. And from what I can see, nothing has changed. No enemies have returned. None have shown any signs of knowing about the outer worlds.”

Mickey shrugged and asked “Then what should we do?”

“For now there is nothing we can do.” Yen Sid said. “I will look into this matter more after the feast. “ he perked up and said “Speaking of which, we should be getting down to the courtyard about now.”

Mickey realized this and said “You’re right! Let’s get going.”

As they left the room, Yen Sid took one final look back to the slave in the mirror, who just watched silently as they had conversed and eventually left the room.

“I hope everything goes well today.” Mickey said as they walked down.

Yen Sid chuckled and said, “Your majesty, I suspect this will be one Feast of the Stars none shall ever forget.”


Outside the gates into the courtyard, Goofy, the captain of the guard, was checking all the guests to go through and join the feast.

The courtyard itself was set up with many tables and decorations. Banners were strung on long polls, silverware and plates were set on tables, balloons were tied to stay together, long tables had assortments of food set and prepared, and the table where the King and his friends and family would sit was set at the end of the courtyard. It was obviously his given the large chairs set in the middle for the King and Queen.

Goofy was dressed in royal armor, the helmet of it too small to cover his face but enough to act like a hat. On his back and stung on his shoulders was a shield with the king’s emblem on the face of it. In his hands were a pen and a list on a clipboard; the guest list.

“Go on in.” Goofy said, letting the next group of guests in. “Enjoy the feast.”

Once they were in he checked them off before asking the next guest their names. They were cleared and entered. For a few moments Goofy checked one name after another, wishing them a happy time at the feast, before finally checking off the last name.

“Well that’s just about everyone.” He said, putting the list under his arm.

As he turned to walk into the courtyard someone called out “Excuse me, kind sir.”

Goofy turned to see a large man, very rounded and fat, walking up to him. He wore a tattered looking robe and a straw hat. He had a beard that covered his lips and chin that didn’t match with the rest of his black furred face; this was made more obvious by the strings going from the beard and hooking around his pointed ears.
Goofy looked suspiciously at this and said “Uh, sorry, friend. But everyone who’s on the list is already here.”

“Oh, I’m not part of the party.” The stranger began, speaking in a very fake old man voice. “I was called here because someone complained of, uh...well, er, um...termites!”

“Termites?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah. I mean yes.” He said, breaking his fake voice for a moment to a more deeper one. “Someone called me over because there’s a whole bunch of them eating up the place. In the basement.” he was pointing up when he said this. “So I need to go and deal with it.”

Goofy examined him closer, giving a suspicious hum before saying “Hey, what’s with the fake beard?”
The stranger thought for a moment and said “Uh...warmth. It gets really cold during winter and sometimes you need a nice...fake beard to keep you nice and toasty.”

Goofy bought this and said “Alright then.” With a hyuck “Go on in.”

As the stranger walked in he said “Thank you...” before getting far enough away from him to finish with “...chump.”

The stranger made his way through the crowd and said to himself “That dummy wouldn’t recognize his own grandmother if all she wore were sunglasses.”

Just as Goofy let the stranger in he spotted Donald walking up towards him with what looked like bits of splattered pastry over his face.

“Gawrsh, Donald.” He said. “What happened to you?”

“The soufflé’s going to be late.” Donald said with an agitated tone. He wiped the last bits off his face before saying “Is everybody here?”

 Goofy showed the checked off list and said “Yep. Everyone’s here and accounted for.”
“Good. Now let’s get everyone settled so the King can come out.”

Goofy nodded and the two went to work getting everyone seated at a table. The tables were set with three long ones to each wall, minus the one where the entrance to the courtyard, and many circular ones in the middle.


The stranger had managed to find a door inside without being seen by anybody.
Once inside he removed his fake beard, hat and robe to reveal none other than Pete, Mickey’s old foe. He laughed as he tossed his disguise away and started making his way through the hallways of the castle.

“Now to find that Book of Legends and make big bucks off of it.” He said, sneaking down the halls.


After everyone was seated, Donald and Goofy waited at the main doors to the courtyard for the King to proceed out.

Trumpeters sounded their horns, one close enough it made Donald jump into Goofy’s arms for a moment, before the doors opened and King Mickey, with Queen Minnie next to him, came proceeding out. Master Yen Sid followed behind Mickey while Daisy was behind Minnie. Once they passed them Donald took his place behind Yen Sid but next to Daisy and Goofy behind everyone.

Everyone else at the party stood as they walked in and eventually took their seats at their own table; Mickey at the center seat and Minnie, Daisy and Donald his right, Yen Sid his left with Goofy.

Once they sat everyone else did and Mickey stood up on the seat of his chair to address everyone.

“Thank you all for coming to this, our annual Feast of the Stars!” Everyone clapped for a moment before Mickey continued “For those of you new to this ceremony let me give a little history lesson, and one I hope you won’t fall asleep to.” Some laughed at his joke before he continued again. “This feast is to honor the completion of our very own Castle Disney.” He indicated it behind him. “Built not only to house the royal family, but to be a beacon of hope and salvation to those who dark times. And now it is also home to the great Book of Legends; all accounts of the recently discovered outer worlds and also cherished stories to be told to all in our world.”


Pete finally made it into the large library of the castle.

The massive room housed many large bookcases and tables centered in the middle. All leading to the center of the room with a large circular design. In the center, covered in a glass case, was the Book of Legends.

The book was designed with large golden letters on the front and the patterning of what looked like a large tree with spheres growing like fruity from it. In each sphere was the outline of faces; men, women and even some animals.

Pete chuckled and said “Like candy from a brat.” Reaching out to pick the glass off it.

Once he touched it however he felt it too hot to hold onto and yowled in pain. He held his hand and wagged the burning sensation off.

“Magic!” he said, looking back to it. “Should’ve known.”

He then spotted a lock at the base of the glass and the small pedestal it and the Book were situated on. He rubbed his chin and looked around.

“Now if I was a key to a Book of Legends, where would I...?”

Just then he heard growling and looked to see Pluto, Mickey’s faithful canine friend, walking towards him. Around the dog’s collar was a special looking key, the one Pete figured was to the Book.

He leaned down and held out his hand, saying “Good mutt. Come to uncle Petey.” Once Pluto was close he said “Now hand over the...”

Pluto snapped at him, making Pete recoil his hand. He growled before thinking of an idea. From his back pocket Pete produced a wooden club. This actually excited Pluto as he wagged his tail at the sight.

“Doggy want the stick?” Pete said, waving it in front of Pluto. Once the dog barked Pete said “Doggy want to play fetch?”

Pluto barked more before Pete threw the stick. Pluto turned to look for it, only for Pete to have faked the throw and belt Pluto over the head once his back was turned. The dog fell to the ground, out cold, and with a lump on his head.

“How’s about doggy go nighty-nighty instead?” Pete said before laughing and taking the key from his collar. “Dumb mutt.” He used the key and unlocked the case, taking out the Book of Legends and laughing at his victory. “Now let’s see what we got here.”

He began flipping through the pages and seeing some of the titles of the stories inside the Book. There were some like The Tale of the Pride Lands, the Tale of the Glass Slipper, the Tale of the “dog from another world”, and even the Tale of the Demi-God. Each one had one illustration of something related to that story; some picture representing either the hero or some important object in the story, such as an apple, a lamp or a hook.

But then one title caught Pete’s attention more than the others: the Tale of the Black Cauldron.

As he read it, the story told of a young boy named Taran and how he, with a group of friends, was able to defeat the evil tyrant known as the Horned King from using the Black Cauldron from raising an army of the dead to take over his world.
After reading this an idea struck Pete like a bolt of lightning.

“If I can get my hands on that Cauldron,” he began “then I can make my own army of the dead. Yeah! And then I’ll be the one ruling this castle and then the whole world!” He bellowed a laugh before saying “Now all I need is to find a way to find me a way to that world where the Cauldron is.” He scratched his head a bit before snapping his fingers and saying “Aha! I’ll bet there’s something in old Master Yen Sid’s room!”

With that he made his way through the castle and up towards Yen Sid’s study, not realizing that Pluto had started to wake once he’s left.


Outside in the courtyard, the Feast of the Stars was proceeding very well so far.

People were enjoying the food and the music while some even conversed among themselves. Goofy and Donald were talking about which was better between magic and might with Yen Sid while Minnie and Daisy were comment on some of the other ladies present at the feast’s dresses; or rather Daisy was and Minnie was only nodding.

Minnie however soon noticed Mickey was silent and looking rather down.

She leaned over from her chair and asked “Everything alright, Mickey?”

He perked up to see her and said “Huh? Oh! Sorry, Minnie. I’m just wondering where Pluto is.”

He pointed down near the chair and indicated the red bowl with the word “Pluto” written on it. Inside it was an assortment of foods like drumsticks and pieces of ham.

“He never misses out on a good meal.” Mickey finished.

Minnie gave a somewhat worried look but then smiled reassuringly and said “I’m sure he’s fine. He may have just dozed off for a nap somewhere. We’ll be sure to save him enough for later.”

“But I still think I should go look for him.” Mickey, said about to stand from his chair.

Minnie stopped him and said “But you’re the King. You need to stay for the entire feast. You know that.” He sighed before sitting back down and she finished with “Everything will be fine, Mickey. I’m sure of it.”

He sighed and said “Yeah, Minnie. I hope so too.”


Pete was inside Yen Sid’s study looking through every possible place for the secret to travel to other worlds.

He’d pulled out all the books and drawers, flipped through all the books, and even looked behind places and things he through the secret might be hidden. So far his search was turning up fruitless.

“This is getting me no place.” He said, throwing one book to the side. “How am I supposed to find my way to that other world now?”

“To travel to other worlds is what you seek, but for such travels one must be mighty not meek.”

Pete heard this and looked to see the spirit of the mirror, still floating in the darkness and looking at all the transpired in the room. Pete jumped at first when he both heard and saw the spirit but then regained himself at the mention of being meek.

“Now look here, you spooky...whatever you are,” he began “I’m not the meek one here. Why I’m as mighty as they come around these parts.” he said with a bravado. “And soon enough I’m going to be the new king of this dump!”

“Thou think thyself great and worthy to rule,” the spirit began “but I see you not as master but tool.”

“Tool?” Pete said, getting more annoyed. He brandished his club and said “Look here, phantom face, I ani’t nobody’s tool. See? Back in the day I was a captain of ship. Had me a good business until that little runt, Mickey, stopped me from trying to take the castle for myself. But why shouldn’t I have? I was entitled to just as much of the glory as that little rat.”

“So thou seeks revenge and a kingdom to rule?” the spirit said, sounding curious about this. “Perhaps then my foreboding spoke of you, oh mighty fool.”

“Foreboding?” Pete said, confused. “What foreboding you talking about?”

I was then that the spirit in the magic mirror told Pete the same prophecy that it had told King Mickey and Yen Sid. Everything from the foes once defeated, the evil force with horns on its head, to even the gathering of light to keep the darkness at bay.

Pete listened to all this but only gave a “Humph” of disbelief. “Nothing but a bunch of mumbo jumbo.” He then pointed to the mirror with his club and said “Now look here, you gruesome ghost, I want you to tell me how to get to other worlds. Otherwise I’ll break you into so many pieces they’ll never be able to put you back together again.”

The mirror was silent at first. It was clear it was trying to decide what to do, even though it did not show much emotion. Finally it wavered and answered Pete.

“To go from one branch to another use the magic of the key to and the Doorway, that once was used by another.”

“Key?” Pete said before looking around.

He finally found it sitting on the desk: the key Yen Side had shown King Mickey before and the one he’d used to open a doorway to another world. Pete picked it up and grinned at it before turning back to the mirror.

“Alright now, spooky boy, I got just one more question: where’s that Doorway?”


The Feast was about to reach it’s end as Yen Sid looked to Mickey to deliver the final speech.

The King stood up on his chair and began to ding the glass he was holding with a spoon. He did it long enough for everyone’s attention to be drawn and for everyone to stand with glasses raised.

“As we reached the end of this year’s Feast,” Mickey began “I’d like to thank so many who have helped make this one of the best celebrations we’ve had in so many years.”


Pete had managed to find his way down to a lower chamber in the castle.

The chamber was large and had stone walls and a floor. In the center of it sat the Doorway. It looked like an ordinary wooden door with the a frame around it. On the top of the frame was the symbol of king Mickey. On the door itself was an outline of the same tree design on the book of legends.

Pete walked up and placed the key inside the door handle and awaited for it to open. A few moments later and....nothing. He tried sticking it in again and yet still nothing.

“Why don’t this stinking thing work?” he said. But then he snapped his fingers and said “Oh yeah. Right. I forgot the magic words.” He cleared his throat, put the key in one more time and said “Aperi. Prydain!”

The door slowly opened to reveal a whole different scene than what was behind it in the chamber. The scenery was now a farm out in the middle of a countryside area, with animals walking around it.

Pete pocketed the key and said “Now time to get me that cauldron!”

Before he walked through the door however, he let out a yelp of pain when something bite down on his right leg from behind. He turned back to see Pluto biting on his leg.

He tried shaking him off, saying “Let go! You stupid mutt! Let go!”

As he tried shaking him off he heard someone say “Hey! What are you doing here?”

He looked to see Chip and Dale running towards him.

“Aw nuts!” Pete said before the two chipmunks jumped on him and scurried around.

Pete had managed to shake off Pluto at this point and was now struggling with the two chipmunks running around him. The bite and pulled at his ears and hair, making him stumble around while trying to swat them off.

Just as Pluto recovered, Dale called out “Pluto! Go get King Mickey!”

Chip added with “And hurry!”

With that Pluto ran off, leaving the two brothers to handle the overweight villain.


“And so,” Mickey said, nearing the end of his speech “to all those who made this festivity possible, and all of you who were able to come, I’d like to finish with...”

Before he could finish the sound of barking could be heard, catching everyone’s attention.

“Pluto?” Mickey said, recognizing the bark.

As if on cue, Pluto came bursting from one of the doors into the courtyard, running under and jumping over tables, startling the guests as he did. He landed in front of Mickey and the others at their table and kept barking.

“What is it, boy?” Mickey asked, standing. “What’s the matter?”

Pluto jumped up and down and barked more before Goofy said “I think he’s saying there’s trouble and he wants us to follow!”

Mickey nodded before throwing off his cape, umping over the table and landing near Pluto. He drew his sword from his belt and indicated for Donald and Goofy to come with him.

“Lead the way, Pluto!” he said before the dog ran off with the trio following.

Minnie watched them run off while calling “Mickey? Mickey!” but he was already through the door.


Pete managed to toss both of the chipmunks off and leave them to the side.

He laughed a bellowing laugh and said “It’ll take more than that to get one over on ole’ Pete.”

He looked back to the still opened Doorway and walked towards it. He stuck his hand through for a moment and brought it back to see it was unharmed and safe to cross. He gave another chuckle before hearing the sounds of people coming from behind.

He turned to see Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto standing at the chamber door and all armed.

“Pete!” the trio said seeing him.

He chuckled and said “You’re too late, losers! I win this time!”

Seeing the opened Doorway, Mickey gasped and said “Pete, don’t!”

“Sorry, runt.” Pete said steeping one leg through. “But I’m going to make myself a king. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me!”

He stuck the rest of himself through just as the three ran towards the door with Pluto following. They came ever so closer to reaching him but Pete was also closing the door at that time. They had only so many inches left and the door was so much more closer to closing. They had once chance and...

The door closed.

Donald ran smack into the door, then Mickey on him and finally Goofy over both of them. The three fell like dominoes off the door before shaking it off and seeing the door was closed. They had failed. Pete was now in another world and they had no way of following.

While Mickey was speechless, Donald and Goofy both gave a low “Uh oh.....”
I own nothing. All characters and so on belong to the respective owners at Disney.

Note: I'll admit I took inspiration from Kingdom Hearts when it came to thinking the designs of characters and lands/worlds. But that's not to say I intend for it to follow or introduce any original characters like in Kingdom Hearts. It's purely Disney characters through-and-through.

part 2:
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I use him in my personal story, "Disney's The Big Plot", too, though he's not the main antagonist. Well, he wants to be. It's a bit messy; it starts on the premise of Jafar trying to do on a bigger scale what he already tried in "House of Villains": creating a team of villains working together. But the problem is, either they have different goals and don't want to waste their time with each other, or more frequently they want the same thing (take over the world) and none will let the others take it over in their place. They all plan on betraying the others when the nice guys are definitely taken care of, and the only one so far to have figured out that the whole thing was a mess is the Phantom Blot. As for the Horned King, he doesn't want to ally with anybody, but he had to make a bargain with Jafar and Ursula to be brought back from the dead to… well, to his usual undead self; he's bound to help them in their plan. But he's not happy with it.
Spartans300 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
He's not the main antagonist in mine either. Actually, none of the Disney Villains really are at least from where I have started unless you want to count Maleficent, Captain Hook, and Doctor Facilier/Shadowman (and maybe the Cauldron Born) as they have had the longest record of conflicting with my main character (Lady Tremaine is slowly being added as I'm starting to use her). Most of the Villains have either gotten their happily ever afters or are in the process of doing so when I started writing my story. None of the villains really want to achieve bigger goals other than their own corner of the world to rule over (or personal vendetta to be achieved) as this is aligned to what they were like in the movies. Right now I'm writing on how they managed to do that and how the heroes fell one-by-one against their Overtaking. The Horned King is kind of an outcast due to his mysterious nature (this is aligned to how forgotten "The Black Cauldron" is) and his ability to resurrect the dead with the Black Cauldron, which is against the rules of magic. It's only when his army proves to be an unstoppable fighting force, that the Villains overcome their misgivings and ask him to participate a bit more (as they want to use the Cauldron Born). 
ScroogeMacDuck Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the clarifications. (For the record, in my personal stories, they can't be willing to rule "their" world because I don't use the "multiverse" idea; my characters all live on the same earth.) I've just begun to read your story but so far I like it a lot, and I hope to have finished reading it by the end of the week-end !
Spartans300 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, wow. Thanks. I'll try and get around reading yours. 
technomizer Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Lol thanks. Glad you saw potential in him too despite being a lesser known villain.
MysteryGirl7Freak Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
Cool story, bro. I look forward in reading more.
Hotspot0626 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Nice story. And I can see to using Kingdom Hearts as a base, it works. :D
technomizer Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
thank you so much ^^
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