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March 13, 2013
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The coming storm...

Williamsburg. Late in the morning

The docks were as busy as ever today with many boarding or departing the ships.

Among the ships was the very ship, the Star Sapphire, herself. The pride of the Ferris shipping family. As sailors began to board it, doing whatever they needed to, the captain of the vessel,  Carl Ferris, looked over as things went about. Dressed in his finest uniform to indicate his position, Captain Ferris took a moment to brush off dust from his hat before putting it on his head, trying to put more dignity in his image.

He wanted to be sure his ship was in the finest of conditions for today, especially given the certain passenger he needed to ferry to their destination.

“Keep the sail in check.” He called out to some, receiving an “aye, captain” in return. “Secure the mast-tackle, Mr. Boyle. Check the anchor haul, Mr. Tremor.” He looked around for a moment, looking for someone or something, before saying “Has the manifest arrived yet?”

“Right here, Captain Ferris. Sir!” a young eager voice called out.

From the docks, running up the gangplank, was a younger man, at least eighteen years old, and wearing the uniform of a Deck Cadet. He had short dark haired and dark green eyes. When he spoke his voice had a slight French accent, with a hint of Scottish as well.
Once the boy reached Ferris and handed him the manifest, the captain smiled and patted him on the back.

“Good work, Mr. Rainer.” He said. “Fine job. Now go see that our cook for the journey has the required before he complains while we’re half-way out to sea.”

“Aye, aye, Captain.” Rainer saluted before running off.

Ferris chuckled at the eagerness of the boy before looking back to see  carriage riding up and stopping in front of the docks where the Star Sapphire was anchored. From it stepped down an very burly African man, all dressed in proper clothing and with shaved dark hair, who opened the door for the passenger.

Out stepped a very lovely lady with long dark hair all styled and shaped under a large hat. Her eyes were a light shade of brown, that were so light that they reflected the coloring of her dress. The dressing she wore was a mix of dark and light violet. Once she stepped out, with the aid of her man servant, she instantly opened a matching parasol to shade her from the sun’s light.

She walked up the docks and to the ship, the man servant carrying a few of her bags and following, before finally reaching the captain who welcomed her with open arms.

“Carla, my dear.” He said, seeing her finally reach him. “So glad you made it.”

“Thank you, father.” She said, happily and hugging him when they reached.

“I trust the travel was well?” he asked.

“As it could be when traveling all the way from North Carolina. But Stewart here was still a great help.” She indicated her man servant.

“Hh. Good to see even in New Burn you’re not without aid.” Ferris said. “Well come aboard then. We’ll be off soon enough. And you’ll be needing to rest for now. The trip to London is a long one.”

“Very well.” She said, once she and Stewart stepped on-board, she looked to him and said “Stewart, take my luggage down to my cabin. Please.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He said with a slight bow before walking off with the bags.

Carla stood at her father’s side and looked out to the docks while saying “I still find it odd that you insisted I join you for this trip.”

“My daughter,” he began “I think it would be best if you had a bit of taste into what your father does when not sailing about every other week. Besides, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the London sights. May even have the opportunity to meet with the king’s highest decorated Admiral.”

“I have heard of him.” She said. “A bit of an odd fellow. Some former pirate who converted to the King’s navy when offered a full pardon.”

“Indeed. And proved to be one of the greatest sailors this world’s ever seen. You may find him more charming in person than you think.”

“If you say so, father.” She said, an almost dull look to her.

Ferris looked back to the crew and looked around at them before noticing something off.

“Here now. Where’s that chap, Gardner?” he called out to his men.

“Hasn’t reported in yet, sir.” One of the sailors answered.

“Blast it.” Ferris said to himself. “I swear, that Irish dogs going to get a good lashing if he’s late.

As this happened, Carla only continued to watch the people on the docks. She felt a sense of coming boredom while on this journey but knew she’d have to endure it. Suddenly she perked up when she saw a certain person making his way through the crowd of people with haste. Once she had a better view of who it was, she smiled at his sight.

Harold Jordan was doing his best to cut through the crowd while saying apologies and excuses to everyone he passed or otherwise bumped into.  As he came closer and closer to the Star Sapphire, he soon noticed Carla standing on the ship and smiling down toward him. He stopped and smiled at her sight before hurrying more to the ship.

By the time he was reaching the gangplank to come aboard, Captain Ferris noticed him and scowled. Carla looked as if she was going to meet Harold, but Ferris passed her and lightly pushed her behind him before walking over to the top of the gangplank to cut him off from steeping foot on the boat.  

“What in God’s name do you think you’re doing here, Jordan?” The Captain demanded an answer.

Harold was catching his breath for a moment when saying “Captain Ferris *huff* *huff* Sir. I come with Mr. Gardner’s papers. He was called *huff* away for an important matter and asked I take his place.”

When he finished he held out the papers for Ferris to see for himself. As he looked them over, Carla and Harold glanced at each other, with only the Captain blocking their view enough, and smiled at the chance that both share a voyage together. Finally Ferris dropped the papers and crossed his arms, still with an annoyed look on his face.

“Asked you to take his place you say?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.” Harold perked up to meet his sight and say.

“More likely you duped the sod and took these papers for yourself. Don’t think you can pull your little tricks on me, Jordan.”

“What? Captain Ferris, I swear Gardner did ask this of me.”

“Whether or not it’s the truth is of little consequence to me.” Ferris said before ripping the papers to pieces. “You’ll not be setting foot on this, or any other ship if I have anything to say about it.”

“Father!” Carla exclaimed, seeing and hearing this.

“To your cabin.” He said, not looking back to her. “Now!”

She hesitated, looking to Jordan who had a hurt look on his face, before storming off. Harold watched as she finally disappeared below, not looking back to the Captain until he spoke again.

“You’ll not be laying your hands on my only daughter again. You understand me?” he said, as threatening a tone as ever. “I’ll not have my girl eloping with some arrogant sailor, who can’t live up to his own father’s legacy. Now get off my ship and away from these docks before I have the law here to drag you off.”

Harold, mixed with both anger and defeat from what was said to him, slowly began to step back before finally getting off the gangplank and walking back down to the docks. After he was off, Captain Ferris had order for the anchor to raise and the ship to set sail. As it went further off to see, from a small window, Carla looked out from her cabin to the docks to see Harold standing there and watching.

Eventually her father came in to see she was still looking out to see him. Her bags had not been open yet and Stewart was waiting by the door if she called for him.

Knowing her father had come in, Carla did not look to him but only said “Now I know why you wanted me to join you. You just wanted to keep us apart, didn’t you?”

He looked down for a moment in shame before regaining himself and saying “This is for the best, Carla. You know that.”

“For me? For him?” she said before finally looking to him. “Or for your own sake? For your reputation? For the sake of keeping your title in check?”

He did not answer but had an angered look on his face. Without a another word he walked out and slammed the cabin door, leaving Carla to grieve. Captain Ferris walked back to the ships steering wheel and looked out to the sea and the men at work on the Star Sapphire.

He took a few moments to sigh and regain himself, starting to feel regret over what had been said and done. He walked towards the port aide for a bit of privacy and removed his hat. He began rubbing and scathing his hair in regret, beginning to think if he’d done the right thing at all.


Themyscira. Later that day

Upon the highest mountain on the island of the Amazons sat a small but elegant obsidian built temple.

After proclaiming she would do so, Queen Hippolyta had begun climbing the many carved steps to this very temple. It had taken her a full day to do so, for such was an acceptable trial before meeting with the oracles of the temple. Once she finally had she looked to the large entrance, which made the whole temple look as if it had grown out from the mountain itself. Knowing what sort of council she’d take with the oracles, the queen showed no fear when she entered.

There was darkness so thick she could not see in front of her, but Hippolyta knew where she was going. She knew when to turn at the proper moment and how far she needed to walk before finally seeing a  small source of light. As she came closer to it she found herself in a large room.

It was circular shaped with the wall smoothed out to look like the inside of a ball. The only source of light in the whole place were the touches set about on the walls that illuminated the room as if it where dusk. There was a platform risen above in the center of the room, large enough to hold a statutes of the goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite themselves, as well as three individual women. All were dressed in the same manner, with silken Greek robes covering their bodies and blindfolds over their eyes, as well as having very white hair while still very young, but they were different in terms of  size, was skinny and another was plump, the last seemed very small compared to the other three in size. All of them were bowing before the statues set before them and chatting in some unknown language.

Once Hippolyta was close enough to the base of the platform, all the oracles stopped and looked to her, despite them being blindfolded. Whenever they spoke it was as if all were linked to the same way of thinking, continuing a sentence when one would finish halfway through.  

“Queen Hippolyta...” one said

“Leader of the Amazons...” a second continued

“What do you seek from the gods?” the third finished.

Hippolyta kneeled before them and said “Oh mighty heralds of Olympus, I seek guidance. This stranger who has landed on our shores poses no true threat to our people, and yet I fear what will happen if he is allowed to live. There are those from the outside world who will no doubt seek him out, and I sense he carries a great burden with him that would hinder the peace of Themyscira. Please, what would you have me do? Does his coming signify something? Answer my prayers, I beg of you.”

The oracles turned back to the statues and bowed down before them, chatting again. A few moment passed before Hippolyta felt an unsettling sensation entering the room. It was as if something unseen and yet all around had come in.

Suddenly the oracles rose from there bowing and seemed to tremble, still chatting but more fanatically now. This was something the Queen had not seen before which had shocked her when the oracles began to scream before suddenly stopped with a jolt of motion. When they turned, their eyes, still underneath the blindfolds, glowed with an inhuman light that shined through the rags. When they spoke this time, it was all in unison and with voices that sounded augmented by another more resounding one.

“Listen well, Queen of the chosen. The stranger’s presence signifies a coming darkness. A great evil from the heavens will come and threaten all worlds. Both man and woman will suffer. Fate rest in the hands of a chosen few, all who must rise an stand against this evil. One must be chosen to stand among these few. A warrior who will help bring about a new age of heroes in this world. May she guide with truth and justice. Thus I have spoken.”

With that, the oracles suddenly fell to the ground and Hippolyta was still looking stunned by what she’d witnessed.


Gotham. That night.

Captain Gordon sat by the fire while his wife was upstairs handling the children.
He was contemplating what he’d seen the previous night. The armored clad Bat-Man as he was called. No longer just a myth or simple rumor, he was real. He’d seen him with his own God given eyes. He chased him half-way through the town. He knew what he saw, and it was hard for him to tell his wife about it.

As the thought he suddenly heard a creaking sound and went to investigate. He found it was the backdoor to the house and it was shifting from the light breeze of the night. He found this odd because he was sure it had been closed before. He then figured it might have been one of the children who’d forgotten to close it. But once he was close enough to close it, sitting in front of the door, on the outside, was a small metal object. He reached down and picked it up, after walking outside, and found it was a small piece of light metal shaped like a bat.

“That was a very decent thing you did, Captain.” He heard a voice say. “Saving the man. I’d have stopped to thank you personally, but I had a few soldiers I had to evade.”

Gordon looked up to the tree behind his house, and sitting in the branches was the Bat-Man, looking down at him. Now his mouth cover was off and James could see a normal human jaw and mouth, with a gruff frown on it.

“You!” he exclaimed. “What...” he lowered his voice for fear of his wife or children coming down and seeing this. “...what are you doing here?”

“Denetto was looking for something from the Tyler residence.” He began. “Something of significance.”

James, relaxing a bit but still on his guard, said “Yes. Preston and I suspected as much, only he was too busy trying to track you down to care anymore.”

“But you know better.”

“I...started questioning some others about this Taylor fellow. Apparently he’s lived in Gotham for a while with his son before passing on. After the service, the son up and disappeared. No trace. No note. Nothing.”

“Whatever Denetto wanted, it wasn’t there.” Bat-Man began. “He believes it was some type of book or journal, but he wasn’t too sure.”

“The doesn’t even know what he wants to steal from a house?” Gordon asked.

“He wasn’t acting on his own. He was hired by someone, someone with power in England, to find and bring it back to them. He didn’t know who.”

James looked confused by this before saying “I...I did hear that this Tyler fellow would often head to some secluded shack. It’s at least half a day’s ride from here. Somewhere southeast.”

“I’ll look into it.”

“ really think you can trust me?” Gordon asked. “I have a right mind to call the guards now and see you locked away.”

“And yet we’re still talking.” He pointed out, making Gordon realize his fault. “I came to you because I know you do not stand on the same grounds as your compatriots. Where they care nothing for these people, you and I do what we can to keep them safe.”

“We’re nothing alike.” Gordon said, looking away from him now. “You’re a vigilante. I’m a captain. A soldier.”

“But you’re also human. And no amount of badges you wear or uniform you put on your back can change that. Remember that next time we meet.”

“Next time?” Gordon questioned.

He looked back but was shocked when he saw the Bat-Man had disappeared, as if into thin air. He looked around and saw no sign of trace of him. All that was left was the metal bat-shaped piece he still had in his hands.

Confused by what had been said and done, James Gordon walked back into his house and closed the door.


A storm was starting in Plymouth, which Bart was prepared for with his experiment.

As the rain began to fall and the distant sounds of thunder echoed, Bart had just finished attaching wires to a small lighting rod he’d set on top of his roof. He made sure the wires were secure before climbing down with the ladder he’d used. In a few moments he returned to his lab where the rest of the wires had come down through the single window and was attacked to two small pikes that had been hammered into the odd green rock.

This was what he needed to unlock whatever energy lay within the rock. He was sure of it. He kept thinking how much he’d thank Iris for this if it would work, which he was sure it would. The right amount of discharge and energy from a spark of lighting could be the real key he needed to fully develop the power source within.

As Bart prepared, he did not hear or notice that someone had knocked on the door...very hard. It was the growing noise of the coming thunder and his own thoughts screaming in his head that distracted him so. Whoever it was had managed to break the latch of the door with a hard enough shove, after checking to see no one around to witness them entering and closing the door behind them.
Bart was looking to the storm while putting on protective eye-wear, saying “Come on. Come on. Give me one good spark. That’s all it should need.”

Just as he was waiting, the door to his lab flung open and startled him. He turned to see there men, all dressed in black cloaks and hats, standing in the doorway.

“What...who are you people?” Bart said, seeing this. “You need to go now. I’m in the middle of something very important.”

One of the men removed his hat, revealing Corban as the leader of the trio.

“Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Allington.” He said coyly. “But I’m afraid we must confiscate that precious rock of yours.”

He nodded to both of the men who suddenly began to trash the lab, breaking things and turning over tables and throwing papers about.

“What are you doing?” Bart said, seeing this and backing away towards the rock.

“We can’t have any loose ends, you see.” Corban said. “Do note fret. We will make sure your loved ones know you did not suffer. At least not as bad as we intend to make it.” He grinned.

The two thugs then turned to Bart while Corban produced a dagger from under his coat.

“No!” Bart said. “Get back Or I’ll...”

He was stopped from trying to defend himself when one of the thugs punch him so hard that he was knocked back towards the rock and his eye-wear flew off. He landed on the table with his arms hand over the rock itself, the wires and pikes still jabbed inside it.

“Regards from Alexander Luthor himself.” Corban said, reaching him and lifting the dagger high.

Before Corban could make the killing blow, a bolt of lightning finally struck the rod on the house. A surge of electricity went flowing through the wires and to the pikes before finally entering the rock. All suddenly looked as it went from its natural green to slowly glowing an odd red color, making Corban stop to see as well.

As it kept glowing red, Bart, with his hand still on it, began to feel an odd sensation running into his hand. It was like a very violent vibration that originated from the rock. Small sparks of electricity seemed to trickle up his skin and through his bones. It was exactly painful, but the sensation did make him feel more and more disoriented especially when the rock began to vibrate even more violently and glow even more red. Bart finally took his hand away but felt the same sensation going throughout his whole body now.

“What’s....happening...?” he said, struggling to form words as the vibration moved through his head.

“Run for it, boys!” Corban suddenly shouted. “The damn rock’s going to blow like a roman candle!”

The three ran out while Bart found it hard to even control his feet from the vibration. In less than a second before the men made it to the door, a large violent explosion erupted from the lab and went through the entire house. All three men were caught in the blast and pushed out the door from the force of it.

In time everyone in the town would arrive to see this. They would find only one of the three crooks survived, but was horribly burned in the process, most everything in the house itself destroyed by the explosion, and no sign or trace of Bartholomew Allington or his odd colored rock.


The Golden Boost Tavern. Baltimore, Maryland, The same night  

A group of men, one of them being Darrin Gardner himself, walked into the tavern at night and up to the owner at the bar.

The owner, a blonde hair man with a small yellow cat sitting on the bar next to him, looked to see as the three men entered and walked up. Gardner looked about the rest of the tavern, seeing only three other patrons and a girl serving drinks, none looking like British Soldier informants or the like, before walking up to the man.

“Mr. Carter.” He said, raising his hand to shake the owners. “Good to see you again.”

“You as well, Gardner.” He said. “And please, call me Michael.” He then looked to the girl serving the drinks and exchanged nods, before looking to his cat and saying “Keep an eye on the place for me, Skeet.”

The cat only meowed while some of the men chuckled at Carter’s little joke. With that he lead the three men to the back of the tavern, where barrels of ale and beer and so on were stored, before lifting a hidden door that was concealed by a small carpet. He lifted the latch to let the three down before joining them.

Once all men were down in the hidden basement they looked to see a familiar face, among others, looking to greet them.

“Ah, Gardner.” Samuel Adams said, seeing him. “Good to see you made it. As well as Timothy Kord and Nathaniel Adam.” He indicated the two other men with Gardner. “Perfect. Then the meet can begin.”

In the room was a group of at least a dozen other men, including Samuel Adams himself. Most were standing because there was only a small table with all the chairs occupied, except for one that was left for Adams. On the wall behind where the head of the table was, hung the flag of the Sons of Liberty, with its horizontal red and white stripes. Among some of the other men, Gardner and his friends recognized as John Lamb, Patrick Henry, John Hancock and Paul Revere.

“Settle down, gentlemen. Settle down.” Adams ordered, calming the men in the room to silence. “Good. Before we start, I’d like to thank so many of you for coming from so far away for this meeting. The Sons of Liberty of fortunate to have such devoted members.”

“If it means coming closer to getting rid of those English bastards, I’m all the happier for it.” Nathaniel Adam said, getting a few “here, here ”s and agreements from others.

“Quite.” Adams said. “And I’d also like to thank Michel Carter,” he indicated him standing hear Gardner and Kord “for allowing us use of this meeting place on such short notice.”

“All for the right cause, gentlemen.” Carter said. “Just make up for it by buying a few rounds and we shall call it even.”

This got a few chuckles out of the men before Adams brought things back to the matter at hand.

“Alright, men.” He began. “We’ve recently been made aware that a certain vessel has gone ‘missing’ within the last week. The Ageless, which was on its way to England, had not reported back when it was due. And there’s been no report of any survivors.”

“There have been some rumors that they were, apparently, attacked by some beast of the sea.” Hancock added. “Dragged to the depths by, what they say, was the kraken.”

This caused a few unsettling chatters between some of the men before Samuel managed to gain their attention again.

“What some of you may not be aware of, was that that ship was carrying some important individuals who were to meet with the king himself.” There was a confused chatter among them before he stopped them to continue. “We’d received letter from Prime Minister Luthor, himself, who offered a chance for negotiations. They were to meet privately with him before seeing the king, and they were supposed to be delivered on the Ageless itself. However, that notion seems to have changed.”

There was more chatter from the men before Kord asked “What do you think this means?”

“I believe it means that George III is only intent with trying to push us further and further. I believe that ship was actually sunk. Blown to pieces and then made to look the work of a sea monster. There were no others who knew about those men except for us and the King, as well as some of his officials. My friends, we’ve suffered at their hands for too long. Have we not?” All the men gave their agreements in their own way, nodding or mumbling to themselves. “They tried to tax our goods and we through their precious tea into the harbors.” More agreement from the men. “They want more and more money from us when we have so little to spare for our own. Our wives. Our children.” More agreement, only louder. “and now they offer peace but slip a dagger in our backs. This cannot, and will not go on. Will it?”

“No more!” one man shouted.

“They’ll be taxing us for our blood and bones next!” Adam shouted.

“And we’ll not give them any without a fight!” Kord said.

“They want war then we’ll give ‘em war!” Gardner finally said, getting a larger cheer from the crowd.

Adams only looked over this an nodded before saying to himself “Give it time, brothers. Soon it will be war. Our revolution.”


Five miles out from Williamsburg.

Harold was sitting on the shores of the hidden beach where he and his father used to go, looking up at the night sky.

That’s where Harold had gone after what had happened that morning. Not stopping at all or making any stops, he just walked and walked until he found himself back in that private place. He’s own sacred place. His bag with everything he’d packed for the voyage lay next to him while he just sat there, still idling over the stars.

“Father...” he began to say to no one around. “I...I’m sorry. I thought I could live up to your name....your legacy...but I failed. You died a hero at sea...and I’ll die a miserable sob on land.”

He suddenly pounded his fist on the sand in anger, cursing to himself. He gritted his teeth in order to hold back tears in his eyes. But when Harold looked up he beheld a familiar sight: the constellation Orion, as he’d seen it all those years ago with his father.

It was still shining  as bright as it could on such a clear night, which helped Harold with his memory. Out of his own instinct his vision drifted towards where the North Star was. He always did know where to find it and that always did impress his father. To him, this almost seemed too good a sign to discredit for sheer coincidence.

Harold suddenly stood and said “You are right, Father. I can’t give in.” He picked up his bag and said “I’ll do whatever I must, but I will not surrender. I will not, nor never, give up.”

He started to walk away, feeling very confident of himself, but stopped when he heard a feint sound of a bang coming from the sky. He looked up and saw one of the stars, an oddly green colored one at that, that seemed to be growing larger. Harold suddenly realized it wasn’t growing larger, it was coming closer.

Like a green fireball shot from the heavens, it was falling faster and faster towards where he was. Once he saw it coming dangerously close, Harold ran further and further from where he assumed it would impact. A few short moments later and the thing hit the between the shore and the water with a ferocious bang, followed by a violent tremor. It shook the ground so much that Harold fell on his front side and into the sand. He immediately picked himself up and turned to see what it was that had fallen.

The so called star or fireball was actually some sort of large green metal construct. There was a sort of ball-like object in the center of three metal wings that looked almost like fins. As Harold came closer to it, the device seemed to dissolve piece by piece. When it was gone, all that was left was the passenger inside, sitting on the sand.
It was some sort of man-like creature. The thing had a light red skin tone and yellow eyes that looked very human. It wore some sort of uniform with black and green, and on his chest was a symbol for a lantern, very similar to the large green one that sat next to him on the sandy ground. Harold, against his better judgment, still came closer to it before realizing it was alive but bleeding dark purple blood from a wound on its side.

Seeing the thing look up at him, Harold suddenly asked “Wh-what are you? An angel or...or demon?”

“I am...neither.” it, or rather he, said, surprising Harold that it spoke English. “I am Abin Sur...who” he struggled to say.

Harold, seeing no threat from this creature, kneeled down next to it and said “Harold. Uh, that is, Harold Jordan.”

Abin Sur reached up and took Jordan by the shoulder before saying “Listen to me...Harold Jordan...your world is in great danger. I tried...tried to stop it...but I have failed.
The ring...has brought me here to you...” he held up his other hand to show a small green ring with the same symbol on his uniform carved on it. “It has chosen you.”

“ What?...I don’t understand.”

“You must take the ring...” Abin Sur said, starting to take it of his own finger. “it has seen in you...a great force of must use that willpower to...wield it.” He finally slipped it off and held it out in his palm. “Take it. Take Protect this world. Warn the Jordan...are now...the new Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814...”

Not fully knowing what was happening or what to do, Harold reluctantly took the ring from Abin Sur’s hand. Seeing this, the odd man-creature from the sky smiled before laying his head down on the sand and taking his final breath. Harold looked with a mix of shock and sorrow as he heard Abin Sur breath his final breath.

He then stood, looking at both the ring and the matching lantern sitting next to the deceased Abin. He did not know what all this meant, but knew that whatever it was, he needed to act on it. With that he slipped the ring on his finger.

Once on him, the ring suddenly began to glow a shining green energy of sorts. It grew bigger and bigger before it was fully around Harold like a bubble he was trapped in. Then he saw the lantern float from the ground and fly into the bubble with him. Finally, out of Harold’s growing amazement and shock, the bubble lifted him and the lantern off the ground and suddenly shot into space like a cannonball being fired.

Harold only watched as he went further and further away from the land, the sea, the country, eventually going so high he was above in the clouds. Even then it did not stop. He went further and further up until he could see half of the earth as if it were a giant ball. More and more until now he was amazed at what he was seeing. The Earth looked like a massive globe, letting him see all of it covered in night. He could see the sun behind the Earth. The moon. The stars.

As he kept going further though, the bubble went faster, and Harold found himself unable to bear with the force of it. In a few short moments he would pass out, unsure of where this would take him.

Meanwhile, while Harold still flew off into space, the body of Abin Sur still lied where it did on the sandy beach. But none would ever find it, for the tides soon came in and the current of the water took his body below, into the sea.


The Kentsington Farm. The following morning.

Martha was standing on the porch of the house, looking out to the horizon where the sun was rising.

As she stood there, her hands folded up as if in prayer, Jonathan stepped out from the front door and saw here there. He signed, indicating she’d been doing this for a while now, before walking up next to her. She knew it was him coming so she did not react when he placed his hand on her shoulder for comfort.

“Did you not sleep at all?” he asked.

“How could I?” she answered. “He’s been gone for two days, and God only knows where.”

“I’m sure he’ll be back, Martha. He just needs time. Time to himself.”

“But we should be there, Jonathan.” She said, looking back to him now. “I should be with him. I’m his mother.”

“Not his real one.” He stated.

“I don’t care. I just want to know he’s safe.”

“He’ll be fine. He’s a grown man, Martha.” He started to pull her away to walk back inside, saying “Now come along and let’s have breakfast.”

She started to follow his lead while saying “I’m just afraid he may be angry with us, Jonathan. Just as well. He probably hates us for what we did.”

“I could never think that, mother.” Someone behind them said.

Both looked back in surprise, and there, floating down into their view, was Clark, only he was dressed in an odd uniform.

It was a dark blue uniform jacket and matching pants. He had red boots, cufflinks and a long cape, which Martha and Jonathan soon realized was the sheet that Clark had arrived to them in. It was re-stitched into the new shape of his cape. His hair was styled to look more slicked back compared to his usual messy look. On the chest of his uniform was a yellow symbol of an S similar to on his cape, only with a large red S in the center.
“Clark!?!” Jonathan exclaimed, seeing this.

“Son...” Martha began “What...what happened to...?”

“Mother, father...” he began “...I’ve found who I really am. And what I am meant to do.”
I own nothing. All characters belong to the respective owners at DC comics.

Note: I'd like to note that Carla Ferris' man-servant, Stewart, is, in fact, this world's version of John Stewart, another of Earth's Green Lantern's. Same is said for Mr. Rainer, who is based on Kyle Rayner, another Green Lantern.
I'll leave you to guess who this certain pirate-turned-admiral is until he's finally revealed. lol
I based the idea off the oracles that Hippolyta meets from the Sisters of Fate in God Of War 2, at least in certain aspects.
The Golden Boost Tavern, as well as the character Micheal Carter, and his cat Skeet, are all references to the hero Booster Gold.
The men Nathanial Adam and Timothy Kord, are both based off of Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Captain Atom (same name).

Chapter 4: [link]
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